61. Comfort Zone (Biggest Reason For Failure)

What is the biggest reason for failure?

How To Know Reason of Failure

Why do people fail in life? 

There are several reasons for this. For example, 

not getting opportunities, 

not making efforts, 

lack of time or resources or 

not getting the right company etc. 

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But there is a bigger reason than all these reasons. The biggest reason – that every person who lives anywhere, in any circumstance, no matter how poor, no matter how lonely, can be successful. That reason is lack of understanding.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate how lack of understanding blocks your path.

You all must have seen the frog. If a frog is put in cold water, it keeps moving in it. 

But, what does the frog do if this water is heated slowly? 

As the water warms, the frog adjusts its body temperature to that water temperature. The frog spends its energy adjusting to the temperature of the water.

If the temperature of the water gradually increases, then there is a limit for the frog to adjust, after that it does not have enough energy to adjust then that frog dies.

Now if you look carefully, you will find that when the water started heating up, and till the time the frog died, the frog was spending its energy continuously.

But the frog did not understand that if it had used that energy to get out of the water initially, when the water started heating, it would have survived. 

Meaning the frog has so much power that if it takes a jump, it can come out of the water. But it does not understand this.

That is the reason why it keeps on spending its power in adjusting continuously till it dies. 

Do you know which is the most dangerous place in the world to live? 

That is the comfort zone. Anyone who stays in the comfort zone cannot progress. Like frogs, most people adjust and stay in their comfort zone.

But like a frog, they also do not understand that life can be adjusted only up to a limit. After that the trouble increases so much that we can do nothing except repent. Better to try than to regret. Even if we fail in that.

 Most people keep waiting for an opportunity or a good time. Whereas successful people start work with what they get.

So guys don’t wait too long. Just start working with what is available. Certainly the necessary things will continue to be found on the way. 

It is also true if you start working day and night to fulfill your dreams, then the whole world starts helping you.

Biggest Reason For Failure

Biggest Reason For Failure

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