Adverb Competitive English Test-39

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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1. I did not stop because he……out before I arrived.

Went/ goes/ has gone/ had gone/ would go

Answer- had gone

2. You………sad to hear about the death of his beloved leader.

Was/ were/ and/ have/ will have

Answer- were

3. If he……himself from school he will be punished.

Will absent/ absents/ are absent/

 is absenting/ will be absent

Answer- absents

4. Our teacher……..and we…….a test English tomorrow.

Will take, shall give/ will give, shall take/

take, give / Give, take/ give, will give

Answer- will give, shall take

5. This box is………….…heavy for you to lift.

Very/ much/ very much/ too/ no word

Answer- too

6. ……… will tell upon your health.

Much too/ too much/ much/ too/ no word

Answer- too much

7. He has not….applied for the job we told him about.

Still/ yet/ now/ since/ ever

Answer- yet

8. Tom is…….clever, but Peter is rather stupid.

Fairly/ rather/ almost/ just/ nearly

Answer- fairly

9. Her case is so heavy that she can…….lift it.

Hardly/ have/ nearly/ fairly/ rather

Answer- hardly

10. Not till………he got home he realized that he had lost it.                        

Had/ has/ did/ but/ no word

Answer- had

11. She was…….surprised at the news because I was………..perplexing.

Much, very/ very, much/ very, very/ much, much/ very, too

Answer- much, very

12. Sanjay is………..better today.

Fairly/ rather/ very/ too/ only

Answer- rather

13. I first met Santosh five years ago and have recalled him…………

Since/ ever/ ever since/ then/ new

Answer- ever since

14. She became……………..

Angry/ angrily/ badly/ wisely/ no word

Answer- angry

15. Sohan convinced him very……………

Skilful/ skilfully/ desirous/ profound/ diligent

Answer- skilfully


1. This happened (1)/just exactly (2)/five years ago. (3)/No error (4).

Answer- happened exactly five

2. I am absolute confident (1)/that we are going (2)/to move forward (3)/strongly. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- absolutely

3. Owing to inflation (1)/restaurants have hiked (2)/their prices by (3)/approximate thirty per cent. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- approximately

4. If had you (1)/worked hard, (2)/you would have succeeded (3)/in the examination. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- Remove if

5. My brother has done (1)/and is still doing (2)/excellent work (3)/for his business. (4)/No error (5)

Answer- No Error

6. The teacher observed (1)/that the earth (2)/moves round (3)/the sun. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No Error

7. Sarika was popularly (1)/with her classmates (2)/that she had always some (3)/people coming to her for advice. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was popular

8. No sooner he had (1)/arrived home (2)/than he was asked (3)/to start on another journey. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- sooner had he arrived

9. You cannot avoid (1)/meeting her (2)/if you both work (3)/in the same office. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No Error

10. The ship was drowned (1)/when it smashed (2)/with a rock in the (3)/middle of the sea. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was sunk when

11. Columbus was the first (1)/man who invented (2)/America after his so many (3)/hazardous journeys. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- who discovered

12. No sooner did Saurav reach (1)/there than his father (2)/came and started (3)/scolding him very loud. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- very loudly

13. Jaya is enough bold (1)/to prevail upon (2)/her father to lend (3)/her a new bike at once. (4)/No error.

Answer- bold enough

14. When I found she was (1)/too glad to meet me (2)/I was lured to live (3)/with her for some days. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was very glad to

15. I wrote yesterday a letter (1)/with the view to (2)/reminding her of her (3)/selection in our team. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- wrote a letter yesterday

16. She spends (1)/a little in order that (2)/she may save (3)/some money. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

17. He as well as (1)/ his brother is too (2)/honest that he (3)/will not accept a bribe. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- brother is very honest

18. You will fail (1)/in the examination (2)/unless you (3)/work hardly. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- work hard

19. Even if I had (1)/the money (2)/I wouldn’t (3)/buy a car now. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No Error

20. However clever (1)/you may act, (2)/you will not (3)/be able to deceive him. (4)/No error (5).

Answer-However cleverly you

21. No sooner did (1)/the thief see (2)/the policeman than (3)/he ran away. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No Error

22. The best hotel of Kolkata (1)/when they stayed last month (2)/has been mentioned (3)/in this novel. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- Kolkata where they stayed

23. It being nice weather (1)/ I decided to (2)/organise a programme (3)/along with my friends. (4)/No error

Answer- No Error

24. Rashmi was enough kind (1)/to help me (2)/with money (3)/ and proper guidance. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- kind enough

25. The hall is (1)/too small (2)/to accommodate (3)/all the guests. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

26. I am very sorry (1)/to learn about (2)/the death of (3)/your respected uncle. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

27. This book is (1)/too difficult rather (2)/for the juniors and (3)/rather too easy for the seniors. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- is rather too difficult for

28. Sumit went to Delhi (1)/in 1995 and (2)/has lived there (3)/ever then. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- there ever since

29. It goes without (1)/saying that (2)/country life is (3)/healthier than town life. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

30. Our teacher (1)/ will give (2)/a test (3)/in English tomorrow. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

31. Sanjay said (1)/that he had (2)/given five rupees (3)/to the child. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

32. Mr Sinha is (1)/one of the best teachers (2)/that have joined (3)/our institute. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

33. When she (1)/goes to market (2)/she will bring (3)/a bag for me. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

34. The secretary and (1)/the treasure of our office (2)/were present in the meeting (3)/with their friend. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

35. When I went (1)/there I found (2)/that the lion had (3)/disappeared. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

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