12. A casual meeting Casual Meeting With Friends

Sonu : Hello, Minu! Good evening. How are you?

Monu : Good evening. I’m very well, thank you and you?

Sonu : Quite fine. It’s been a long time since I met you. Where have you been hiding?

Monu : Oh, no. I’ve always been around. I’ve been going to my father’s factory daily. I go in the morning and by the time I get back, it’s around 6.30 in the evening. Besides, I’ve been attending spoken English classes at English Point, three days a week. In fact, I haven’t had any vacation. That’s probably why we haven’t met for some time. How have you been during the holidays?

Sonu : Well, I have been around here practically doing nothing. I have been waiting for my result. Luckily, I’ve got through and I’ve joined B.A. By the way, you were telling me about your spoken English class. Where is it and how do you find it?

Monu : One of my friends got me there. I think it is very interesting and useful.

Sonu : How long have you been attending classes? Do you think you will be able to speak fluently?

Monu : I believe so. I have been attending classes only for a month and I think I can speak a little.

Sonu : What is the duration of the course?

Monu : It is three months. I’m sure I will be able to speak fluently with a little more practice.

Sonu : So you’ll continue the lessons for two more months, won’t you?

Monu : Yes, I think so.

Sonu : How does he teach you? Does he use cassettes and records?

Monu : No, he doesn’t. He teaches me a little bit of basic grammar and gives me practice in spoken English. We sit and talk and talk.

Sonu : How do you attain fluency?

Monu : That’s done by means of drills, a lot of it. Then we talk on various topics using real situations in life.

Sonu : Does the teacher use vernacular sometimes?

Monu : Yes, sometimes, to save time and to clarify some points, But this is done very rarely.

Sonu : That’s fine. You have to learn English by thinking in English and by using it. Now what are your plans?

Monu : I’ll complete spoken English classes while at the same time attending college. They’ll go side by side.

Sonu : Which college have you joined?

Monu : I have joined the same college where I studied for pre-degree. There the lecturers are good and they take special care in giving regular tests. What more do we want?

Sonu : Are there no strikes in your college?

Monu : No, none at all. By the way, where are you going now?

Sonu : I’m going to my uncle’s house in town. He is coming from the USA tomorrow.

Monu : Oh, what’s he? Is he coming on leave?

Sonu : He is in the teaching service. He is coming for good after retirement.

Monu : There comes your bus! Good night.

Sonu : Good night

Casual Meeting With Friends

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Casual Meeting With Friends

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