47. Enthusiasm Passion (5 Stories of Positive Thinking)

5 Stories of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the brighter side of life and produces positive results.

With a positive attitude, we can experience pleasant and happy feelings. 

It has a direct effect on our health and provides us with a huge amount of everything.

Positive thinking is the belief that good things will certainly happen and that one’s efforts will be today or tomorrow crowned with success. 

Positive thinking is based on optimism, hope and belief that hard work is never wasted. 

The effects of positive thinking are magical. 

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Psychologists believe that nothing gears up people to make whole-hearted efforts to perform some task as positive thinking.

Our efforts become focused and earnest in such a way that no stone is left unturned to achieve the desired goal.

And you can see History is full of examples that show that people have achieved amazing results by perseverance and positive attitude. 

1. What is the Story of King Bruce?

King Bruce of Scotland could not free his land despite many efforts.

He had to run away and hide in a cave. 

He saw a spider who was trying to reach the roof.  

It made nine attempts but each time it fell just before making it. 

It tried again and succeeded to reach the roof. 

King Bruce learnt a great lesson of keeping the hope alive. 

Then he made a concrete attempt and was able to free his land. 

2. What is the Story of Columbus?

Another example, Columbus had no money or fleet of ships to make a voyage across the globe. 

But he was sure that one day he would be able to realise his dream.

He approached many people for help. 

Ultimately, the king of Italy helped him. 

He made his historic voyage and discovered America. 

3. What is the Story of Louis Pasteur?

Louis Pasteur saw people dying of dog bite-with rabies. 

He was sure that he would prepare a vaccine to fight this malady. 

He worked hard and prepared an anti-rabies vaccine. 

Humanity owes him a lot to save the lives of millions who have been treated for rabies all over the world. 

4. What is the Story of Kapil Dev?

When India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983, the West Indies team was the strongest team in the world. 

India defeated it even after scoring only 183 runs for batting first. 

India’s captain Kapil Dev told his teammates that anything is possible in cricket. 

If we fight hard, keep self-belief, we may win the match. 

And it actually happened. 

India became the champion. 

5. What is the Story of Abraham Lincoln?

Everyone knows Abraham Lincoln and his struggle. He fought many elections in a row. 

He could not win even a single election. 

But hope sprang eternal in him. 

He contested the presidential election and won. 

He became the President of America. 

Such examples are endless. 

All the above examples show the major role of  positive thinking that plays in our success. 

It is necessary to mention here that mere positive thinking without putting in the required amount of effort will not lead to success.

So be positive, keep working and make your dreams come true.

5 Stories of Positive Thinking

5 Stories of Positive Thinking

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