Directions: Find The Error-Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-24

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Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-24

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51. The old system will be result into heavy losses and hence we strongly advocate its replacement with new system.

52. His dealing with other traders had always been suspected through he was spotlessly clean.

53. Though ban on liquor and drugs will be led to loss of revenue the gain through the ban will out weight the loss.

54. We could not succeed in our efforts to find out how some people can be made accurate prediction.

55. The chairman welcomed all the guests and gave an outline of the activities performing by the company.

56. You are supposed to have been completed this important assignment long back.

57. Systematic training is specifically designs to meet defined needs to develop skills required to perform well.

58. The oldest system will be result into heavy losses and hence we strongly advocate replacement with the new system.

59. His dealing with other traders had always suspected though he was spotlessly clean.

60. We demonstrated to them how we were prepared the artistic pattern.

61. They could have helped him had they approached by him for help well in advance.

62. Everyone is impress by his zeal and enthusiasm.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-24

63. Even at the planning stage Mohan was quite sure that the scheme was binding to fall.

64. The health workers are being tried their best to popularise preventive measures.

65. Any step that the centre takes to establish peace and harmony in the country will be appreciate.

66. The policemen who were on duty in this area were discovered to drug addicts.

67. As the first President of India Dr Rajendra Prasad was known by all types of people in the world.

68. The case was enquired a month ago but no report has come yet.

69. She held something at her side which was totally hiding by the folds of her sari.

70. I was surprising at not having seen her even though she was standing just beside my wife.

71. In case you apologies for having broken your promises you will certainly be forgave.

72. After every student had gone away the peon locked up the classroom.

73. Had the police not reached here on time, I would have killed by the robbers.

74. The teacher said, ‘Years ago, it believed that the earth was flat’.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-24

75. We have not been informed about the death of our beloved leader and torchbearer.

76. They were kindly requested to attend the seminar in which lectures on the evils of communalism were to be delivered.

77. The headman advised the members of the family to inform the police of the occurrence.

78. By whom was he helped when he seriously wounded by a terrorist?

79. The conclusion will be arrived but what we need most is to keep patience and to wait.

80. We were extremely surprised by the poor results of that scholar’s son and daughter.

81. They were pleased by the news which they had received a day before.

82. A Police Inspector sent to my house and all the rooms were checked.

83. The dacoits looted the house and before the police arrived the things were taken away.

84. When the leader was shot dead the followers were run away.

85. He was said to have been won the prize because of the partiality of the judges.

86. The burglars were broken into the house and took away some cash and many precious things.

87. She Advised by us to meet the Chairman and  appraise him of her subordinate’s misconduct.

88. The needy man was approached to the money lender and requested him to lend him some money.

89. When the damage has been done and the future of the people has darkened nothing will be of any help.

90. It was suggested by the doctor that the patient should be taken care.

91. The bed has been arranged for the newly married couple but it has not been slept.

92. The Chief Minister laid the foundation of a bridge and was hoped that it would be completed by January.

93. Drawing the attention of the public the leader said that he should be listened.

94. The Reporter said that the eminent scholar had been run over by a car.

Active Voice Passive Voice Test Paper-24

95. My father suggested to me that I should be written to him at least two letters every month.

96. Many of the tourists did not reach the place because the bus was to detain by some ruffians.

97. Five persons killed and a baby was badly injured in the bus accident which took place last night.

98. A five-star hotel is to build in the centre of the town.

99. Having found guilty of murder they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

100. The report says that a lot of things including some drugs are to sell in the shop to be opened soon.

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