A million dollar question of a baby camel-Baby Camel Question Story

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A mother and a baby camel were lying in a zoo, and suddenly the baby camel asked, 

“Mother, I have some questions in my mind.

Can I ask them? 

The mother affectionately replied, of course my love.

Please ask whatever you have in your mind. 

Baby said, “Why we have humps?” 

The mother said, “Son, the camels are desert animals.

The camels need the humps to store water.

Baby Camel Question Story

 So that we can survive without water for long time in the desert.”

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Baby said, “Okay, I am satisfied but why do we have long legs and rounded feet?” 

The mother quickly said, “My son, long legs and rounded feet are helpful for walking in the desert. 

And you know with these legs we can move in the desert better than anyone does!” 

Baby said, “Okay, my next question is why our eyelashes are long?

Sometimes they irritate me and restrict my sight.” 

Mother with smile said, “My god-gifted son, those long and thick eyelashes are our eyes cover. 

They are given us to protect our eyes from the desert sand and wind”.

Baby after deep thinking said, “I see. 

Baby Camel Question Story

So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, 

 the legs are for walking through the desert

and these eyelashes protect our eyes from the desert 

Than what are we doing here in the zoo?”

The moral of this story is “knowledge, abilities, skills and experiences are only useful if you are at the right place.”

 So be at the right place and make your dreams come true.

Baby Camel Question Story

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