Competitive English Test -17 Error Or Mistakes Of Adjective Exercise

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1. We all seemed to forget for a while that something very strangely and terrible had happened.

Answer- very strange and

2. According to the survey more of forty percent of Indians do not have access to banks.

Answer- more than forty

3. The board has not approved the proposal because much of the rates quoted are very high.

Answer- because most of the

4. The report states that India needs to invest heavily infrastructure to ensure economic growth.

Answer- invest heavy infrastructure to

5. Traditionally sources of energy must be utilized rather than opting for nuclear fuel.

Answer- Traditional sources of

6. Students will be the worse affected by the public transport strike next week.

Answer- be the worst

7. People who intend to visit the tourist spot are always thrilling to see the scenario here.

Answer- always thrilled to

8. Whenever a Man attains fame his person qualities are imitated by others who are closed to him.

Answer- his personal qualities

9. His obviously reluctance was viewed seriously by his superiors and he was suspended.

Answer- His obvious reluctance

10. For millions of people his retirement from cricket has been a greatest shock.

Answer- been a greatest shock

11. The minister has recently announced a detail insurance plan to meet the needs of the poor.

Answer- a detailed insurance

12. The hotel is as good if not better than the one they stayed in last year.

Answer- as good as if

13. It is high time he stood on his own two legs.

Answer- on his own legs

14. What you said is impertinenting to the occasion.

Answer- is impertinent to the

15. Their violently quarrel over pay and allowances was the main reason of his resignation

Answer- Their violent quarrel over

16. We were happy that the audience responded well and give all the speakers a patience listening.

Answer- a patient listening

17. It is all the more better for you to take the examination than to withdraw your form.

Answer- all better for you

18. He is as good if not better than his brother.

Answer- as good as if

19. He is sorry because his all books are lost.

Answer- because all his books

20. More than three times as many people came than has been expected.

Answer- came as has been

21. Who do you think will be able to do this job in a very decently manner?

Answer- very decent manner

22. Stories have always been used as a powerful tool for communicating vital one generation to other.

Answer- generation to another

23. You can make much profit even of little money you have left.

Answer- even of the little money

24. Anish is clever than any other person in this company.

Answer- is cleverer than any

25. I have always noticed that given an option he prefers tea than coffee.

Answer- tea to coffee

26. Poetry is the language of the imagination and the passions it relates to whatever gives immediately pleasure or time to the human mind.

Answer- gives immediate

27. Prashant who was junior in most of the students in the college had been reprimanded.

Answer- junior to most

28. Staying indoors is more preferable than going out on a summer day.

Answer- preferable to going

29. Every one of us knows that given an option he prefers cold drink than coffee.

Answer- drink to coffee

30. I do not know why most people feel depress and dejected even with the slightest provocation.

Answer- feel depressed and

31. Some of the more best preserved pre-Columbian chiffs dwelling in the United States are located in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado.

Answer- Some of the best preserved

32. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influence and believed of all jazz artists.

Answer- the most influenced and

33. A playwright must characterize mainly through action and speech but a novelist may use a great number of techniques.

Answer- No Error

34. No method of making other people agree to your view points is as effective as this method.

Answer- No other method of

35. The pirated technology has not only created strategic dangers but also damaged economy interests.

Answer- damaged economic interests

36. I like to drink coffee but he prefers tea than coffee.

Answer- tea to coffee

37. When it comes to comparison between the two, quality is most important than quantity.

Answer- quality is more important

38. The girls sang few songs to entertain the guests but the guests were not pleased.

Answer- sang a few songs

39. No book is as absorbing as the novel I am reading written by Premchand.

Answer- No other book is

40. Of all the teachers in our school, our history teacher is the better.

Answer- is the best

41. During holidays I like visiting friends than staying indoors.

Answer- friends more than

42. Children should be taught to be kindly towards animals.

Answer- to be kind towards

43. Both Basant and Sumit are excellent workers but the latter is best than the former.

Answer- latter is better than

44. He realized that he had committed a mistake in accepting a packet from an unidentify person.

Answer- an unidentified person

45. India is in no way inferior than the U.S.A. in the fertility of soil.

Answer- inferior to the USA

46. No book gives the description of human anatomy in so much detail as this book.

Answer- No other book gives

47. After he had read the two first chapters of the novel he felt like reading the novel at one sitting.

Answer- read the first two chapters

48. Unemployment is a very actual problem.

Answer- is a very current problem

49. Few people know that the climate of Shimla is better than Srinagar.

Answer- better than that of Shrinagar

50. I am very thirsty give me little water to drink.

Answer- give me a little water

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