Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-03

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-03

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The GST Council’s meeting this week did not conclude successfully as Centre and states were unable to reach a consensus on tax rates. In itself, this is not worrisome on account of the complexity of the subject. But the Centre’s tax proposals appear untouched by the spirit of reform. GST is India’s most ambitious tax reform and if structured well will benefit Indians in two ways: as consumers and job seekers. The structure and level of tax rates, therefore, is key to success. It means the current approach has to be improved upon.

Today, the Centre’s indirect tax structure is messier than states and characterized by a multiplicity of rates.

1. The cause of disagreement at the GST council meeting was-

(1) on the issues of paying or not paying the tax 

(2) On the issue of common tax rates

(3) On the issue of share of distribution of tax money        (4) none of these

2. According to the author, the tax proposal-

(1) Is excellent and ahead of time

(2) Is in ordinary one and no one is its taker

(3) is not in agreement with the spirit of reforms

(4) is in perfect agreement with the spirit of reforms

3. A well organized GST will benefit-

(1) Only States   

(2) only the centre  

(3) Only the common man    

(4) job aspirants

4. The success of GST lies in-

  1. Fine structure of GST 
  2. level of tax rates 
  3. agreement at the GST council
  4. Only A is true
  5. Only B is true
  6. Both A and B are true
  7. Only B and C are true

5. How is GST different from old tax system?

(1) It would have one rate while old tax had multiple rates

(2) It would have different rates while old tax had only one rate

(3) It would be almost the same as the earlier one       

(4) None of these

Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-03

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Megre        

(2) medicore     

(3) impudence (4) petulance

7. Synonym of Plight is-

(1) Facility       

(2) Confidence       

(3) Assurance      

(4) Difficulty

8. Antonym of Ratify is-

(1) Consent         

(2) Approve        

(3) Endorse          

(4) Deny

9. Change the narration-

He said to her, “What is your father?”

(1) He asked her what her father was.  

(2) He asked her what his father was

(3) He asked her what his father had been

(4) He asked her what her father had been

10. Directions: Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3). If there is no error, the answer is (4) i. e. No Error.

We are happy that (1)/the two countries are trying (2)/ to find amicable solution. (3)/ No error

Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-03

11. Change the voice

Open the box.

(1) The box be opened.                

(2) The box should be opened.

(3) The box has been opened.    

(4) Let the box be opened.

12. Plural of ‘echo’ is-

(1) Echos       

(2) Echoes          

(3) eches    

(4) echii

 13. Give one word of the following expression-

       To favour one’s own relatives.

(1) Red-tapism    

(2) Xenophobia       

(3) Nepotism        

(4) Platitudes

14 ‘to pay lip service’ means-

(1) To show only outword respect       

(2) a talent of speaking

(3) Never in actual.                                     

(4)To boast

Directions (15-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

15. I have to send…… his father.

(1) at        

(2) for      

(3) about         

(4) by

16. You have to pay…..your mistakes.

(1) About     

 (2) into          

(3) along        

(4) for

17. Heat acts…… metals.

(1) On     

(2) about     

(3) over       

(4) for

18. You must work……starve.

(1) To        

(2) for       

(3) or        

(4) and

19. This book is……

(1) Unique      

(2) the most unique      

(3) more unique best       

(4) unique

20. This child has a……cold.

 (1) general        

(2) common         

(3) advanced           

(4) preserved

Answer sheet

Set- 03

(1) 2

(2) 3

(3) 4

(4) 3

(5) 1

(6) 1

(7) 4

(8) 4

(9) 1

(10) 3

(11) 4

(12) 2

(13) 3

(14) 1

(15) 2

(16) 4

(17) 1

(18) 3

(19) 1

(20) 2 

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