Competitive English Test -15 Error Or Mistakes of Adjective Exercise

Fill in the Blanks with suitable Adjective

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1. Your command over English is……. excellent I am very impressed of it.

The most, the more, both A and B, neither A nor B

Answer- neither A nor B

2. Even his…..relations did not come to his help in his predicament.

Next, nearer, nearest, close

Answer- nearest

3.…….knowledge of garment industry proved very helpful to me.

The little, little, A little, smaller

Answer- The little

4. There is no……than two litres of water in this can.

Few, fewer, less, lesser

Answer- less

5. He is contented and thus happy because he has….. cases.

Few, a few, the few, fewer

Answer- a few

6. Will you give me…… grams you had in your pocket?

Little, A little, The Little, a few

Answer- The Little

7. He left for Agra by……..train from Agra railway station.

12:30 o’clock, 12:30 p.m., 12:30 in the afternoon, 12:30


8. His wife has a twin who resembles her so much that at first he had great trouble telling………

one from the other, one from another, each other, who is which

Answer- who is which

9. She found a few good cards in a shop and she bought……cards last night.

Those, that, them, this

Answer- Those

10. The farmer had… and many servants.

Very little, some, a lot of, many

Answer- a lot of

11. My friends fail to see why I should ride the…… horse just because I have won a prize.

Great, good, big, high

Answer- high

12. Meditation is…… way to calm your nerves.

A Best, one of the best, the best, an best

Answer- the best

13. Have you got any idea as to what has happened to Geeta? I haven’t seen her………

Lately, letter on, late, later

Answer- Lately

14. Let me give you……

An advise, any advise, some advice, some advises

Answer- some advice

15. I do my work……carefully to make mistakes.

So, very, too, more

Answer- too

16. Seldom had this desert village experienced a……rain.

Heavier, more heavier, heavy, more heavy

Answer- Heavier

17. During winter evenings, a cup of coffee is …… mug tea.

Prefer, more prefer, preferable, more preferable

Answer- preferable

18. ………you should think over the meaning of the words and then use them.

First, firstly, before, still

Answer- First

19. The driver tried his best to avert the accident by bringing the car to…..stop.

Immediately, a sudden, sudden, suddenly

Answer- a sudden

20. I am…..glad that you have won the prize.

Too, much, very, more

Answer- very

21. My observation is that between Geeta and Sita, Geeta is…….intelligent.

Most, the more, more, the more

Answer- more

22. The stewardess showed the passenger…..

when to start travelling,

where to land the plane,

how to fasten the seat belt,

how to judge the altitude of the plane

Answer- how to fasten the seat belt

23. She has only…….friends.

Fewer, less, more, a few

Answer- a few

24. There aren’t ……….mountains in the part of the country.

Much, many, more, less

Answer- many

25. The cat and the dog have a……enemy in the rate.

Same, common, mutual, similar

Answer- common

26. I haven’t……butter but I have a lot of bread.

A lot of, little, much, some

Answer- much

27. People from……and near came to see the final match of the tournament yesterday.

Distance, long, above, far

Answer- far

28. They have lost…….of their contacts.

Little, much, many, small

Answer- many

29. There were……participants at the conference than we had expected, so we had trouble seating them.

Much more, many more, so many, too many

Answer- many more

30. Men……are thinkers look for facts.

Who, that, which, those

Answer- who

31. Rajesh’s car wasn’t…….Ramesh’s so we were to exhausted by the time we reached home.

Such comfortable,

as comfortable as,

comfortable enough,

so comfortable that

Answer- as comfortable as

32. I have been looking for an apartment and I finally found the…… one.

good, airy, cheap, perfect

Answer- good

33. The gypsies do not live… a particular place.

Broadly, willingly, permanently, voluntarily

Answer- permanently

34. He was slow as usual. Even a snail would have seemed…..

Fastest, faster, too fast, not fast

Answer- faster

35. Mohan: have you ever…..before?

It’s my first time in a plane and I am a little nervous.

Fled, flowed, flown, flying

Answer- flown

36. We had… left, so we went out for a meal. We decided to abandon our trip as we had….money left.

A little, A little /   little, a little / A few, few /   A little, little

Answer- A little, little

37. Though this blanket is not made of wool, it has a……. texture.

Wool, woollen, woolly, woollish

Answer- woolly

38. Leila said the new restaurant was nothing to write about, she thought it was…….

Just average, really terrible, splendid, excellent

Answer- just average

39. All teachers agree that Paras is the ……intelligent boy in his class.

More, most, mery, only

Answer- most

40. The state is home to several destinations of……beauty.

Paralleled, unparalleled, inequal, equal

Answer- unparalleled

41. She let her horse… the field.

Ioosen, loose, loosely, lose

Answer- loose

42. I think I am…..young to get married.

Much, too, more, very

Answer- too

43. Of Chandigarh, Agra and Delhi, the…..has the largest number of cars.

latest, latter, least, last

Answer- latter

44. This is superior……that, why it costs lesser than the other one?

than, of, to, none of these

Answer- to

45. Mohan is…..than honest. Being dishonest, nobody respects him for his wisdom.

Wiser, more wiser, more wise, wise

Answer- more wise

46. Death is preferable…..dishonour in one’s life.

than, to, both (A) and (B), neither (A) nor (B)

Answer- to

47. Gold is…… precious of all metals.

most, more, the most, the more

Answer- the most

48. My father has been…..for a very long time. So he couldn’t even walk properly.

sick, ill, low, down

Answer- ill

49. Integrity… children when they are small.

Is best taught, can be best teaching, is taught better, should be best teaching

Answer- is best taught

50. She did not like the movie……….

Nor did I, nor I like it, nor did I like it, nor I did

Answer- nor did I

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