45. Reactive and Responsive (Be Proactive Reactive Responsive)

Three Habits, Your Success and Three Stories

Our Habits play a big role in our success. All successful people have some common habits. Today we will talk about three Habits, by changing them you can easily achieve your success.

The first step is to become Responsible from Reactive. It means changing the way we look at life. Now let us see what is Reactive Mind?

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What is Reactive Mind?

Understand from a story. There was a dog, he found a piece of bone and was crossing a river bridge with the bone. He saw his own reflection in the water of the river. He thought, there is another dog. There is another bone. Another bone may also be found. So he barked for another bone and dropped the bone of his mouth in the water. This is called Reactive Mind. The attention is not on self but on others and what do you think, after this the dog has realized its mistake. No. 

The biggest problem of unsuccessful people is that their mind is reactive. And they blame everyone except themselves for their failure.

Now understand Responsive Mind. Be Proactive Reactive Responsive

What is Responsive Mind?

Again a story. There was a thirsty crow, wandering for water. Even if water was found, it was in the jug. In which his beak could not go. And he had the choice as to curse the whole world for this plight. But what did he do? Find its solution. Started putting small stones in the jug. After a while the water came up and he quenched his thirst. This is called Responsive Mind.

Difference between both the story

Can you see the difference between the two stories?

Opportunity was in the mouth in the first story but lost it because of Reactive Mind.

There was a problem in the second story, but Responsive Mind turned the problem into an opportunity. 

That is, if you do not shift from Reactive Mind to Responsive Mind, then only problems will be seen in life. Whereas Responsive Mind will see all those opportunities. Now life is yours, you have to decide whether to fail by being reactive or succeed by being responsive.

Third Habits- Blame Habits

There is another habit that prevents us from succeeding – to blame circumstances for our failure. 

Again a story- there was a fox. Seeing a grape vine, she reached to eat grapes. The grapes were out of her reach. Tried a lot. When it was not found, she went out saying that the grapes were sour. Now tell me what can that poor person do when the situation does not support itself. So it is the habit of blaming the Circumstances. It has to be changed and a Habit has to be developed which does not Blame the situation but takes Responsibility. That is, to develop the ability of Response.

Even after doing this, if you have doubts about your success, then talk to me. Together we will solve the problem. But make sure that you want to be a successful person.

Be Proactive Reactive Responsive

Be Proactive Reactive Responsive

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