Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-02

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-02

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The Republic’s annual honours list is often the subject of heated debate, with champions and detractors joining battle over the relative merits of recipients of national awards. But no one would quarrel with the state, this year, for having honoured Rasipuram Krishnaswami Lakshman with  a Padma vibhushan. For Lakshman, the creator of the silent but observant Common Man who has kept at least three generations of readers of The Times of India company at breakfast, is no friend of power and wealth, no respecter of the narcissism that can afflict the directors of the nation’s destinies.

1. Who was ‘Common Man’ as used in the passage?

(1) R. K. Lakshman, himself

(2) An imaginary silent spectator created by Laxman

(3) The men who used to visit Lakshman and share their grief and anxiety

(4) None of these

2. What is the subject half heated debate?

(1) Distribution of Republic Day Awards

(2) The annual function of Republic Day

(3) The tussle between champions and detractors 

(4) None of these

3. According to the author, the honour of R. K. Laxman is-

(1) Controversial  

(2) To satisfy a particular group

(3) To pacify the edge of The Times of India by the government

(4) Beyond doubt and controversy

4. The cartoons of R. K. Laxman had the power-

(1) To win any award including Nobel Prize 

(2) To generate enormous wealth

(3) to unite three generations of people at breakfast 

(4) None of these

5. What do you mean by the word Narcissism is used in the passage?

(1) Self-praise (2) Adaptability (3) contractual   (4) congruent

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Abundance (2) redundant   (3) incompetent (4) vivacious

7. Synonym of ‘Deceit’ is-

(1) deception (2) veracity (3) sanctity (4) double

8. Antonym of ‘Forerunner’ is-

(1) Ancestor (2) follower (3) front runner (4) useless

Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-02

9. Change the narration

He said, “Don’t be foolish.”

(1) He told me don’t be foolish  

(2) He told me not to be foolish

(3) He forbade me to foolish      

(4) He forbade me not to be foolish

10. Directions : Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3). If there is no error, the answer is (4) i. e. No Error.

The water (1)/of this river (2)/ is too pure. (3)/ No error

11. Change the voice

Listen to me.

(1) It should be listened    

(2) It should be listened by me

(3) I should be listened to 

(4) Let me be listened

12. In the following question, a sentence is divided into 6 parts (1), (P), (Q), (R), (S) and (6) in which order of (1) and (6) is the same but that of (P), (Q), (R), and (S) are jumbled up. Find the correct sequence with the help of the options. Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-02

(1) Generally     

(P) regarded to     

(Q) for underdeveloped

(R) be unsuitable      

(S) democracy is     

(6) countries

(1)SPRQ      (2) PSQR     (3) SRPQ      (4) SPQR

 13. Give one word of the following expression-

A place frequented for reasons of pleasure and health

(1) Tourist place   (2) Dossiers  (3) resort    (4) heaven

14 ‘Order of the day’ means-

(1) in fashion   (2) to be defeated (3) supplement income   (4) warning

15. Adjective of ‘Tire’ is-

(1) tedious    (2) tireless    (3) torrential (4) tire

Airforce X-Y Group English Test Paper-02

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

16. The…… chapters are lacking in interest.

(1) Late   (2) later    (3) latter (4) lately

17. He held my hand….. I should fail.

(1) Lest    (2) else    (3) yet     (4) whether

18. He cannot last……ever.

(1) To      (2) for    (3) on     (4) by

19. His son lies……his heart.

(1) By     (2) to    (3) near    (4) about

20. Light emanates….. the sun.

(1) Of     (2) off   (3) by    (4) from

Answer Sheet

Set- 02

(1) 2

(2) 1

(3) 4

(4) 3

(5) 1

(6) 3

(7) 1

(8) 2

(9) 2

(10) 3

(11) 3

(12) 1

(13) 3

(14) 1

(15) 2

(16) 3

(17) 1

(18) 2

(19) 3

(20) 4

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