Competitive English Test- 03

Find The Error And Correct The Sentences

Competitive English Test- 03

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1. If I was you I would not attend the function.

Answer- If I were

2. If the majority of the individuals in the state prosper the state would prosper.

Answer- state will prosper

3. If the motorists do not observe the traffic regulations they will be stopped ticketed and have to pay a fine.

Answer- and will have to pay

4. He asked supposing if he fails what he would do.

               Answer- remove supposing

5. lf the worst comes to worst I will have to bid good bye to my studies and join my family business. No error

Answer- comes to be worst

6) Unless you do not give the keys of the safe you will be shut.

Answer- remove do not

7) After you will return from Chennai I will come and see.

Answer- After you return

8) The sea looks as if it has been agitated by a storm.

Answer- it were

9) I would appreciate if readers would write to me about how they mediate.

Answer- if readers write

10) He walks as if the Earth belong to him.

Answer- belonged

11) If he is a millionaire he would help the millennium project.

Answer- If he were

12) The political candidate talked as if she has already been elected to the presidency.

Answer- she had already

13) When I shall see him I shall tell him.

Answer- When I see him

14) My uncle does not spend so much money on that house unless he thinks of moving in soon.

Answer- My uncle will not spend

15) Unless you will study hard you cannot pass.

Answer- Unless you study

16) After you will returns from New Delhi I will meet you.

Answer- After you return

17) If I was knowing why he was absent I would have informed you.

Answer- If I had known

18) Had you worked hard you will have passed.

Answer- you would have passed

19) Supposing if it rains what shall we do?

Answer- Remove supposing

20) I would accept the offer if he were you.

Answer- No Error

21) This letter will reach him before he left for Delhi.

Answer- he leaves

22) He will tell you about it when he will come back.

Answer- he comes back

23) The train will not start until the guard will blow the whistle.

Answer- guard blows

24) If you’re coming home tomorrow let me know at what time I can expect you.

Answer- No Error

25) We shall wait till you will finish your lunch.

Answer- till you finish

26) Unless aid arrives within the next few weeks thousands are starving. No error

Answer- thousands will starve

27) I had asked him how we could go to if it started raining.

Answer- I asked him

28) Had the plane not been delayed I will reach here in time for the function.

Answer- I would have reached

29) If you would have practiced regularly you would have won the match.

Answer- If you had practiced

30) If you will insist upon challenging me I will fight it out alone.

Answer- If you insist

31) The job is much work than I expected if I would have realized how awful it was going to be I would not have accepted it.

Answer- if I had realized

32) I will wait for you at the office till you will finish your work.

Answer- till you finish

33) Had they have been in my condition they would have felt miserable and thought of committing suicide.

Answer- Had they been in

34) Had you informed me earlier I would have certainly purchase the car for you.

Answer- purchased

35) Even if he had been driving more slowly it will have been quite impossible to avoid the accident.

Answer- it would have

36) If I would have worked regularly I would have passed the examination.

Answer- If I had worked

37) If I would be a millionaire I would not to be wasting my time waiting for a bus.

Answer- If I were a

38) If the police would have worked in time the riot would not have occurred.

Answer- If the police had worked

39) You will lose your dog if you did not tie it up.

Answer- if you do not tie

40) Suppose if you were left alone to live on a desert island what would you do?

Answer- Remove suppose

41) If I will get an opportunity I shall attend the conference without fail.

Answer- If I get an

42) Had I released that it was such a long way I would take a taxi.

Answer- I would have taken

43) If I was prime Minister of India I would work wonders.

Answer- If I were

44) If you will buy one shirt at the regular price you would have received another one at no extra cost.

Answer- If you had bought one

45) Had he done his homework well he would not have suffered this embarrassment.

Answer- No Error

46) Supposing if you get a seat in the plane you will not take more than two hours to reach Mumbai.

Answer- Remove Supposing

47) If you should need more information please telephone one main office.

Answer- If you need more

48) If you will work hard you will always succeed.

Answer- If you work

49) When the weather is pleasant it is nice to go for a picnic.

Answer- No Error

Competitive English Test- 03

50. He feels that I cannot imagine what a space station would be looked like.

Answer- station would look like

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