Competitive English Test -16 Error Or Mistakes Of Adjective Exercise

Find The Error And Correct the sentence

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1. Mango, the most unique fruit is available in India in plenty.

Answer- Mango a unique fruit

2. Private banks and financial services firms too had a reasoning quarter given and apparent slowdown in the economy.

Answer- had a reasonable quarter

3. The Indian stock market is one of the worse performing stock market in the recent time.

Answer- one of the worst

4. How much horse were there running in the last race?

Answer- How many horses

5. A new study has shown that kids who have a high body mass index are more likelier to have high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood insulin levels by the time they reach adolescence.

Answer-  are more likely to have

6. If a credit card bill is paid in full and on time, none finance charge are levied.

Answer- time, no/not any finance

7. She failed to find out the solution to all the problems despite the thoroughly study of the book.

Answer- despite the thorough study

8. This watch is superior and more expensive than that one.

Answer- is superior to and

9. No other newspaper has so large a circulation like this newspaper in India.

Answer- circulation as this newspaper

10. We can decide it only after farther investigation.

Answer- after further investigation

11. The Hindu is most popular than any other newspaper in India.

Answer- is more popular than

12. Every scientific invention has proved much harmful to society than beneficial.

Answer- proved more harmful

13. The climber’s will try again to reach the summit of the mountain, their chances of doing so are more better than they were last week.

Answer- are better than / are much better than

14. The children were even more angrier with the shopkeeper for having tricked them the second time.

Answer- more angry with the

15. His son is working very hardly.

Answer- very hard

16. The fruit vendor would rather let the fruits get spoiling then sell them for a lesser price.

Answer- for a less price

17. To climb a mountain is an extremely difficulty task.

Answer- difficult task

18. The failure to control losses for increase revenues in a market growing in double digit is significantly.

Answer- digit is significant

19. His youngest brother is elder enough to go to school now.

Answer- brother is old enough

20. This year the number of counterfeit bank notes detected in Bank branches was highly, thanks to efficient clerical staff.

Answer- was high, thanks

21. India has the third larger of internet user in the world today.

Answer- thirs largest of

22. Ramesh was senior to Suresh in college.

Answer- No error

23. Our village produces the best quality of saffron in the state and mostly of its export to Europe.

Answer- and most of its

24. Recent survey shows that 35 million children in the age group of 6 to 10 years have never attended no primary school.

Answer- attended any primary school

25. Worried about the continuing violence in the city, much students are set to migrate to their cities for higher education.

Answer- city, many students are

26. Under the scheme banks provide loan to small and medium enterprises at two per cent lower the market rate.

Answer- lower than the market

27. Humour is a better way to provide social commentary on controversy issues and some movies do that successfully.

Answer- on controversial issues

28. An old tiger living in the forest was not strong enough to hunt animals and starved for much days.

Answer- for many days

29. Since the lion was very illness, all the other animals in the forest gave the Lion a lot of medicines.

Answer- very ill, all

30. I was previously posted in Singapore and it took me a long time to accustom to the food.

Answer- time to become/get accustomed to

31. Thanks to medical research our lives have become healthier and long.

Answer- and longer

32. The results of the study showed that if the partner were willing to talk to each other and arrive at a mutually agreeable decision, the joint decisions were more better than any one person’s judgement.

Answer- were much better than

33. Mr Gupta insisted that he was fully prepare to present the proposal.

Answer- fully prepared to

34. The games scheduled to be held in the state have been plunged into crisis just two months prior the opening ceremony by allegations of corruption, shoddy workmanship and delays in handing over venues.

Answer- prior to the

35. The railways have made crossing the tracks a punished offence.

Answer- a punishable offence

36. The customers were asked to give their feedback after using the try pack of the new detergent powder.

Answer- using the trial pack

37. The merger talks have taken longer that we anticipated because of the financial crisis.

Answer- longer than we

38. To train its newly recruite staff the company has developed an online training programme.

Answer- newly recruited staff

39. We shall be calling a meeting next week to assess the cause of frequently delays in infrastructure projects.

Answer- of frequent delays

40. While given a loan you must check if the borrower has sufficiently e collateral to repay it.

Answer- has sufficient

41. Our equipment gets damaged very often in summer because there are frequent power cuts.

Answer- gets damage very

42. A non- banking financial company is a financial institution similarly to a bank but it cannot issue cheque books to customers.

Answer- institution similar to

43. There is no argument against the fact the humans are the most intelligent of all other species.

Answer- of all species.

44. He is the most intelligent and also the very talented student of the college.

Answer- also the most talented

45. At presently the global supply of wheat is the lowest it has been for the past fifty years.

Answer- At present the global

46. Where the default is willful and deliberately, legal steps should be taken promptly after obtaining approval from the appropriate authority.

Answer- and deliberately, legal

47. The details of the scheme will be made clearly to the public by the end of the financial year.

Answer- made clear to

48. We are interesting in purchasing the new laptop model since it has many features unavailable in conventional computers.

Answer- are interested in

49. Our company has initiated talks to sell more of twenty percent of its stock in these subsidiaries.

Answer- more than twenty

50. By so early as next year that leading investment bank has plans to open an office in New Delhi.

Answer- By as early as

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