Arrival of Relatives Conversation-3

3. Arrival of relatives from abroad

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Ravi- Hello! Good morning, Mr. Soham.

Soham- Good morning, Mr. Ravi. Lovely day, isn’t it?

Ravi-Yes, isn’t it beautiful? The weather has been awful for the last three days. Where have you been, Mr. Soham?

Soham-I have been to the railway station.

Ravi-Was anybody coming?

Soham-Yes. My sister’s daughter, her husband and children were coming.

Ravi-Where are they coming from?

Soham-They’re coming from Singapore.

Ravi-Oh, from Singapore! They must have arrived in Madras by plane and from there they were coming by train. Which train did they come by?

Soham-They arrived by the Madras-Mangalore mail.

Ravi-Did the train arrive at the right time?

Soham-Yes, it did. It arrived on the dot.

Ravi-Only very rarely do these trains run on time nowadays. With all the bandhs and picketing, you don’t know when you’ll reach your destination. How was their flight?

Soham-Their flight was late by one hour, they said.

Ravi-I’m sure they must have come by Singapore Airlines.

Soham-Yes, because our flights were not operating on schedule owing to the pilots’ strike.

Ravi-They are lucky, their onward journey from Madras was by train. You know these strikes are the order of the day in India. If the pilots are not on strike, the ground staff will be on strike. If the airlines are operating, the railways will go on strike.

Soham-When you arrive at the airport safely from abroad, you get stranded at the airport because of bandh in the country.

Ravi-You can relax only when you reach your destination. You can get stuck anywhere on the way. Arrival of Relatives Conversation-3

Soham-Imagine what happened at the railway station! The porters who carried the luggage wanted Rs. 150 as porterage. After a lot of bargaining and haggling they had to pay Rs. 75. Everywhere the traveller is at the mercy of others. How much did the taxi driver ask for?

Soham-The taxi driver was a decent chap and his charge was reasonable.

Ravi-Don’t you think life has become unbearable to the ordinary man?

Soham-Yes, to everyone except the active politicians. People get suffocated with bandhs, strikes, harthal and what have you. 

Ravi-How long will your relatives be in India?

Soham-They’ll be here for two or three weeks only.

Ravi-It’s going to be a very short visit. By the way, what is he?

Soham-He is an engineer and she’s a doctor. She has her own clinic and he works in a firm as production manager. Arrival of Relatives Conversation-3

Ravi-How many children have they got?

Soham-Three, two girls and a son. The son is the youngest.

Ravi-Have they been in Singapore for long?

Soham-Yes, they were born and brought up there. They have Singaporean citizenship.

Ravi-How come they have Singaporean citizenship?

Soham-My sister and her husband were there for more than forty years and their three children were born there. They have Singaporean citizenship and the youngest who was born in India has Indian citizenship.

Ravi-So three of them are there and the one with Indian citizenship is in India.

Soham-That’s right. Arrival of Relatives Conversation-3

Ravi-How’s life in Singapore?

Soham-They have plenty of money, everything available and a happy life.

Ravi-Do they often come to India?

Soham-Once in a year or two.

Ravi-I’m sure you’ll have a hectic time with them around.

Soham-Yes, a lot of relatives will be visiting them. Everybody is excited and their visit has set the house agog.

Ravi-So you may not be coming to the club for a few days.

Soham-No, I may not. I’ll have to be with them and I may be a little busy. I’ve just left them home.

Ravi-Have a nice time! But don’t forget we’ve to go to Raju’s party this evening. Where shall we meet? Shall we make it 6.30 in front of the railway station?

Soham-We’ll meet in front of the library on Broadway.

Ravi-No, I’ll pick you up at about six from your house.

Soham-In that case, shall we say 6.15?

Ravi-Okay. Arrival of Relatives Conversation-3

English Point Subhash 9753978693

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