Competitive English Test -04

Find The Error And Correct The Sentences

Before Doing This Test Please Complete These 03 Topics Competitive English Test -04

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  1. Time and Tense-Present Tense
  2. Time and Tense-Past Tense
  3. Time and Tense-Future Tense

1. The usage of the term ‘recession’ has never been so common as it has been in the past few months.

Answer- No error

2. Politicians and actors are shining on the Indian electoral firmament for a long time.

Answer- actors have been

3. It is time we should accept all our people as equals and as partners in the task of building a strong and United Nation.

Answer- we accepted

4. Saurav had been playing for his club for fifteen years when his elbow got injured.

Answer- No Error

5. I had asked him how he could go out if it started raining.

Answer- I asked him

6. If I was he I wouldn’t accept this project.

Answer- If I were he

7. We have been knowing each other since we were children.

Answer- We have known

8. We have made plans to go very recently to Delhi and Agra.

Answer- very soon

9. Sujit started a small construction business two years ago when the country is enjoying a construction boom.

Answer- country was

10.  It had laid in the closet for a week before we found it.

Answer- It had lain

 11. Manish said that he is busy then.

Answer- he was

12.  If I had gone to Mumbai I would surely bring your books.

Answer- I would have surely brought

 13. Celebrities showed their childlike side yesterday, as most of them turn up wearing cartoon T-shirt for the screening of the latest animated film in town.

Answer- them turned up

14.  Investigating officers have found a lot of gaps between the information they gather on their own and the version of event narrated by the accused.

Answer- gathered

15. They are residing in this city for the last two decades.

Answer- They have been

16. Our new television set come with a 90 days warranty on all electrical components.

Answer- set has come

17.  If the police would have arrived on time the riot would not have occurred.

Answer- If the police had arrived

 18. When I asked the driver to come with me to the temple he had been reluctant.

Answer- he was relictant

19.  If you were given a chance to live in some other country which one would you have chosen.

Answer- No Error

 20. Had he worked hard he would pass the examination in first class.

Answer- he would have passed

 21. If I would be a millionaire I would not be wasting my time waiting for a bus.

Answer- If I were a

 22. He is working in a bank in Agra for the past several months.

Answer- He has been working

23. She is going everyday for a morning walk with her friends and neighbours.

Answer- She goes everyday

24.  It is high time that we leave this place.

Answer- we left

 25. She is preparing for this examination since 2004.

Answer- She has been preparing

26.  If her grandfather would have lived three more days he would have been 100 years old.

Answer- grandfather had lived

 27. India has got freedom in 1947.

Answer- India got freedom

28.  I am having three children.

Answer- I have three

 29. Why they didn’t turn up to the workshop?

Answer- Why didn’t they

30. We are leaving for Kerala today.

Answer- No Error

 31. If he had walked fast enough he will get the bus.

Answer- he would have got

 32. My grandfather used to go for a walk every morning.

Answer- No error

33.  My friend become terribly upset after losing her purse at the supermarket.

Answer- bacame

 34. The modern lifestyle has become too mechanical and stressful.

Answer- No error

35.  I have been waiting for my father for the past two hours.

Answer- No Error

 36. On the second day of the workshop, participants does a situational analysis of the state and spoke about the plan of action for implementing the act.

Answer- participants did a

 37. The government is planning to set up family welfare centres for slums in cities.

Answer- No Error

 38. The families are living in Gulmohar Park for the last two decades.

Answer- families have been

 39. My uncle has left for Bombay last Saturday.

Answer- uncle left

 40. We have discussing all the known mechanisms of physical growth.

Answer- have discussed

 41. The vaccine when hit the Indian market is dogged by controversy.

Answer- market was

42.  The bus waiting for all the passengers to enter before it took off.

Answer- bus had waited

43. The police making everyone leave the building premises immediately.

Answer- police made

 44. We are already written to the IT department last week seeking permission to set up our own website.

Answer- We have already

 45. Many top executives of the bank attends the inauguration of the branch last week.

Answer- attended

 46. You are always doing this mistake.

Answer- Remove always

47.  This custom has come down since times immemorial.

Answer- down for times

 48. This letter will reach him before he left for Delhi.

Answer- he leaves for

50. The political candidate asked as if she has already been elected to the presidency.

Answer- she had already

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