Blind man with a Lamp-Blind man with a Lamp

It’s a wonderful story.

It will help you to make your way of thinking correct.

We must think before speaking.

That’s why it is said,

a wise man think before speaking & a foolish man think after speaking.

What type of person would you like to become?

Ok. Let’s start the story.

It was a dark night. 

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A blind man was going on a road. 

He had a lamp in his hand. 

There were two men, standing on the road.

They laughed at him. 

Mockingly one of them said,

“Why should a blind man carry a lamp?” 

The other called the blind man a fool.

The blind man heard this. 

He laughed at their foolishness. 

The blind man thoughtfully said,

“I carry this lamp for those people who will come on the same road. 

They would not notice me in the darkness. 

The lamp would show them the way.” 

After listening to the blind man they felt sorry for their foolishness. 

What’s the Moral of this short and sweet story:

Don’t jeer at the helpless or think before speaking.

So friends, by keeping this story in mind you can save you to make such type of remarks.

Blind man with a Lamp

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