Competitive English Test -07

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Competitive English Test -07 Error Of Auxiliary Verbs

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51. We must try to reach office early because all our subordinates must waiting for us there.

Answer- must be waiting for

52. No sooner did the play ended then the audience burst into applause.

Answer- did the play end then

53. The truck was heavily loaded with sacks of grain when it collapsed into the valley.

Answer-  when it had collapsed

54. Shall you like to accompany us in the picnic which we are going to arrange today?

Answer- Will/ Would you like to

55. Nobody else should held responsible for this accident and loss.

Answer- else should be held

56. I heard to my surprise that the present I send him was not to his taste.

Answer- the present I had sent

57. When Nandini decided to leave for the office it had become very dark because of thick clouds.

Answer- No error

58. Neither the size nor the colour of the clothes which I purchased for him yesterday we right.

Answer- yesterday was right

59. Prachi might have did this with some selfish thought in mind.

Answer- have done

60. No sooner did the light went off then some started shouting

Answer- light go off

61. Having failed to get good marks in her first attempt she did never tried again.

Answer- she never tried

62. During the course of investigation the police learnt that not only the house was looted but also the things taken away.

Answer- the things were taken away

63. He has never allowed and will never allow such practices in this office.

Answer- No error

64. I did not went there to buy good ornaments for you.

Answer- did not go

65. You should never carry proud or told ill of others.

Answer- proud or tell ill

66. How is that you did not told us even about your address and phone number?

Answer- did not tell us

67. He thinks that he knows his subject well and can taught this to other also.

Answer- and can teach this

68. This time election did not had heat and dust usually associated with it.

Answer- did not have heat

69. In a group you may found one or two people who tend to be extremely vocal.

Answer- you may find one

70. It is reliably learnt that he will be the next President of our professional association.

Answer- No Error

71. I know I will be compelled to leave this house this week, which will be very disadvantages for me.

Answer- I shall be compelled

72. The author mentioned that there were many people who are deprived of the minimum basic facilities.

Answer- people who were deprived

73. No one of the children has ever Sang in public.

Answer- has ever sung in

74. After he had drank the milk he began to feel sleepy.

Answer- had drunk the

75. People resort to malpractices because they do not have faithful in their own abilities.

Answer- have faith in

76. Hardly had he threw the ball when it fell on the ground.

Answer- had he thrown

77. Your application will not be entertained until you submit all the certificates in original.

Answer- No Error

78. He dared to go at the blast site so as to save his colleague.

Answer- No Error

79. I did spoke to Nitin yesterday but I forget to mention this points.

Answer- I did speak to

80. She had offered a temporary assignment but she turned it down saying that she would accepted only a permanent one.

Answer- would accept only

81. All the parties whose presidents were asked to resign were involve in anti national activities.

Answer- were involved

82. Once, we were dwelt by the seaside but now we have settled ourselves in Mumbai.

Answer- we dwelt by the seaside

83. He feels that I cannot imagine what a space station would be looked like.

Answer- would look like

84. They asked the guide whether they could wait and watched the pictures after sunset.

Answer- and watch the

85. Do you feel that yesterday Rina did not sang the poem properly in the classroom?

Answer- did not sing the

86. The children were playing with a ball and run around when the accident occurred.

Answer- and running around

87. Alok has spend six year in Calcutta but still he does not know many part of the city.

Answer- has spent six

88. Don’t offers me any explanation now I am not going to accept it today.

Answer- Don’t offer me

89. Sunil had got this offer if he had attended the interview.

Answer- Sunil would have got

90. Did I not informed you about the details of our visit to different work station?

Answer- not inform

91. Had they not help him with money he would not have attained this position?

Answer- not helped

92. Since she was not well yesterday, she could not be able to attend the office.

Answer- she was not able

93. If he does not completes the assignment no other assignment will be given to him.

Answer- does not complete the

94. We have keep our promise and you can expect a lot from us in future.

Answer- have kept

95. Generally people have not receptive and fail to notice the irrelevant answer they got for straight questions.

Answer- people are not

96. He ought not have done such a filthy thing.

Answer- ought not to have

97. The proposal will be passed with comfortable majority if all the members of his group favour it.

Answer- No error

98. No sooner did he got up from bed than he was sent the members of his group favour it.

Answer- did he get up

99. Earlier professor Jha used to smoke one packet of the cigarettes every day.

Answer- No Error

01. You should always tell the truth.

Answer- always speak the truth

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