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Some Important ldioms 60 Important Idioms Phrases

1. To add fuel to the fire (flames) : (make passions stronger जलते पर तेल डालना)

His remarks during the discussion added fuel to the fire (flames).

2 To be at a loss to understand: (to be puzzled समझ से बाहर)

I am at a loss to understand what to do now.

3, To be at one’s finger’s end: (to know thoroughly बिल्कुल अच्छी तरह याद होना)

All the points of his speech are at my finger’s end.

4. To be at one’s wit’s end: (quite puzzled बुद्धि चकरा जाना)

He was at his wit’s end to know of his dismissal.

5. To bay at the moon : (to try to attain something impossible किसी असंभव वस्तु को प्राप्त करने हेतु प्रयत्न)

Being a weak student, his trying to get first division in the class seems to be like baying at the moon.

6. To beat black and blue : (to beat severely बुरी तरह पीटना)

The police beat the thief black and blue.

7. To bear the brunt of: (to shoulder the burden भार उठाना)

After the demise of his father, he is bearing the brunt of his family.

8. To beat a retreat: (to run off भाग जाना)

As soon as he saw the cheetah, he beat a retreat.

9. To beat about the bush: (to stray away इधर-उधर की बातों में उलझना) 

Come to the main point. Why are you beating about the bush.

10. To beggar description (undescribable अवर्णनीय)

The beauty of the snow-covered Himalayas beggars description.

11. To blow hot and cold : (to prefer at one time and discord at another कभी अपनाना कभी ठुकराना)

Tell me if you really want to own this land. Do not blow hot and cold.

12. To blow one’s own trumpet: (to talk highly of one’s own self अपने मुंह मियां मिट्ठू बनना)

Mrs. Deshpande has the habit of blowing one’s own trumpet.

13. To breathe one’s last: (to pass away मृत्यु हो जाना )

Ram’s father breathed his last yesterday.

14. To burn candle at both ends: (to spend lavishly दोनों हाथों से धन लुटाना)

He burnt the candle at both ends and soon became a bankrupt.

15. To be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth : (to be born in riches धनी घर में पैदा होना)

Pt. Nehru was born with a siver spoon in his mouth.

16. To call a spade a spade: (speak plainly खरी बात कहना, साफ सुनाना)

Ram is frank and straight forward and calls a spadea spade.

17. To carry the day: (to win जीतना)

Maharana Pratap fought so bravely that he carried the day.

18. To catch at straw : (to avail of the least help डूबते को तिनके का सहरा)

A drowning man catches at a straw.

19. To catch red handed (to catch at the time of committing some bad deed जुर्म करते पकड़ा जाना)

The murderer was caught red handed.

60 Important Idioms Phrases

20. To cut a sorry figure : (to make a poor show बुरा प्रभाव डालना)

He cut a sorry figure when he stood up for the speech.

21. To do one a good turn: (to do an act of kindness भलाई करना)

We should try to do good turn to others.

22. To do one’s best: (to try one’s utmost पूरा प्रयत्न करना)

The fox tried its best to get at the grapes but all in vain.

23. To end in a draw: (to end with neither party winning जब किसी भी दल की जीत न हो)       

The match between the National P. G. College and the Sri Chitragupta P.G. College teams ended in a draw.

24. To end in smoke: (without effect व्यर्थ सिद्ध होना)

All his efforts to become a minister ended in smoke.

25. To follow suit: (to do the same पीछा करना)

If one ant goes to one side others follow suit.

26. To find fault with others: (दोष निकालना)

Some people are in the habit of finding faults with others.

27. To feel out of sorts : (to feel indisposed तबीयत सुस्त होना)

I am feeling out of sorts to-day and cannot attend the meeting.

28. To hit the nail on the head : (to do exactly the right thing ठीक समय पर कार्य करना)

In making the appointment of a peon the Principal has hit the nail on the head.

29. To grind one’s own axe:(to work with a selfish motive अपना उल्लू सीधा करना)

In the assembly every member tries to grind his own axe.

30. To get off scot free (to escape unpunished साफ बरी होना)

The real culprit got of scot free.

31. To get wind off: (to get information सूचना मिल जाना)

The police got wind of the terrorists and arrested them.

32. To gird up one’s loins: (exert whole heartedly कमर कसना)

Gird up your loins to corruption

33. To hold one’s tongue: (to be silent चुप होना )

Hold your tongue, please.

34. To have too many irons in the fire : (to be engaged in too many enterprises एक साथ बहुत से कार्य करना)

One who has too many irons in the fire succeeds in none.

35. To keep in touch with : (संपर्क रखना)

Keep in touch with your old friends.

36. To kill two birds with one stone: (to do two jobs एक साधन से दो कार्य करना)

Ram is running a college of Commerce where he types

on wages also, thus he kills two birds with one stone.

37. To leave no stone unturned: (to endeavour all efforts कोई कसर ना छोड़ना)

I shall leave no stone unturned to give you every satisfaction in the discharge of my duties.

38. To live in glass houses: (to be open to criticism दोषपूर्ण)

Those who Iive in glass houses should not throw stones on others.

39. To make the most of: (to make the best use पूरा लाभ उठाना        

Hard working people make the most of their time.

40. To make one’s hair stand on end : (terrify भयभीत करना)

His adventures made our hair stand on end.

41. To move heaven and earth: (to make every आकाश पाताल करना)

We should move heaven and earth to eradicate corruption from our country

42. To pay one back in one’s own coin: (ईट का जवाब पत्थर से देना)

No sooner did Ram give Shyam a slap than he paid him back in his own coin.

43. To pay one false: (deceive धोखा देना)

One who pays you false cannot be a true friend.

44. To rain cats and dogs (to rain in torrents मूसलाधार वर्षा होना)

I had hardly stepped out when it began to rain cats and dogs.

45. To rise to occasion : (to prove equal to a crisis अवसर के अनुरूप कार्य करना)

He rose to the occasion and got over the instigated mob.

46. To Pocket on insult: (bear insult निरादर सहन कर लेना)

A self-respecting man cannot pocket such an insult.

47. To smell a rat: (to suspect a foul dealing दाल में काला)

I smell a rat in keeping the proceedings of the meeting secret.

48. To strain every nerve : (to try one’s utmost पूरा प्रयत्न करना)

She strained every nerve to pass the examination but in vain.

49. To sell like hot cakes (to have a very good sale हाथों हाथ बिकना)

This book is seelling like hot cakes.

50. To see eye to eye with : (To agree सहमत होना)

I cannot see eye to eye with you in this matter.

51. To spread like wild fire: (of reports, rumours spreading very fast जंगली आग की भांति फैलना)

The news of Pt. Nehru’s death spread like wild fire.

52. To stand by : (to support साथ देना)

He stands by me in need.

53. To win laurels : (to win honour आदर मान प्राप्त करना)

He won laurels at various occasions in the display of


54. To wreak vengeance upon : (to take revenge बदला लेना)

He is determined to wreak vengeance upon his father’s murderers.

60 Important Idioms Phrases

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60 Important Idioms Phrases

60 Important Idioms Phrases

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