Competitive English Test -12

Fill in the Blanks with Suitable Article A, An, The

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1. Ritu is……most active girl in… family.

The, a  / the, the / a, the /  a, a

Answer- the, the

2…… sun rises in….. East.

A,  the /  the,  the /  the, a / an, a

Answer- the, the

3. Honesty is…. best policy.

An  / the / a / none of them

Answer- the

4. Every country has…. parliament.

The /  an  / a  / none of these

Answer- a

5. …….India of today differs from…. India of yesterday.

An, an / a, a /  the,  the / a, the

Answer- the, the

6. …..Apple card is….. historical novel.

An, a / a, an / the, a / an, the

Answer- the, a

7. ……boy met…. man with…..elephant.

A, the, a / a, an, the / the, a an / an, the, a

Answer- the, a, an

8. Copper is…..useful metal.

A / an / the / none of them

Answer- a

9. He is….. honour to his country.

An / a / the / all are correct

Answer- an

10. The children found……egg in the nest.

An / the / a / all are correct

Answer- an

11. English is…… easy language.

A / the / an / none of them

Answer- an

12. ……sun shines brightly.

A / an / the / none of them

Answer- the

13. French is…..language of ….people of England.

An, a / a, the / the, an / an, the

Answer- a, the

14. Rohit is…. untidy boy.

An / a / the / no article

Answer- an

15. He is….   university student.

A / an / the / all are correct

Answer- a

16. He is……M.A.

An /  the / a / no article

Answer- an

17. He reads in…… H.E. school.

An / a / the / no article

Answer- an

18. Akshay is….. open minded man.

A  / an / the / none of them

Answer- an

19. ……Ganga is……. holiest river of India.

A, an  / the, an / the, the / an, the

Answer- the, the

20. The cow is…. sacred animal.

A  / an / the / none

Answer- a

Find The Error And Correct The Sentences

1. The loss of jobs is regarded by some as an necessary evil in the fight against inflation.

Answer- Replace an with a

2. It is a quarter to ten by my watch.

Answer- Remove a

3. Gita doesn’t usually wear jewellery but yesterday she wore ring.

Answer- wore a ring

4. The police asked us about our movements on A night of crime.

Answer- on the night of crime

5. In science the credit goes to a man who convinces the world not to the man to whom the idea first occurs.

Answer- to the man who

6. It is only after the match is over that people realise how exciting it is.

Answer- after a match is

7. Of the two sisters, she is better. 

Answer- the better

8. It is unfortunate enough to lose few friends we make during our school days.

Answer- lose the few

9. There were a number of intelligent gentlemen at the party but it was Mr Rai, an eminent scientist who remained a centre of attraction.

Answer- remained the centre of

10. I have been informed that Mr Sharma, the director the chairman will visit Agra the following month.

Answer- the director chairman will

11. He is the best worker of the factory but unfortunately least paid.

Answer- the least paid

12. He has come out with an unique proposal for his friends.

Answer- a unique

13. When the house was set on the fire all the people started shouting at the top of their voices.

Answer- set on fire

14. Little knowledge of medicine that he possessed proved to be a blessing for him when he was in great pain.

Answer- the little knowledge

15. It was by a mistake that he injured her hand.

Answer- by mistake

16. These orders of the manager may put the lives of two hundred workers in a danger.

Answer- in danger

17. I inspired him to take the heart in all adverse situations and deserve to be called a real hero.

Answer- to take heart

18. The most happy marriage would be a Union of a dove men and a blind woman.

Answer- be the union of

19. John suggested to the children of his village that they should go to the school regularly and do their homework sincerely.

Answer- go to school

20. Some people say that her husband is in the jail and so she lives alone.

Answer- in jail

21. The Greek peoples are considered very brave.

Answer- The Greek people

22. His father asked him to go to the temple every morning.

Answer- go to temple

23. There was little milk in the refrigerator and she gave it to her crying son.

Answer- was a little milk

24. He leads a very luxurious life so he goes to every part of India by a car.

Answer- by car

25. Thanks to an effort and persistence of the doctors, the victims of the blast have been able to start a normal life again.

Answer- to the effort and

26. In hour’s time I will be back but now I have to go.

Answer- In an hour’s time

27. Terrorist organisation kill innocent people to spread a violence.

Answer- spread violence

28. Whole world is today facing the threat of extinction due to the invention of science.

Answer- The whole world

29. The answer to all the sufferings of human beings lies in the science.

Answer- in science

30. The police should exercise their authority with little bit of sensitivity and humanity.

Answer- with a little

31. This is most important lesson which we will have to study very carefully.

Answer- is the most important

32. The Ganges is the North India what Krishna is for South India.

Answer- what the Krishna is

33. I like to travel by the air as I am a very busy person.

Answer- by air

34. The chairperson and the trustee was removed from his post because he had misappropriated the fund.

Answer- and trustee

35. She found herself in a trouble when she saw the stalker following her persistently.

Answer- in trouble

36. All the people of India know that Gandhi was a very wise and a noble soul.

Answer- and noble soul

37. The man is the only creature that is endured with the art of humour.

Answer- Man is the only creature

38. It is very difficult to find out the number of the creatures living on the earth.

Answer- number of creatures living

39. While climbing the hill, to his amazement, the poor man found the box of pearls.

Answer- found a box of pearls

40. The blast derailed the lives of many people but in an year time leaving apart the victims, no one remembered anything.

Answer- in a year time

41. Coward dies several times the braves die but once.

Answer- the brave die

42. Akbar became a heir to the throne at young age of thirteen.

Answer-  an heir to

43. The both brothers are safe now and are recuperating.

Answer- Both the brothers

44. When the principal entered the class room all boys shook in their shoes.

Answer- all the boys

45. Father in him could not bear the condition of his ailing daughter.

Answer- the father in him

46. Let judge in you decide what punishment should be given to him.

Answer- Let the judge

47. My teacher said that sun is a star.

Answer- that the sun

48. Due to its beauty Kashmir is known as Switzerland of India.

Answer- the switzerland

49. Most of the people of southern India do not know the Hindi.

Answer- know Hindi

50. He went for the lunch at 1:00 p.m. and then returned.

Answer- for lunch

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