Directions: Find The Error-Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-23

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Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-23

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1. A 24 years old metallurgical engineer who lost his leg in a road accident, awarded rupees 30 lakh as compensation.

2. India has entered a downward spiral where the organized, productive and law abide sectors are subject to savage amounts of multiple taxes.

3. It had been there in the closed for a week before we were found it.

4. You have never cheated by me.

5. The child was run over with a private bus.

6. We should focus our attention to the roads where accidents have already been occurred.

7. The court has asked the authorities to take appropriate steps to restore natural water resources so that the water shortage problem in the state can solve.

8. Looking into the situation that prevailed a few years ago, he was taken that decision.

9. The website, which does not accept advertisements and is fund entirely by donations, describes itself as the fifth most popular website of the planet.

10. If you have made a mistake while filling up the form you should be informed the Income Tax Department immediately.

11. Though He has promoted to the bank’s board as a director he continues to carry out all his current responsibilities.

12. Whether or not to confront them about their role in the matter is a decision which is yet to take.

13.  As the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was known by all types of people in the world.

14.  An investor must be taken into account many factors before making any financial decision.

15. The next meeting can be hold next week as we had the first meeting over a month ago.

16. Paper should be recycle if possible.

17. The reporters were prompted the chairman of the organizing committee to address a hurried press conference where he reprimanded the media for conducting a prejudiced campaign.

18. A day after he was diagnosed with swine flu, preventive measures were put in place to ensure that others were not affected by the dreaded virus.

19. Sediment deposit along the coast may be primary reason for the change in conditions, but a lot more remains to be understand.

20. The government officials will be met heads of Commercial Banks later this week to get their views on liquidity and growth in deposits.

21. According to him two factors which are needy for success are discipline and diligence.

22. The complaints in their complaint have been alleged that they were forced to leave their belongings unattended.

23. If they are found guilty during investigation, complaint will be lodged against them.

24. They had been hired a taxi to roam around the city but their plan failed as the taxi met with an accident.

25. These goods have been damaged and as such should be declared unsuitable for sale.

26. The list of candidates admitted to the test should be remain with the investigator during the test.

27. The amount of foreign direct investment in the country in 2008 is doubled that received in 1997.

28. Jamshedji knew that an industrial revolution can only brought in the country by setting up iron and steel industry.

29. Your desire to meet the President without prior appointment cannot be fulfil.

30. Rivers, mountains and deep forests are the places mostly like by people living in urban areas.

31. For giving up the bad habit of smoking use of chewing gum or similar other method can be helped.

32. Based on the newspaper reports, we can conclude that many accidents caused by reckless driving.

33. I have been trying to get in touch with Rashmi but I feel she is gone out.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-23

34. He demonstrated to them how he was prepared the miraculous.

35. To gild China and pottery a paint is made with gold powder and applying with a brush.

36. You will be e persecuted for bringing seeds into Australia.

37. River water pollution is often indicated by algae distribution.

38. The first year of the child’s life is characterised in rapid physical growth.

39. One of the men gave first aid to Alok who was injured in a road accident.

40. The captain frightened that this army would be surrounded by the enemy forces.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-23

41. You may rest assured that Anwar knows more than me in this matter.

42. It is better to keep money in a bank than to keep it under your bed in a suitcase.

43. She had offered a temporary assignment but she turned it down saying that she would accept only a permanent one.

44. Tickets were started to sold for the morning show.

45. All the members contributed generously but the targeted amount could not collect.

46. As I was to reach early I left in train instead of going by bus.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-23

47. None of the players was eager to participate in the competition as their demands were not meet.

48. Several recommendations have accepted and are being implemented in a phased manner.

49. Being a very fast worker he is always liking by all this colleagues and superior too.

50. If you do not submit the report in the next two days all of us will be delay.

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