Adverb Competitive English Test-40

Directions: Choose the correct alternative and fill in the blanks in the following sentences.

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1. The real important thing (1)/of our life is our livelihood (2)/which discriminates (3)/us from animals. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- The realy important

2. She is too much beautiful (1)/so most of the boys (2)/run after her and (3)/want to influence her. (4)/No

Answer- She is very much beautiful

3. The culprits of (1)/the bomb explosion have (2)/not yet (3)/been discovered. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- have not been discovered yet

4. Your scooter would not (1)/have given you so much trouble (2)/if you had (3)/maintained it proper. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- maintained properly

5. The taxi-driver who had come (1)/to receive us at (2)/the airport was speaking (3)/fluently French. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was speaking French fluently

6. The observers feel that (1)/the stronger team has to face defeat (2)/because the players (3)/don’t play whole hearted. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- whole heartedly

7. Although he is usually (1)/rude with everyone (2)/he behaved nice with (3)/all of us today. (4)/No(5)

Answer- behaved nicely with

8. He ran so fastly (1)/that he reach (2)/the destination in (3)/just two minutes. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- ran so fast that

9. Inspite of toiling (1)/very hardly he (2)/realized that he had (3)/not earned anything substantial. (4)/No erro

Answer- toiling very hard he

10. We are confident (1)/enough to earn (2)/our livelihood by (3)/toiling hardly. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- toiling hard

11. She was so (1)/emotional stable that (2)/she was not moved (3)/by their decision to suspend her. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- so emotionally stable

12. One of the reasons (1)/of my leaving the company earlier (2)/was lack of proper (3)/facilities provided there. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

13. He had been (1)/extreme interested in (2)/swimming and playing waterpolo (3)/during his college days. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- been extremely

14. The criminal stated flatly (1)/that he had been (2)/treated rough (3)/by the arresting officer. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- treated roughly by

15. Niraj has faith in God (1)/and will do never wrong (2)/even in the most (3)/trying and unusual circumstances. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- and will never do wrong

16.The mandoli, a musical instrument (1)/that has strings (2)/was probably copied from the flute, (3)/a many older instrument. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- flute a much older instrument

17. Two drunks (1)/were singing loud (2)/near the hospital (3)/and a policeman was following them. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- singing loudly

18. I am glad to hear (1)/that you narrowly escaped from (2)/being run over by (3)/a speeding car yesterday. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

19. When I lived in England (1)/it was natural for me (2)/to speak a lot of English. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- speak English a lot

20. Sushil was enough kind (1)/to inform us about the (2)/conspiracy but declined to (3)/name the person behind it. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- kind enough

21. No sooner (1)/we reached there (2)/than it started raining. (3)/No error (4).

Answer- sooner had we

22. All of the students (1)/are kindly requested (2)/to enclose a stamped envelope (3)/in the form for reply. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- students are requested to

23. The observers felt that (1)/the stronger team has to face defeat (2)/because the players (3)/don’t play whole heartedly. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

24. Not a single scooter was (1)/available with any of the dealers (2)/as all the scooters (3)/were complete sold. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- were completely sold

25. Though his actions were (1)/severe criticised (2)/he did not lose his temper (3)/and dealt with the matter in a gentle way. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- were severely criticised

26. The author supported his (1)/arguments with the (2)/finding of a (3)/recently concluded research study. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

27. The buzz at the party was (1)/that a famous (2)/filmstar and politician, would (3)/probable drop by for a while. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- would probably drop

28. I have always considered (1)/myself as a bowler (2)/right from my early (3)/days of cricket. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

29. The car flew off the road (1)/and fell into the valley (2)/because Amit (3)/was driving fastest. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was driving very fast

30. Hardly I stepped (1)/out of my house when (2)/I saw some policemen (3)/coming towards my house. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- Hardly had stepped

31. To make him succeed (1)/the correct things to do (2)/is to punish him (3)/until he tries. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

32. He has been working with me (1)/for the last ten years (2)/but I can’t claim (3)/that I have understood him thorough. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- him throughly

33. Your machine would not have (1)/given you so much trouble (2)/if you had (3)/maintained it proper. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- maintained it properly

34. Owing to certain inevitable circumstances (1)/the scheduled programme had to be (2)/postponed indefinite (3)/but the members could not be informed. (4)/No error (5).

Answer-postponed indefinitely but

35. If had I come (1)/a little earlier, I would have (2)/got a glimpse (3)/of my beloved minister. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- Remove if

36. Although Sudhir ran (1)/very fastly he (2)/could not catch (3)/the moving train. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- ran very fast he

37. He is smart (1)/enough to get (2)/selected for this (3)/prestigious assognment. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- No error

38. No sooner the advertisement appeared (1)/in the newspaper (2)/than there was a rush (3)/on the booking window. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- sooner had the advertisement

39. If you had read (1)/the instructions carefully (2)/you would not have (3)/answered the questions wrong. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- questions wrongly

40. Scarcely we had finished observing this (1)/when we were surprised by about a dozen of the old birds (2)/jumping in the most unsafe and funny manner towards the sea. (3)/No error (4).

Answer- Scarcely had we finished

41. No sooner (1)/I had spoken (2)/than he left. (3)/No error (4).

Answer- sooner had I spoken

42. The guest picked up the child (1)/very affectionate (2)/and handed over to hom (3)/the packet of sweets. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- affectionately and

43. No sooner the news appeared in the paper (1)/than (2)/there was a rush (3)/in the counter. (4)/No error (5)

Answer- sooner had the news

44. The way to the fort (1)/ was too difficult that (2)/we could not reach (3)/the fatthest point. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was so difficult that

45. He was too tired that (1)/ he could not cross (2)/the street even with (3)/the help of a porter. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- was so tired that

46. It is now (1)/possible for customers (2)/to handle nearly all (3)/their transactions on line. (4)/No error (5)

Answer- No error

47. The new project is (1)/to big for (2)/the trainee to handle (3)/on his own. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- is too big for the

48. The manager has sent (1)/many reminders to Mr Rao (2)/to repay the loan but (3)/has received not reply. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- received no reply

49. Chandan refused to admit that (1)/he did not know (2)/what to operate (3)/the new machine. (4)/No error

Answer- know how to operate

50. They waited patient (1)/for the chairman’s speech (2)/to end in order (3)/to begin the discussion. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- waited patiently for

51. Unless we work (1)/careful we may (2)/overlook something (3)/in the contract. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- work carefully we

52. He was not a (1)/good manager because (2)/he did not know (3)/what to react in crisis. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- know how to react

53. The microcredit movement should (1)/be promoted in states (2)/when access to (3)/bank credit is low. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- states where access to

54. All banks must (1)/necessary keep a certain (2)/percentage of deposits (3)/with the Reserve Bank. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- must necessarily keep

55. The crucial point to (1)/be discussed at the (2)/meetings is how to (3)/well implement the police. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- how to implement

56. Bhutan is a beautiful (1)/country which almost (2)/eighty percent of the (3)/population lives in villages. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- country where almost eighty

Adverb Competitive English Test-40

Answer- environment friendly

58. To know what people react to (1)/an unforseen situation (2)/is very important (3)/to decide our course of action. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- know how people

59. Owing to inflation (1)/restaurants have hiked (2)/their prices by (3)/approximate thirty per cent. (4)/No error (5).

Answer- approximately

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