Competitive English Test -13 Mistakes or Error Of Article A An The

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01. Manpreet, who was born on the Marina’s shore, says he can judge a depth of water by its colour.

Answer- judge the depth

02. It upset him on seeing his son in such a pain.

Answer- such pain

03. When one hears of the incident about the plane crash he feels very sorry.

Answer- about a plane

04. He discussed murder case with his juniors.

Answer- the murder

05. I want to get a M.A. degree from so reputed University located in India.

Answer- an M.A.

06. Kalidas is a Shakespeare of India.

Answer- the Shakespear

07. More you think of it, the worse it becomes.

Answer- The more you

08. Krishnakali an early riser and a nature- lover goes to morning walk at Rabindra sarovar lake before dawn.

Answer- and nature-lover goes

09. The oxygen content of Mars is not sufficient enough to support life as we know it.

Answer- of the Mars

10. Road developers unable to complete their projects on time will not be awarded new ones.

Answer- The road developers

11. His main aim is to create a interest in hockey among school children.

Answer-create an interest

12. Everybody voted him because they believed him to be honest man.

Answer- be an honest man

13. It was an evening of fun and frolic as the city’s glitterati and high profile businessman made sure that they didn’t miss the show.

Answer- No Error

14. This is first time that I have heard of such atrocious behaviour.

Answer- is the first time

15. French revolution had a deep impact on the political and social ideas of many Nations.

Answer- The French

16. Supreme Court on Thursday banned plying of diesel run vehicle including Safari cantors in the tiger sanctuary with immediate effect.

Answer- The Supreme Court

17. Every morning sun rises in the East.

Answer- the sun

18. Unprecedented economic growth of China his attracted world-wide attention.

Answer- The unprecedented

19. Seema decided not to watch the movie because she had to study for the quiz to be held the next day.

Answer- watch a movie

20. If tomorrow is declared a holiday, we shall go to picnic.

Answer- declared holiday

21. The rate of interest offered by banks to customers who had saving bank accounts was decided by RBI only.

Answer- to the customers

22. The Hindu is one of most popular newspaper in India.

Answer- one of the most

23. During the reign of the emperor of Vijaynagar, there lived a wise magistrate name Haripant.

Answer- No Error

24. Since it was evening by the time the farmer reached the next village, he took shelter in the house of a old couple.

Answer- of an old couple

25. Both the civilians and armymen joined the First World War.

Answer- and the armyman

26. The school is within hundred yards from my house.

Answer- No Error

27. Removing seeds from cotton plants was a slowest job until Eli Whitney invented cotton gin.

Answer- the slowest job

28. The view of the manufacturing and tourist industries is that the economy is improving.

Answer- and the tourist

29. The only Indian to win the Nobel Prize for the Literature was Rabindranath Tagore.

Answer- for Literature

30. Unless you are careful you are bound to make mistake in your work.

Answer- make a mistake

31. When I met him a couple of days back he was writing a new book.

Answer- No error

32. Ganges is the longest river in India.

Answer- The Ganges

33. He always practices the justice and cares for moral principles.

Answer- practices justice

34. The principal and staff are waiting for the chief guest.

Answer- and the staff

35. Judge in him prevailed upon the father and the sentenced his son to death.

Answer- The judge in

36. One major reason for the popularity of television is that most people like to stay at home.

Answer- most of the people

37. After knowing truth they took the right decision in the matter.

Answer- the truth

38. We went with Guptas to a movie called ‘Deewar’.

Answer- the Guptas

39. I like to read comics in a evening.

Answer- in the evening

40. I would like to buy a house with a swimming pool.

Answer- No Error

41. George had already submitted his the document even before you asked for it.

Answer- his document

42. Anemia occurs due to the deficiency of hemoglobin in person’s blood.

Answer- in a person’s

43. Please write your name and address on bag before you misplace it again.

Answer- on the bag

44. In the present guidelines the bank is required to obtain a photograph from any person who wishes to open an account.

Answer- from the person who

45. Ashish puts in lot of effort to ensure that the scheme will be launched in March.

Answer- in a lot of

46. This is first time the company has ventured into movie production.

Answer- the first time

47. A number of flu cases is decreasing slowly thanks to the timely governmental efforts.

Answer- The number of flu

48. The disclosure of the synopsis of Thakkar commission report on the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi has raised several vital questions.

Answer- the thakkar commission

49. As the Minister was very intelligent and hard working, the king appointed him the chief advisor.

Answer- him chief advisor

50. Megha had applied for a loans from M.Tech. studies but it was not sanctioned.

Answer- for loans

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