01. This+is+……..

01. This is Subhash.

02. This is a pen.

03. This is a white pen.

04. This is my pen.

05. This pen is very good.

06. This is my classroom.

07. This is a dog.

08. This is not my dog.

09. Is this your dog?

10. No, this is Raju’s dog.

11. What is this?

12. This is my lunch box.

13. Whose house is this?

14. This is her/his house.

15. How is this house?

16. This house is very beautiful.

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02. That+is+……..

17. That is an elephant.

18. That was my village.

19. Whose idea was that?

20. That was my Idea.

21. That was not my plan.

22. That’s all my friend.

23. That is your duty.

24. Is that your car?

25. Yes, that is my car.

26. No, that is not my car.

27. That red car is mine.

03. These+are+…….

28. These are chairs.

29. These are not tables.

30. Are these mangoes?

31. Yes, these are mangoes.

32. No, these are not mangoes.

33. These are bananas.

04. Those+are+……

34. Those are trees.

35. Those are not big trees.

36. Are those small trees?

37. Yes, those are small trees.

38. No, those are not small trees.

39. Whose books are those?

40. Those are all my books.

05. There+is/are+noun+preposition+place

41. There is a garden before/in front of my home.

42. There is a temple behind my house.

43. There is a cat under the table.

44. There are many birds on the tree.

45. There are many animals in the jungle.

46. What is there in your hand?

47. There is a key in my hand.

48. How many temples are there in India?

49. There are many temples in India.

50. What is there in the paper?

51. There is a complaint against you in the paper.

52. There is a gift for everyone in the box.

53. How many rooms are there in your house?

54. There are 6 rooms in my house.

55. There is no room in the car.

56. Is there any hope?

57. Sorry, there is no hope.

58. Of course, there is great hope.

59. There is a hospital beside my school.

60. There is a big playground out of my office building.

61. Is there any bird on the tree?

62. No, there is no bird on the tree.

63. How many employees are there in your office?

64. There are 300 employees in my office.

65. How many good politicians are there in India?

66. There are a few good politicians in India.

67. There are many doubts in her mind.

68. There is no doubt in my mind.

69. Now, there is no chance to win.

70. There are many ifs and buts in his plan.

71. There is no connection between you and me.

72. Is there any contract between you and him?

73. Yes, there is a contract between me and him.

74. Is there any solution to this problem?

75. Of course there is a simple solution to this problem. 

06. Subject+is/am/are+noun….

01. Who are you?

02. I am Subhash.

03. What are you?

04. I am a teacher.

05. Who is she?

06. She is Geeta.

07. What is she?

08. She is a nurse.

09. Who is he?

10. He is Raju.

11. What is he?

12. He is a doctor.

13. Raju is a postman.

14. They are players.

15. We are singers.

16. He is a peon.

17. She is an officer.

18. I am not a dancer.

19. She is not a doctor.

20. Is she a doctor?

21. No. She is a professor.

22. My brother is a steno.

23. She is CM’s PA.

24. Her father is a businessman.

25. Her mother is a school principal.

26. They are musicians.

27. My grandfather was a great hunter.

28. My wife is a great cook.

29. Sunil Gavaskar was an amazing batsman.

30. Kapil Dev was captain of Indian cricket team.

31. Bhaichung Bhutia is a footballer.

32. MC Mary Kom is a boxer.

33. Aarti Saha was a swimmer.

34. PT Usha was a sprinter.

35. Hima Das is a runner.

36. Ajay Devgan is an actor.

37. Sridevi was a beautiful actress.

38. Prabhu Deva is a dance director.

39. Mukesh Ambani is a business tycoon.

40. Yash Chopra was a film producer and director.

41. Who is the PM of India?

42. Shri Narendra Modi is the PM of India.

43. Who is the collector of Ujjain.

44. Ashish Singh is the collector of Ujjain.

45. Who is the headmaster of this school?

46. Geeta Devi is the headmaster of this school.

47. Who is your best friend?

48. Sonu is my best friend.

49. Who is the CM of Uttar Pradesh.

50. Yogi Adityanath is the CM of Uttar Pradesh. 

07. Subject+is/am/are+adjective…

01. How are you?

02. I am fine.

03. How is your mother, now?

04. Now, she is better.

05. How is your father?

06. My father is fit and healthy.

07. How is your health?

08. My health is ok.

09. How is your new office?

10. My new office is excellent.

11. How is your new boss?

12. My new boss is quite impressive.

13. How was MS Dhoni?

14. MS Dhoni was captain cool.

15. How is Virat Kohli?

16. Virat Kohli is an aggressive captain.

17. How was the movie?

18. The movie was fantastic.

19. How is this course?

20. This course is very helpful.

21. Many temples of India are amazing.

22. Some inventions of science are very wonderful.

23. This book is very informative.

24. Your decision is not perfect.

25. Your idea is very complicated.

26. English language is very easy.

27. Your personality is extraordinary.

28. My brother is a genius person.

29. My sister is quite innocent.

30. Your house is very spacious.

31. You are very special to me.

32. India is incredible.

33. India is the land of incredible things.

34. My terrace garden is very big.

35. She is able to help you.

36. She is not a normal person.

37. My life is successful.

38. My father is a successful person.

39. Is she lazy?

40. No, she is not lazy.

41. Yes, she is very lazy.

42. My son is very intelligent.

43. This morning is very pleasant.

44. This movie is boring/romantic.

45. Your smile is very attractive.

46. This dish is very tasty.

47. Your lifestyle is awesome.

48. You are great.

49. Hitler was very cruel.

50. Chanakya was wise.

51. Are you angry with me?

52. No, I am not angry with you.

53. I am pleased with you.

54. I am hungry.

55. I am thirsty.


01. Where are you?

02. I am at home.

03. Where are your students?

04. They are in the class.

05. Where is your home?

06. It is in Ujjain.

07. Where is my key?

08. It is on the TV.

09. Where is your mother?

10. She is in the kitchen.

11. Where is your father?

12. He is in his office.

13. Where is your focus?

14. It is not at the right place.

15. Where is your mind?

16. My car is in the garage.

17. My money is in my wallet.

18. My wallet is in my pocket.

19. One of my friends is in foreign.

20. Today, the CM is in our city.

21. Where is Monu?

22. Monu is on the terrace.

23. My friends are in college.

24. My teachers are in the staff room.

25. Where is your plan?

26. My plan is in my mind.

27. Where is your house?

28. My house is between two big buildings.

29. The lion is in the cage.

30. My relative is there.

31. My boss is not in the office.

32. He is not in his room.

33. Maybe, he will be in the field.

34. Positive/Negative people are everywhere.

35. Doubts are in your mind.

36. Fear is in your heart.

37. My books are in my bag.

38. My success is in my values.

39. His honesty is in his duty.

40. Our players are in the field.

41. Where were you last night?

42. I was in the cinema hall.

43. Are you at home?

44. Yes, I am at home.

45. No, I am not at home.

46. Is your mother in the kitchen?

47. Yes, she is in the kitchen.

48. Where is your sister?

49. She is in her room.

50. She is not in her room.

09. Subject+V1+……

01. I play cricket.

02. You play cricket.

03. We play cricket.

04. They play cricket.

05. He plays cricket.

06. She plays cricket.

07. Ram plays cricket.

08. Ram kills Ravan.

09. I go to market.

10. She goes to market.

11. Do you sing a song?

12. Yes, I sing many songs.

13. No, I do not sing songs.

14. Does she love music?

15. No, she doesn’t love music.

16. Yes, she loves music.

17. What do you have?

18. I have a lot of things.

19. What does she have?

20. She has two houses.

21. Ram has a big house.

22. We have a small house.

23. I love India.

24. I live in Spain.

25. What do you want?

26. I want great success.

27. I want to earn a lot of money.

28. Do you help people?

29. Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

30. The sun rises in the East.

31. The sun sets in the west.

32. The earth moves around the sun.

33. Everyday I go for a walk in the morning.

34. Do you exercise daily?

35. Yes, I do.

36. Do you take tea?

37. I don’t take tea.

38. I take milk.

39. Do you earn money?

40. I don’t earn money.

41. What do you do?

42. I teach students.

43. Does she come here?

44. No, she does not come here.

45. Do you know him?

46. Yes, I know him.

47. No, I don’t know him.

48. Does he know my name?

49. Yes, he knows your name.

50. No, he does not know your name.

10. Subject+V2+…….

01. I went to Bhopal.

02. I did not go to Bhopal.

03. Did you go to Bhopal?

04. Did you not go to Bhopal?

05. She sang a beautiful song.

06. She did not sing a beautiful song.

07. Did she sing a beautiful song?

08. Did she not sing a beautiful song?

09. Ram killed Ravan.

10. Ram did not kill Meghnath.

11. Did Ram kill Ravan?

12. Did Ram not kill Meghnath?

13. Did you attend the party?

14. Yes, I attended the party.

15. No, I did not attend the party.

16. Did she help you?

17. Yes, she helped me a lot.

18. No, she did not help me.

19. Did you hit him?

20. No, I did not hit him.

21. A thief stole my new purse?

22. Yesterday Raju came to meet me.

23. I called her yesterday.

24. I knew it.

25. India won the cricket world cup again in 2011.

26. Gautam Gambhir played very well in that World Cup.

27. My sister wrote a beautiful poem.

28. I decided to talk.

29. Did you know the address?

30. Yes, I did.

31. Yes, I knew the address.

32. No, I didn’t.

33. No, I did not know the address.

34. Then how did you come?

35. I called my brother.

36. I asked for your address.

37. Then I came here.

38. India got freedom in 1947.

39. A lion caught a deer.

40. It tore it and ate it.

41. How did you solve this puzzle?

42. I used my mind and solved it.

43. Why did you go there?

44. I had a job there.

45. Did you pay the bill?

46. No, Monu paid the bill.

47. Who shot the tiger?

48. A hunter shot the tiger.

49. Where did you keep the bag?

50. I kept here.

11. Subject+will/shall+V1+…..

01. Tomorrow I will go to Bhopal.

02. I will not go to Bhopal.

03. Will you go to Bhopal?

04. Will you not go to Bhopal?

05. My mother will cook food.

06. My sister will not cook food.

07. Will your brother cook food?

08. No, he will not cook food.

09. He will study.

10. They will come here again.

11. I will meet you tomorrow.

12. She will pay the bill.

13. I will become a pilot.

14. I will help needy people.

15. Who will start the game?

16. Raju will start the game.

17. She will purchase the ticket.

18. Who will inform us?

19. The government will inform us.

20. Today, Virat Kohli will make more runs.

21. Mumbai Indians will win the match.

22. Will she come on time?

23. I don’t think so.

24. She will not come on time.

25. I will purchase a new pair of shoes.

26. My son will crack this exam.

27. My father will not scold me for this mistake.

28. My mother will give me the money for this trip.

29. My plan will work.

30. Children will present the show.

31. BJP will win the Bengal election.

32. Who will become the PM in 2024.

33. Definitely, Mr Modi will become the PM in 2024.

34. Will Rahul become the PM?

35. No, he won’t.

36. Will you come here again?

37. Yes, I will come here again and again.

38. Where will we celebrate your birthday?

39. We will celebrate your birthday in Mumbai.

40. I will consult the doctor.

41. I will follow your instructions.

42. I will take tea.

43. I will not cheat you.

44. Tomorrow I will watch a new movie.

45. Tomorrow he will wash his car.

46. I will catch the first train.

47. What will you have?

48. I will have sweets.

49. Who will learn English?

50. I will learn English.

51. My child will bring happiness in my life.

12. Object+is/am/are+V3+by+subject

01. Cricket is played by me.

02. Cricket is not played by me.

03. Is cricket played by me?

04. Is cricket not played by me?

05. A song is written by her.

06. A song is not written by her.

07. Is a song written by her?

08. Is a song not written by her?

09. I am helped by him.

10. I am not helped by him.

11. Am I helped by him?

12. Am I not helped by him?

13. Animals are hunted by hunters.

14. Animals are not hunted by hunters.

15. Are animals hunted by hunters?

16. Are animals not hunted by hunters?

17. This show is sponsored by Godrej.

18. This movie is brought to you by Nirma.

19. This course is made by Subhash.

20. Employees are exploited by companies.

21. Farmers are given money by money lenders.

22. Farmers are beaten by money lenders.

23. All bills are paid by Raju.

24. Songs are sung by singers.

25. Movies are produced by producers.

26. Movies are directed by directors.

27. Criminals are judged by judges.

28. Decisions are taken by authorities.

29. Development plans are made by governments.

30. Buildings are built by contractors.

31. Income tax reports are filed by us.

32. Students are taught by teachers.

33. Plants are grown by gardeners.

34. Water is drunk by everyone.

35. Food is eaten by us.

36. Unnecessary trees are cut by MPEB employees.

37. Grains are produced by farmers.

38. Diwali is celebrated by Indians.

39. New things are invented by inventors.

40. Cars are purchased by us.

41. Deers are killed by lions.

42. Reports are prepared by me.

43. A newspaper is read by me.

44. Milk is taken by me.

45. Home cleaning is done by my mother.

46. Food is cooked by my sister.

47. Money is earned by my father.

48. I am given money by my family.

49. Movies are watched by them.

50. Clothes are washed by us.

51. Camel is called the ship of desert.

52. Lion is called the king of jungle.

13. Object+was/were+V3+by+subject

01. Food was cooked by my mother.

02. Food was not cooked by my mother.

03. Was food cooked by my mother?

04. Was food not cooked by my mother?

05. America was discovered by Columbus.

06. America was not discovered by Napoleon.

07. Was America discovered by Columbus?

08. Was America not discovered by Columbus?

09. Movie Chandni was directed by Yash Chopra.

10. Cricket World Cup 2011 was won by India.

11. A story was written by me.

12. Many songs were written by Santosh Anand.

13. Steam engine was invented by James Watt.

14. Ramcharitmanas was written by Tulsidas ji.

15. A lot of money was earned by him.

16. Many industries were established by Ambani.

17. A house was purchased by me.

18. Many battles were won by Samudragupt.

19. A new suit was purchased by me.

20. Many books were read by me.

21. This was said by Chanakya.

22. Many songs were sung by Lata ji.

23. This was done by her.

24. Theft complaint was lodged by me.

25. Tickets were booked by us.

26. That house was sold by me.

27. Tirupati was visited by them.

28. The culprit was arrested by the police.

29. He was sentenced by the court.

30. Letters were delivered by the postman.

31. He was elected an MP.

32. Raju was selected monitor of the class.

33. A well was dug by the villagers.

34. Aurangzeb was defeated by Shivaji Raje.

35. Her performance was admired by the public.

36. Great success was achieved by many people.

37. We were not allowed in the party.

38. My proposal was not accepted by them.

39. Section 144 was imposed by police.

40. My question was not answered.

41. Answers were revised by me.

42. India was attacked by foreign invaders many times.

43. Temples were looted.

44. Temples were destroyed.

45. Many ancient books were burnt.

46. Sati pratha was banned.

47. Roads were cleared.

48. Many people were killed in world war.

49. Many questions were asked in the interview.

50. She was appointed secretary.

14. Object+will/shall+be+V3+by+subject

01. Money will be earned by me.

02. Money will not be earned by me.

03. Will money be earned by me?

04. Will money not be earned by me?

05. A poem will be written by me.

06. A poem will not be written by me.

07. Will a poem be written by me?

08. Will a poem not be written by me?

09. Water will be saved by us.

10. Food will be cooked by my mother.

11. Bills will be paid by them.

12. Puzzles will be solved by the students.

13. Truth will be searched by the police.

14. Culprit will be arrested by the police.

15. My book will be published by a publisher.

16. They will not be allowed in this area.

17. Illegal activities will be prohibited.

18. Trees of this area will not be cut.

19. You will not be given any money.

20. My dream will be fulfilled by me.

21. Something special will be done by me.

22. Everyone will be surprised by my performance.

23. A new car will be designed by him.

24. Honey bees will be attracted by the flowers.

25. Honey will be collected by honey bees.

26. Diamond will be stolen by a thief.

27. She will be kidnapped.

28. Child will be looked after by parents.

29. Students will be taught by the teachers.

30. Application for the job will be written by me.

31. Sweets will be distributed on 15th August.

32. 26 January will be celebrated in school.

33. A mega show will be presented by that magician.

34. Our trip will be sponsored by my father.

35. Terrorists will be shot by the army.

36. Plane will be flown by the pilot.

37. A plan will be made by us.

38. A new house will be purchased for the newly married couple.

39. My leave will not be sanctioned by my boss.

40. Our proposal will not be approved by the board members.

41. Shops will be closed by the shopkeepers.

42. He will be blamed.

43. A healthy child will be born in your family.

44. Happiness will be brought by him.

45. A new course will be prepared by me.

46. Kidnappers will be arrested by the police.

47. His actions will be criticised by everyone.

48. Money will be counted by the cashier.

49. He will be cheated by her.

50. Documents will be attached with application.

15. Subject+is/am/are+Ving+…….

01. I am teaching English.

02. I am not teaching French.

03. Are you teaching English?

04. Are you not teaching French?

05. She is cooking food.

06. She is not cooking food.

07. Is she cooking food?

08. Is she not cooking food?

09. I am singing a song.

10. She is washing clothes.

11. They are playing football.

12. We are learning English.

13. She is dancing.

14. Mohan is writing an essay.

15. I am trying to help you.

16. Doctors are curing the patient.

17. Government is building new bridges.

18. Rivers are flowing.

19. Wind is blowing.

20. The child is weeping.

21. The flood victims are crying.

22. Who is helping you?

23. My father is helping me.

24. Who is cooking food?

25. My mother is cooking food.

26. What are you looking for?

27. I am looking for my keys.

28. My son is riding a bicycle.

29. Who is driving the car?

30. Mohan is driving the car.

31. I am drinking water.

32. She is bringing water for you.

33. He is looking at you.

34. Everyone is applying for the job.

35. I am doing my work.

36. My neighbour is complaining.

37. You are not doing the correct thing.

38. You are making a mistake.

39. They are not coming here.

40. I am not talking to you.

41. He is getting rich day by day.

42. Are you watching a movie?

43. No, I am watching cricket.

44. Are you sleeping?

45. No, I am reading.

46. Are you using your mobile?

47. Yes, I am.

48. Someone is calling you.

49. Your mobile is ringing.

50. Right now, we are living in India.

16. Subject+was/were+Ving+…….

01. She was getting ready.

02. She was cooking food.

03. She was not cooking food.

04. Was she cooking food?

05. Was she not cooking food?

06. What was she cooking?

07. She was cooking lunch.

08. Where was she cooking?

09. She was cooking in the kitchen.

10. Everyone was complaining.

11. Students were studying.

12. We were purchasing clothes.

13. She was not taking decisions.

14. He was running behind the train.

15. They were following her everywhere.

16. I was enjoying at the party.

17. She was dancing at the party.

18. Raju was drinking at the party.

19. Waiters were serving food.

20. He was working with them.

21. She was not getting the point.

22. The ball was bouncing on the field.

23. The flowers were blooming.

24. It was raining in the night.

25. Nobody was helping him.

26. Raju was driving the car.

27. She was preparing for IAS.

28. The snake was hissing.

29. The lion was roaring.

30. Someone was singing a song.

31. Who was cutting the tree?

32. The gardener was cutting the tree.

33. We were playing hide and seek.

34. Who was painting?

35. I was not painting.

36. Maybe, she was painting.

37. Were you listening to songs?

38. Yes, I was.

39. She was facing many problems.

40. I was feeling sorry for him.

41. They were laughing at him.

42. I was not opposing you.

43. Were you studying?

44. Yes, I was.

45. He was trying hard.

46. The child was not cleaning the teeth properly.

47. I was making my course.

48. I was preparing my notes.

49. The judge was not doing his work.

50. I was thinking.

17. Subject+will/shall+be+Ving+…

01. Geeta will be singing a song at the party.

02. Geeta will not be singing a song at the party.

03. Will Geeta be singing a song at the party?

04. will Geeta not be singing a song at the party?

05. She will be cooking food.

06. She will not be cooking food.

07. Will she be cooking food?

08. Will she not be cooking food?

09. I will be studying there.

10. I will be meeting with the management.

11. Raju will be running a race on this Sunday.

12. Seema will be competing with Geeta.

13. On Sunday, we will be watching a new movie.

14. I will be enjoying my dreams.

15. They will be listening to old songs.

16. We will be purchasing something.

17. Virat will be playing against Rohit.

18. Our soldiers will be fighting in Kargil.

19. We will be facing water crisis.

20. Government will be building new hospitals.

21. Doctor will be treating the patients.

22. What will you be doing on Sunday?

23. On sunday, I will be studying.

24. We will be praying in the temple.

25. Raju will be working in that office.

26. I will be earning money.

27. Raju will not be dancing there.

28. Radha will be cooking food.

29. I will be practicing for spoken English.

30. Farmers will be digging a well.

31. He will be selling vegetables.

32. I will be getting bored.

33. We will be completing our job.

34. The lion will be hunting in the jungle.

35. The ducks will be swimming in the river.

36. The peacock will be eating the snake.

37. The tortoise and the rabbit will be running a race.

38. They will be learning a new lesson.

39. We will be visiting some new destinations.

40. The group of students will be roaming in the jungle.

41. I will be calculating my expenses.

42. The nurse will be observing the patient.

43. RSS will be serving the flood victims.

44. People will be donating the money.

45. Hospitals will be collecting blood samples.

46. Police will be searching the culprit.

47. The postman will be delivering the letters.

48. The delivery boy will be coming.

49. The publisher will be printing this book.

50. Akshay will be acting in a new movie.

18. Object+is/am/are+being+V3+by subject

01. Cricket is being played by us.

02. Cricket is not being played by us.

03. Is cricket being played by us?

04. Is cricket not being played by us?

05. What is being played by us?

06. Sugarcane is being cut by the farmers.

07. Trees are being grown by them.

08. Songs are being written by Santosh Anand.

09. Food is being cooked by my mother.

10. Milk is being brought by milkmen.

11. Milk is being purchased by customers.

12. Gifts are being opened by the child.

13. Classes are not being attended by the students.

14. This building is being built by me.

15. That kite is being flown by me.

16. These images are being created by a designer.

17. Badisuccess.com is being visited by us.

18. English is being taught by Joshi sir.

19. Applications are being sent by applicants.

20. Diwali is being celebrated by us.

21. National flag is being hoisted by CM.

22. Party is being hosted by us.

23. The Gita is being read by us.

24. English language is being learnt by you.

25. Songs are being listened to by us.

19. Object+was/were+being+V3+by subject

01. Cricket was being played by them.

02. Hockey was not being played by them.

03. Was football being played by them?

04. Was the bill not being paid by them?

05. What was being done by them?

06. Food was being cooked by my mother.

07. Diwali was being celebrated by Indians.

08. Raju was being beaten by Rohit.

09. Plans were being made by ministers.

10. Clothes were being washed by washing machine.

11. Food was being served by waiters.

12. Trees were being cut by them.

13. Negative news was being broadcast by the media.

14. Money was being stolen by thieves.

15. Movies were being watched by us.

16. Essays were being written by students.

17. Tickets were being purchased by travellers.

18. Animals were being hunted by hunters.

19. Home work was being done by students.

20. Success was being celebrated by them.

21. Money was being earned by everyone.

22. A new mobile was being purchased by Geeta.

23. Worksheets were being filled by students.

24. Puzzles were being solved by them.

25. My car was being repaired by a mechanic.

20. Subject+has/have+V3+…..

01. I have completed my work.

02. I have not completed my work.

03. Have you completed your work?

04. Have you not completed your work?

05. She has cooked food.

06. Ram has killed Ravan.

07. India has won the match.

08. I have taught my students.

09. They have come here.

10. Reena has written a letter.

11. Raju has reached there.

12. We have purchased a house.

13. I have done.

14. She has eaten food.

15. I have passed 12th.

16. He has posted the letter.

17. I have washed my clothes.

18. I have seen this movie.

19. I have visited Agra.

20. She has applied for this post.

21. Lata ji has sung 10k songs.

22. They have planted many trees.

23. They have fulfilled their dreams.

24. I have achieved my goal.

25. You have crossed your limit.

21. Subject+had+V3+…..

01. They had gone.

02. She had cooked food.

03. She had not cooked food.

04. Had she cooked food?

05. Had she not cooked food?

06. The train had departed.

07. She had come.

08. Raju had passed 12th.

09. They had crossed the river.

10. She had won the race.

11. Raju had sung a song.

12. I had slept.

13. I had performed.

14. They had danced.

15. I had hit the goal.

22. Subject+will/shall+have+V3+..

16. I will have completed my course.

17. She will have reached there.

18. Raju will have eaten food.

19. I will have purchased the tickets.

20. She will have complained.

21. I will have earned the money.

22. He will have sold his house.

23. I will have done it.

24. He will have beaten him.

25. India will have defeated Pakistan.

26. Flood will have destroyed the city.

27. Newspapers will have informed us.

28. I will have purchased a new mobile.

29. I will have achieved it.

30. She will have paid the bill.

23. Object+has/have+been+V3+by subject

01. Clothes have been washed by him.

02. Food has been cooked by my mother.

03. Tickets have been booked by him.

04. A song has been sung by him.

05. A car has been driven by her.

06. Flowers have been plucked by him.

07. He has been beaten by Raju.

08. England has been defeated by India.

09. Hundred centuries have been made by Sachin.

10. Many students have been taught by me.

24. Object+had+been+V3+by subject

11. Guitar had been purchased by me.

12. Money had been used by him.

13. English had been learnt by him.

14. Bills had been paid by her.

15. Homework had been completed by her.

16. Books had been bought by me.

17. Videos had been uploaded by me.

18. A course had been made by me.

19. Dams had been built by a contractor.

20. My car had been repaired by the mechanic.

25. Object+will/shall+have been+V3+by subject

21. Homework will have been checked by me.

22. Necessary items will have been purchased by them.

23. The party will have been attended by us.

24. Criminals will have been arrested by the police.

25. The movie will have been watched by us.

26. A garden will have been made by me.

27. The patients will have been treated by the doctors.

28. My friends will have been invited by me.

29. Degrees will have been taken by me.

30. The match will have been won by India.

26. Subject+has/have+been+Ving….. since/for…..

01. I have been suffering from fever for 3 days.

02. I have been teaching English since 1995.

03. Lata Ji has been singing songs for 50 years.

04. They have been playing cricket since morning.

05. Raymond has been selling its product since 1925.

06. We have been celebrating Diwali since our childhood.

07. He has been crying for 20 minutes.

08. She has been washing clothes since morning.

09. Raju has been serving in this company since 1920.

10. My brother has been living in Bhopal since 1992.

27. Subject+had+been+Ving….. since/for…..

11. We had been playing football since morning.

12. They had been fighting for many years.

13. Workers had been protesting since January.

14. They had been trying for many months.

15. Ram had been helping poors for many years.

16. She had been taking this medicine since Monday.

17. They had been singing songs since evening.

18. They had been making movies for many years.

19. Raju had been writing songs since 1990.

20. She had been cooking food for two hours.


21. He will have been eating food since morning.

22. They will have been learning English for many years.

23. Raju will have been searching for a job since 2020.

24. I will have been looking after them for many years.

25. She will have been doing her work since morning.

26. Indians will have been celebrating Diwali since tomorrow evening.

27. They will have been reading books since morning.

28. They will have been playing chess since Monday.

29. Raju will have been learning English for many years.

30. He will have been cooking food for 2 hours.

29. Uses of May 

1. अनुमति मांगने या देने के लिए-

May I borrow this book?

May I come in, sir?

May I leave now?

She may stay here.

They may come in.

You may play here?

May I borrow your bag?

May I have the salt, please?

May I use your mobile?

May I sit here?

2. संभावना या अनिश्चितता बताने के लिए-

He may attend the meeting.

The sky is cloudy, it may rain today.

Raju may pass this year.

Ram may prefer to stay here tonight.

3. Wish या Desire बताने के लिए-

May you live long!

May he succeed in life?

May god bless you!

May god save my family from evil eyes!

4. उद्देश्य बताने के लिए-

She tries everyday in order that she may win one day.

They work hard so that they may earn well.

Obey your teachers so that you may prosper in life.

We eat so that we may live.

30. Uses of Might (Past form of May)

1. Might, May से अधिक Polite Request बताता है। 

Might I talk to the PM?

Might I use your bungalow?

2. Might, May की अपेक्षा कम संभावना बताता है।

It might rain today.

It may rain today.

She might help us.

She may help us.

3. Might का उपयोग कोरी कल्पना बताने के लिए भी किया जाता है।

She wishes you might have seen Indira Gandhi.

If he worked hard, he might get success.

If you had left your mobile here, someone might have stolen it.

31. Uses of Can

You can solve this problem.

She cannot speak English.

They cannot read without glasses.

Can you lift this box?

Can you talk in English?

What can he do?

How can she neglect me?

What can I say?

Where can they go?

You can go there by car

He can take this pen.

You can sit here.

The girls can park their bicycles here.

You can play badminton, not cricket in this field.

She can be rude.

She can cook food.

Food can be cooked by her.

She cannot cook food.

Food cannot be cooked by her.

32. Uses of Could (Past form of Can)

When I was young I could run 10km.

When he was a child he could climb any tree.

They could have taken flight.

I could have purchased tickets.

If she tried hard, she could succeed.

If he had money he could start some business.

If you started earlier you could catch the train.

If I had more money I could walk on the moon.

Could you give me 300 rupees?

Could you lend me your bike?

Could I have a talk with you?

Could you please, send me an application form?

Could he run the class by himself?

Could she get another job?

We could win the match.

The match could be won by us.

33. Uses of Shall

Shall I open the window?

Shall I help you?

She shall pay me on Monday.

They shall be awarded.

He shall be appointed.

You shall get a job if you do well.

You shall obey me as long as you are here.

They shall be punished for their misdeeds.

You shall repent.

You shall be deprived of your share.

They shall do what we say.

She shall do it without any delay.

Nobody shall write on the bench.

You shall not meet her.

You shall be transferred if you don’t work properly.

34. Uses of Will

Will you bring a glass of water, please.

Will you close the window, please.

She will be in her room.

Tomorrow is 15th August so school will be closed.

My boss will not sanction my leave.

I won’t go to picnic.

She will not help them at any cost.

I will never speak to her.

I will achieve my goal.

I will see you.

We will play on Sunday.

We will do everything for her.

I will go with her.

You will do it at once.

The girls will not go there.

All the students will attend the debate.

You will deliver the welcome speech.

36. Uses of Would

Would you like to have a cup of tea?

Would you drop me there?

Would you sing a sweet song?

If I had wings I would fly to you.

If I were a bird I would fly to you.

If she came to me I would help her.

If I were a king I would make you my chief advisor.

If she had come to me I would have taught her.

If Ram had asked me I would have helped him.

I would rather die than to beg.

She would rather study than to see a movie.

I would rather play than to go.

He would rest now.

Ram would be in the car.

She would be my wife.

She would be in the club this time.

He would be about 80 now.

The doctor would be in OT.

35. Uses of Should

We should work hard.

She should take medicine on time.

We should love our country.

One should obey one’s elders.

You should find her in the field.

Raju should be worried about his child.

They should be anxious about us.

Work hard lest you should fail.

Make haste lest you should miss the bus.

Move fast lest you should miss the class.

You should have attended the meeting.

She should have informed the police.

He should have started by the morning train.

We should help the needy.

We should not help the wicked.

37. Uses of Must

We must respect our elders.

You must apologize for your mistake.

We must help the needy.

All the students must attend the class.

Soldiers must obey orders without any question.

They must do as they are told.

You must do as you are told.

You must be tired after your long journey.

You must be joking.

Raju must be 18 now.

They must have taken a wrong turn.

You must have heard about Shivraj.

India must have won 10 medals.

You must not copy in exams.

Students must not miss the class.

She must not talk to bad boys.

Visitors must not feed the animals.

Children must not play in the sun.

You must earn money.

You must not waste your time.

Time must be used by you.

They must not beat children.

We must follow traffic rules.

We must grow more trees.

38. Uses of Ought to

One ought to take care of one’s children.

We ought to help the needy.

We ought to respect our parents.

You ought to consult a doctor.

You ought to read this book.

We ought to help our friends.

We ought to work for the welfare of the nation.

We ought not to smoke so much.

Children ought not to watch TV so long.

They ought to have come here in time.

You ought to have invited your brother in function.

we ought to have stopped at the traffic light.

39. Uses of Used to

He used to drink daily.

I used to walk in the morning.

She used to play badminton in the evening.

I did not use to walk in the morning.

I used not to walk in the evening.

She used not to play chess in the morning.

She did not use to play chess in the morning.

Did she use to play chess in the morning?

Used she to play chess?

Used you to go there?

40. Uses of Need

I need not talk to you.

Need I talk to him?

She need not wear a tie.

Need she wear a tie?

They need not stay here any longer.

Need they stay here any longer?

You needn’t have written such a detailed report.

She needn’t have bought such a costly pen.

Raju needn’t have reached the office at 6 o’clock.

We needn’t have stayed here.

41. Uses of Dare

He dare not come here.

She dare not call you a fool.

They dare not leave the meeting without my permission.

I dare not talk to the chairman.

Dare he not say like this?

Dare they complain against you?

How dare he speak like this?

How dare they act in this manner?

Dare she sit before us?

How dare Reena do such a thing?

Nobody dare comment like this.

Nobody dare to comment like this.

She dares to oppose me.

She does not dare to oppose me.

Does she dare to oppose you?

You do not dare to speak against her.

Do you dare to speak against her?

We do not dare to talk to the chairman.

They don’t dare to say anything before me.

Do they dare to say anything before me?

42. Has to/ Have to

I have to learn English.

I do not have to earn money.

Do you have to earn money?

She has to cook food.

She does not have to cook food.

Does she have to cook food?

I have to help myself.

43. Had to

I had to pay the bill.

She had to attend the class.

They had to kill him.

I had to come here.

44. Will have to / Shall have to

You will have to earn money.

You will have to learn English.

He will have to go there.

They will have to attend the meeting.

You will have to find the solution.

45. Imperative sentences V1…..

Open the door.

Sit here.

Speak in English.

Arrange the tables.

Check the list.

Open the window, please.

Don’t smoke here.

Don’t disturb us.

Obey your teachers.

Consult the doctor.

Take medicine.

Don’t worry, be happy.

Be positive, think positively.

Be honest. Be happy.

46. Let +objective case+V1….

Let me help you.

Let them come here.

Let her stay there.

Let the boys go to picnic.

Let him attend the meeting.

Let us play cricket.

Let’s enjoy the picnic.

47. Subject+HV+about to+V1…

      Subject+HV+going to+V1….

Match is about to start.

Train is about to come.

We are about to succeed.

Work is about to complete.

Movie is going to start.

I was about to call you.

She was about to come here.

48. There+HV+Noun+to+ V1…

There is work to do.

There is food to eat.

There is water to drink.

There+HV+Noun+to+ be+V3…

There is work to be done.

There is food to be eaten.

There is water to be drunk.

49. Subject+is/am/are+to+V1+object

I am to write a letter.

She is to cook food.

Object+is/am/are+to+be+V3+by subject

A letter is to be written by me.

Food is to be cooked by her.

50. Subject+was/were+to+V1+object

He was to do this work.

Object+was/were+to+be+V3+by subject

This work was to be done by him.

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