Competitive English Test -08

Fill In the Blanks with Correct Verb Form

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Verb-English Grammar For Competitive Exam

Subject-Verb Agreement (Syntax)-Grammar

1. The moon……. by night.

Shine / shines / shone / none

Answer- shines

2. They….. my friends in a park yesterday.

See / saw / have seen / none

Answer- saw

3. I…… him only one letter so far.

Send / sent / have sent / none

Answer- have sent

4. I shall telephone you when he…. back.

Comes / will come / came / none

Answer- comes

5. Can I have some milk before I…. to bed.

Go / am going / shall go / none

Answer- go

6. He….. asleep while he was driving.

Fall / fell / has fallen / none

Answer- fell

7. I am sure I…. him at they party last night.

Saw / have seen / had seen / none

Answer- saw

8. He….. here for the last five year.

Worked / is working / has been working / none

Answer- has been working

9. He thanked me for what I……..

Have done / had done / have been doing / none

Answer- had done

10. I…. him for a long time.

Know / have known / am knowing / none

Answer- have known

11. We ……English for five years.

Study / am studying / have been studying / none.

Answer- have been studying

12. Abdul…… to be a doctor.

Wants / wanting / is wanting / none

Answer- wants

13. If you …… once, you’ll arrive by six o’clock.

Start / started / will start / none

Answer- start

14. He….. out five minutes ago.

Has gone / had gone / went / none

Answer- went

15. When he lived in Agra, used to…..  to the cinema once a week.

Go / went / was going / none

Answer- go

16. The baby…. all morning.

Cries / is crying / has been crying / none

Answer- has been crying

17. I………..Geeta  this week.

Haven’t seen / didn’t see/ am not seeing / none

Answer- haven’t seen

18. This paper……. twice weekly.

Is appearing / appearing / appears / none

Answer- appears

19. By this time next year Gita……. University degree.           

 Takes / will take / will have taken / none

Answer- will have taken

20. No sooner did she……… me then she tried to run away.

Watch / had watched / watched / watching

Answer- watch

21. Would you……. Some ice cream.

Like to have / be liked having

be liking to have / liked to be loving

Answer- like to have

22. The Gypsies…… the village a few days ago.

Have left /  would have left / left / had left

Answer- left

23. If they……… about the crabs they would not have decided to picnic there.

Had known / knew / did know / were knowing

Answer- had known

24. Since I….. charged he came here on at least eight  occasions.

Had assumed /  assumed

have been assumed /  had been assuming

Answer- had assumed

25. I……. of him since he left the city.

Was never heard / have never been heard 

had never been heard / have never heard

Answer- have never heard

26. Last summer the students went to the village and……. farmers.

For helping the / to help

helped the  / had to help the

Answer- helped the

27. He overheard all that his friends…..

Had commented / had comments

was commented that /  has been commented

Answer- had commented

28. The old man could not remember where he…… his money.

Deposits / is depositing

 had deposited /  will deposit

Answer- had diposited

29. Two years have passed since he…… here.

Has come / come / came /  had come

Answer- came

30. The mechanic……. the vehicle since this morning.

Repaired / repairing

has been repairing / will be repairing

Answer- has been repairing

31. There will be a rush for seats when the train……

Will arrive / arrived / is arriving / arrives

Answer- arrives

32. I have….. Lakshmi for the past twelve years.

Know / knew / known / knows

Answer- known

33. The engineers….. bridge since last year.

Have repaired / had repaired

have been repairing / our repairing

Answer- have been repairing

34. It was said of Akbar that he rarely…….. more than three hours a day.

     Sleeps / is sleeping / had slept /slept

Answer- slept

35. There…… any message from my teachers since she moved to London.

          Isn’t /  wasn’t / hasn’t been / hadn’t been

Answer- hasn’t been

36. I…… hard to establish the validity of the theory from morning.

Have been trying / had tried / tried / am trying

Answer- have been trying

37. He told me that he……. the movie.

Is finished / was finished

had finished / not finished

Answer- had finished

38. If I……. a doctor I would serve the poor.

Am / had been / were / was

Answer- were

39. The officer……. the car to speak to the driver.

Stops / has stopped

stopped / had stopped

Answer- stopped

40. Ballu…… in several other states when he decided to work in Kolkata.

Had worked / worked

had been worked / working

Answer- had worked

41. They reached the railway station before the train…..

       Had been left / left / was leaving / had left

Answer- had left

42. Night came on and the room…… dark.

       Is growing / has grown / grew / will grow

Answer- grew

43. It has been a year since I last….. him.

Had met / met / meet /  have met

Answer- met

44. She…….college last that day.

Was reaching / reaching

is reached / reached

Answer- reached

45. The sun…….. Brightly.

Shone / shining / shine / is shine

Answer- shone

46. Lokesh was busy when we….. to see him.

Go / went / gone / goes

Answer- went

47. The minister…… on the petition before it was taken up for discussion.

Could sign / signed

had signed / must sign

Answer- had signed

48. When we got home last evening we found that the guest…..

Have arrived / has arriving

 is arriving / had arrived

Answer- had arrived

49. He………….suicide twice before he died and left the members of his family crying.

          Committed / attempted

           committing / attempting

Answer- attempted

Competitive English Test -08

50. Can I……….you pencil for a minute please?

           Lend / lent / borrowed / borrow

Answer- borrow

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