8. Attitude (3 Stories Of Attitude)

First Story – Balloon and Child

You must have heard the story of that balloonist, who used to sell balloons of all colors in the fair. 

And whenever his sales were low, he would blow a balloon full of gas into the sky. Seeing this, the children would insist on taking the balloon and its sale would increase again. 

Like every day, when he blew a balloon in the air, a child asked him, Uncle, does a black colored balloon also fly in the air?

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The answer of the balloonist is very important. The answer was that the son balloon does not fly because of its color, but because of the gas inside it. 

And like a balloon, man also touches the pinnacle of success because of his attitude.

Attitude is the way we think, look and behave. I call Attitude glasses, because the color of glasses we wear, our world becomes of that color only. 

By wearing red colored glasses, we see the world red. And black glasses show us the black world. Our world will be the way we see, think and behave in it. 

Whoever wants to touch the pinnacle of success, he should test his attitude, test it and change it if it feels necessary.

3 Stories Of Attitude

2nd story – 2 workers and a shoe

Long time ago a shoe company sent two of its employees to Africa. The company had to find out how likely their shoe would be sold in Africa. 

When the first employee reached there, he saw that no one wears shoes there. He wrote to the company that our shoe would not be sold here. Because no one wears shoes here.

The company called him back. Then he sent another employee there. The second employee also saw the same thing as the first one, that no one wears shoes there. 

But his way of thinking was different. He was very happy and excitedly wrote to the company that our shoes would be sold here. Because no one wears shoes here. Here we can sell shoes to every person. 

Which employee do you think the company may have appointed as the head of its Africa branch?

Then the same ty appears attitude – the way of seeing, thinking and behaving. 

Where the first employee did not see any opportunity there. Another employee saw a tremendous opportunity.

The biggest discovery of human history is that man can become whatever he wants by bringing necessary changes in his attitude. Whoever wants, can get as much as he wants.

3 Stories Of Attitude

Story 3 – The Boy and the Monster

A village was troubled by a demon. The demon used to come to the village and take away the goods, along with it after killing some of the villagers. The villagers were very afraid of him. 

One day a boy came there from another village. When he heard about the monster and saw the problems of the villagers.

Then he said to the villagers, “Why don’t you kill this monster? 

The villagers started laughing. 

They said that you have not seen his body. It’s very big in size. 

Then the boy said that his body is so big that whenever we hit him, he cannot escape. 

Meaning our attack will never go empty. And then the villagers, under the leadership of that boy, killed the monster only by beating it with sticks.

We just need this attitude. 

Whatever is needed to touch the pinnacle of success, you already have it. All you have to do is change your Attitude.

Now write in the comment box where you see the problem and what opportunity did you see in that problem by changing the attitude.

3 Stories Of Attitude

3 Stories Of Attitude

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