10. Fear (6 Fears and solution)

How To Remove Fear or Stage Phobia

Fear and its solution

No one in human history has done as much harm to human being as fear has done. But as much as this is true, it is also true that 99% of fear is about things that will never happen. We have just seen them in our mind. Of course, they don’t really exist. 

A person can get scared thinking anything, but the fear which comes in the way of getting success, there are mainly 6 types and if we defeat these six types of fear, then we can lead a wonderful life. So let’s see these 6 fears. 6 Fears and solution

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1. Fear of Poverty 

I am poor, so I cannot be successful. The poor man lacks resources. That is why he is not able to take courageous decisions or we can say that his Risk Taking Capacity is low and when a person is afraid of getting spoiled, then he cannot sow the seed. If the seed is not sown at all, then the question of crop does not arise.

2. Fear of Criticism

You must have heard this saying * What will people say * Most people do not want to walk on the path of success just because people will criticize them or make fun of them for failure.

3. Bad Health

If we are not physically healthy then it will also affect our mental state. When there is a shortage of energy in the body, the person does less work and when he does less work then the result is not desired. And the person then gets caught up in the fear that I am sick now. I can’t do anything now.

4. Age Fear

As we get older, our past gets bigger and the future gets smaller. After a certain age limit, you can hear most people say, I am old now. How much is life left? What to do now?

Whereas thinking should be that as long as you are alive you should wish to live the life of your dream. In history, you will find many such examples, when people started fulfilling their desire after the age of 60 to 70. If you are trying to fulfill your dreams, nature prolongs your life. If you are just passing the time, soon death comes, because you are already dead. 6 Fears and solution

5. Fear of Losing Someone

Most of the time we stay with our family or friends. The fear of going away from any of them also haunts people a lot. Because one of the four important pillars of success is family and friends. So the fear of their safety also worries us, disturbs us.

6. Fear of Experience

This is the most disturbing fear. If the fear of any person, object, place or any event is ingrained in your memory system, then that fear does not allow us to move forward.

Be it any kind of fear, the easiest way to defeat is to face it. Think about the worst outcome of that and step up.

Make a list of all your fears, big or small, in the comment box now. You will see that many of the fears are gone even before they come in the list. 

Remember the enemy of fear is trust. As the enemy of darkness is light. We don’t have to try to remove the darkness, we have to try to bring the light in. And most of the time it gets done by changing the glasses i.e. Attitude. So don’t worry, leave it today. Just talk about courage, talk about faith, the fear itself will subside and disappear automatically. 6 Fears and solution

6 Fears and solution

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