Competitive English Test -06

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Competitive English Test -06 Error Of Auxiliary Verbs

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1. I did not know where they were going Nor could I understand why had they left so soon.

Answer- why they had left

2. If I was knowing why he was absent, I would have informed you.

Answer- If I had known why

3. Although we reached his house in time he was left for the airport.

Answer- he had left for

4. I have seen that film last year but I do not remember its story.

Answer- I saw that film

5. You will come to my party tomorrow, isn’t it?

Answer- tomorrow, won’t you?

6. Read the instruction with care lest you may understand the questions.

Answer- lest you should understand

7. Walking across the street a truck knocked him down.

Answer- While I/he was walking acroos

8. If you will work hard you will always succeed.

Answer- If you work hard

9. Rohan had been playing for his club for fifteen years when his elbow got injured.

Answer- elbow was injured

10. I should do the same if I were in your place.

Answer- I would do the

11. In spite of all efforts to eradicate Malaria it still prevalent in many parts of India.

Answer- malaria it is still

12. The river has overflown its Banks.

Answer- has overflowed

13. The Indian stock market has one of the worst performing stock markets in the recent time.

Answer- market is one of

14. Given the current market condition has better for us to invest in the infrastructure sector.

Answer- condition are better

15. You must not held in high esteem those who are dangers to our society.

Answer- must not hold in

16. He is very drunk, so he cannot tell you even his name.

Answer- No Error

17. The problems that our country has and will face are the outcome of the selfishness of our so called saviours.

Answer- country has faced and

18. The third season of the popular television show will end on a grand note with celebrities dancing and having fun.

Answer- No error

19. Rakesh will lives with Raman until he finds a separate house for himself.

Answer- will live with

20. Never before the students of India have so much been frustrated as today when the problems of unemployment are dominant.

Answer- Never before have the students

21. It being a strong night, you must thought of postponing all your programmes till tomorrow morning.

Answer- you must think of

22. Since time immemorial, India’s spiritual wisdom has being its strength.

Answer- has been its

23. Do you doubted about the success of this boy who issued to working hard in all circumstances.

Answer- Do you doubt about

24. We would also like to help you If you intend to execute such lofty plans for the welfare of the society.

Answer- No error

25. She enquired whether anyone has seen her baby.

Answer- anyone had seen

26. The unreasonable behaviour of his daughter was thoroughly upset Mr. Gupta.

Answer- his daughter thoroughly upset

27. The capital of Yemen is situating 2190 metres above the sea level.

Answer- Yemen is situated

28. To be a good leader one should have the courage to take decisions and been honest.

Answer- decisions and be honest

29. A Cigarette is make up of tobacco and paper.

Answer- is made up

30. His assistants have and are still doing excellent work for the organisation.

Answer- have done and

31. They did not come out victorious, yet they were not disappointed rather satisfied because they had played well.

Answer- No Error

32. The administration has conclusive that it is retailer who is responsible for upsetting the city’s household budget.

Answer- has concluded that

33. Only one dispute has been settled and others left to both the parties to settle.

Answer- others have been left

34. Without taking proper care, the doctors could not have been saved this patient, who received a bullet injury in the chest.

Answer- not have saved

35. The committee has made significant changes in the rules which will helped the banks.

Answer- will help the banks

36. The doctor advised Mr Ram that, because of his severe cramps, he should lay in the bed for a few days.

Answer-  he should lie

37. Since the trip home was expensive I did not went home during the holidays.

Answer- did not go home

38. Haven’t you notice that for the past one month he hasn’t been here at his regular place?

Answer- you noticed

39. It seemed to him that the manager of the bank looking at him in a rather suspicious manner.

Answer- the bank was looking

40. A group of youngster has lend financial assistance to the flood- affected people of the villages.

Answer- has lent

41. This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any from without the written permission of the publishers.

Answer- No error

42. Such programmes will lead to an exchange of ideas and will create a better understanding between the two countries.

Answer- ideas and creat a better

43. You can learnt swimming if you have a little patience.

Answer- You can learn

44. All these documents have been destroyed in the fire which occurred last month.

Answer- No Error

45. The fact that he cannot be able to sing is known only to very few people.

Answer- that he is not able

46. I asked the architect what colour he would painting the walls with.

Answer- would paint the walls

47. No sooner did the ship touched the shore than a friend of mine leaped into the water.

Answer- the ship touch the

48. I remember my childhood days when I used to go to the farm with my father and help him in his work.

Answer- No Error

49. Since he was not well yesterday, he could not be able to attend the office.

Answer- he was not able to attend

50. The municipality is going to built a new school here.

Answer- going to build a

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