Competitive English Test -05

Fill In the Blanks with Correct Auxiliary Verb Competitive English Test -05

Before Doing This Test Please Complete these Two topics-Competitive English Test -05 Error Of Auxiliary Verbs

Verb-English Grammar For Competitive Exam

Subject-Verb Agreement (Syntax)-Grammar

Competitive English Test -05

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1. Only one of the boys….. not done the homework given yesterday.

Have / has / can / could

Answer- has

2. It is time we…. with determination.

Act / acted / have acted / will act

Answer- acted

3. Help us…. the flag.

Raise / rise / rose / raised

Answer- raise

4. Neither of us…… fit for the job.

Can/ could/ is/ are

Answer- is

5. Yesterday she….. a surprise on us.

Will spring/ spring/ sprang/ sprung

Answer- sprang

6. He said that….

He has missed his train/I have missed my train

He will miss his train/ he had missed his train

Answer- he had missed his train

7. You…. mad if you think I’m going to show my answer-sheet.

Are supposed to be/must be/will be/ought to be

Answer- Are supposed to be

8. If I hadn’t come along at the moment, Ram…..the one arrested instead of the real thief.

Might been/may have been

can have been/ could have been

Answer- could have been

9. Wheat is not native to India and barley….

isn’t either / is either / is neither/isn’t neither

Answer- isn’t either

10. It’ll rain soon…….?

Won’t it / ought it / isn’t it/ may it

Answer- Won’t it

11. They needn’t worry……?

Isn’t it/ doesn’t it/ don’t it/ need they

Answer- need they

12. If she…… a bird, she would fly.

Is/ are/ were/ was

Answer- were

13. All the applicants…. and the results will be announced next week.

Rank / are to rank/are to be ranked/are ranking

Answer- are to be ranked

14. Ram…… as the mayor of the town and he will assume charge this Friday.

Elects/ elected/ is elected/ is electing

Answer- is elected

15. The old man could not remember where he…his money.

Deposits/ is depositing/had deposited/will deposit

Answer- had deposited

16. If I had worked hard, I…. very high marks in the examination.

scored/would score/could score/ would have scored

Answer- would have scored

17. Had he taken his degree five years ago he…. got a promotion by now.

Might/ would have/ will be/ was

Answer- would have

18. By the time I reach America, it…… morning. Is/ would be/ must be/ was Answer- would be

Is/ would be/ must be/ was

Answer- would be

19. She feared that she……

Will fail/ may fail/ might have fail/ would fail

Answer- would fail

20. He is the most generous man, I …… him for a long time.              

Knew/ have known/ know/ had known

Answer- know

21. Each man and each woman…… a vote.

Have/ has/ can/ must

Answer- has

22. The life-guard would not let the children… the deep end of the pool.

Swims/ swim/ swam/ to swim

Answer- swim

23. I believe that he will fail in the examination if he………. at this speed.

Works/ is working/ will work/ was working

Answer- works

24. It was very kind of you to do the washing-up, but you…… it.

Didn’t have to do/ hadn’t to do

Mightn’t have done/ mustn’t have done

Answer- mustn’t have done

25. During the recent floods two thirds of our city…. in ruins.      

Are / were / is / was

Answer- was

26. These weaknesses could……. if you tried hard to improve your standard.

Overcome/ overcame

be overcome/ have been overcome

Answer- be overcome

27. I wish I…. her to clean the room.

Have asking/ have asked/ asked/ had asked

Answer- Asked

28. How much longer…. this book?

You are needing / will you be needing

will you have needed/ have you needed

Answer- will you be needing

29. The car broke down and we….. get a taxi.

Were to / are to /had to / have to

Answer- had to

30. ……you hear the President’s speech.

Have / has / had / did

Answer- did

31. An optimist thinks that all.…..well with the world.

Shall / will be / is / was

Answer- is

32. The plane will take off when the thunderstorm…..

Stops / stopped /  would stop / will stop

Answer- stops

33. He said I…..use his car whenever I wanted.

Could / can / will / would

Answer- could

34. The art of cooking………. in ancient India.

Is perfected / will perfect / perfected /was perfected

Answer- was perfected

35. Mohan: Have you ever…..before? It’s my first time in a plane and I am a little nervous.

Fled / flowed / flown / flying

Answer- flown

36. They have already completed the job…….?

Isn’t it / has they / haven’t they / won’t they

Answer- haven’t they

37. We…..respect our parents and teachers.

May have to / will / shall / ought to

Answer- ought to

38. Many Tamil-speaking Sri Lankans have….. from the island to escape the military and its atrocities.

Flown / flee / fled / flew

Answer- fled

39. They had reached the railway station before the train……

Had been left / left / was leaving / had left

Answer- left

40. My servant….. with all my money.

Have escaped / was run away

has run off / running away

Answer- has run off

41. She…… well when she was young.

Might / can / should / could

Answer- could

42. Come what….. I shall adhere to my principles.

Can / may / might / will

Answer- may

43. Make hay while the sun……

Shines / is shining / was shining / has been shining

Answer- shines

44. We heard that the Richards……. their house recently.

Will shift / are shifting / had shifted / have shifted

Answer- had shifted

45. It has been years since I last…..him.

Had met / met / meet / have met

Answer- met

46. The date of the function…….not been decided yet.

Have / has / was / is

Answer- has

47. I…… the job if you had paid me enough.

Would have done / had done / will do / would do

Answer- Would have done

48. As soon as he got the telegram, he…….in a taxi.

 Would have left / left / had left / has left

Answer- left

49. The minister……. on the petition before it was taken up for discussion.

Could sign / signed / had signed / must sign

Answer- had signed

50. When we got home last evening we found that the guest……

Have arrived / has arriving / is arriving / had arrived

Answer- had arrived

51. My son……. speak English very well.

Could / can / must / would

Answer- can

52. She……. go at once to her house.

Should / must / could / may

Answer- must

53.  …….. God grant you a long life!

Can / should / May / might

Answer- May

54. You……..borrow books from me.

Should / can / could / might

Answer- can

55. He………play chess when he was young.

Can / could / will / should

Answer- could

56. You……. leave your child here for an hour.

Could / may / would / can

Answer- may

57. I…… go early everyday last summer.

Can / could / would / may

Answer- would

58. It…… rain in the evening.

Might / could / may / can

Answer- may

59. ……You pass me the phial of salt.

Might / may / could / would

Answer- would

60. He said,”………..all his son die!”

Can / could / may / will

Answer- may

61. The box was so happy that I…..lift it.

Would not / cannot / could not / should not

Answer- could not

62. I…..know what my duty is.

Should / would / need to / used to

Answer- would

63. They……to go swimming every morning.

Did used / must / ought / used

Answer- used

64. I……. punish you if you don’t behave yourself.

Could / shall / will / must

Answer- will

65. She said that she…

Could / can / should / would

Answer- could

66. The work…… time and patience.

Used / need / do / needs

Answer- needs

67. He…… ring her up again.

Dare / do not / does not dare / daren’t

Answer- does not dare

68. We………not to walk on the grass.

Should / ought / will / may

Answer- ought

69……… I go out, sir?

Can / will / may / should

Answer- May

70. He………not help me.

Should / needs / do / need

Answer- need

71. The patient…….take medicine in time.

Should / might / may / used

Answer- should

72. ……..God help you.

Might / can / would / May

Answer- May

73. It…… rain tonight.

Will / May / should / can

Answer- May

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