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51. The sole idea behind conducting such programmes is to create awareness among young minds for our culture.

Answer- among the young

52. There is no argument against the fact that humans are most intelligent of all species.

Answer- are the most

53. This is turned out to be one of our most successful projects and we have made quite large a profit from it.

Answer- quite a large profit

54. He has given me lot of documents to read before the presentation tomorrow.

Answer- me a lot of

55. So drastic drop in food grain production means a heavy loss for farmers.

Answer- Such a drastic drop

56. He was not a leader who was desiring of making compromises with the rulers.

Answer- not the leader

57. She has started many new initiatives to help underprivileged students get an education.

Answer- get education

58. In our opinion the value is too small to accommodate such the large number of candidates.

Answer- such a large number

59. Rekha is a student whom we all expect will stand first in the class.

Answer- is the student

60. Families who are fortunate enough to own a house in the city are very few.

Answer- The families who

61. Though He was no relating to me, I helped him by giving money and a profitable advice.

Answer- Remove a

62. I am likely to contact you sometime the next week to discuss with you in detail.

Answer- sometime next week

63. Santosh who has been living in his own flat since 1995 is a well-known scholar of history and a distinguished musician.

Answer- history and distinguished

64. The house where the dead man was found is being guarded by police to prevent it from being entered and the evidence interfered with.

Answer- by the police

65. Yet firms and other concerns are spending large sums of money all time and somehow we take this for granted and never stop to wonder where it comes from.

Answer- all the time

66. I began to suspect trouble as soon as one of the boys threw a stone at the policeman.

Answer- suspect the trouble

67. Please remember to post letter today.

Answer- the letter

68. He is a better of the two students?

Answer- the better

69. I live on a top floor of an old house when the wind blows all the windows rattle.

Answer- on the top

70. None of them was aware of the fact that the person in the civil dress was police officer.

Answer- was a police

71. Writer is not necessarily at the disadvantage because he writes in a language other than his mother tongue.

Answer- A/The writer

72. He wept bitterly on hearing news of his failure in the examination.

Answer- hearing the news

73. He had been wounded seriously on the battlefield.

Answer- No error

74. That took to reading times for better knowledge of the facts.

Answer- reading the Times

75. He did not go to the city on boat he went there by the train.

Answer- by train

76. It being a holiday we decided to go to out for picnic in the nearby national Park.

Answer- for a picnic

77. Anushika along with her family goes for morning walk everyday in the nearby park.

Answer- for a morning walk

78. The industrialist neglected to file his income tax and therefore he had to pay fine.

Answer- pay a fine

79. Gandhiji was a great politician and a great philosopher who freed India from the clutch of the Britisher.

Answer- and a great philosopher

80. We should drink several glass of the water daily if we want to remind healthy.

Answer- of water

81. If I were you I would never write such strong worded letter.

Answer- such a strong

82. The auditor wrote the report in such of illegible hand that he himself could not read it.

Answer- such of an illegible

83. That is the kind of a house in which I should like to live.

Answer- kind of house

84. Knowledge of vernacular dialect in necessary for employees because they have no understand what the people say.

Answer- The knowledge

85. They didn’t talk much because they didn’t want to wake up the other people in house.

Answer- wake up other people

86. Her service to the masses in general and women in particular will always be remembered.

Answer- the women

87. How you eat is as an important as what you eat.

Answer- Remove an

88. He addressed to people and tried his best to convince them that his decisions were correct.

Answer- the people

89. In your mind develop image of what you would like to become in future.

Answer- an image

90. The man is a social animal.

Answer- Remove the

91. The institute imports training in the French.

Answer- Remove the

92. He is a Mason who built my house.

Answer- Replace a with the

93. Boy on the road is suspected having taken book of the student of his class.

Answer- The boy

94. Tell Anu that he cannot behave way he likes in this college.

Answer- the way

95. Last week Sadanand had made request to me to take him to Bangalore.

Answer- made a request

96. If he does not submit his explanation in next one week all of us will be jailed.

Answer- in the next

97. You cannot judge the merit of a boy in moment because it always takes a long span of time to deliver conclusion.

Answer- in a moment

98. While luminaries of the dance world have no dearth of opportunities to display their act, upcoming dancers suffer from an unfortunate lack of exposure.

Answer- the upcoming

99. I did not like him because he makes conspiracy against me with the view to enhancing his power gradually.

Answer- with a view to

01. He had no illusion of being either a distinguished writer or a editor.

Answer- an editor

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