Conjunction Competitive English Test-18

Fill in the blanks with appropriate word.

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1. A book’s a book……there is nothing.

Because / unless / till / although

Answer- although

2. You will not be allowed to enter….. you have an entry pass.

If / unless / when / but

Answer- unless

3. He was….. angry to speak to me.

So / too / that / such

Answer- too

4. I’m not as successful….. she is.

Then / as / like / than

Answer- as

5. The cricket was lazy……. the ant was busy.

Yet / and / but / so

Answer- but

6. Sachin was standing……. me.

Aside / next / beside / besides


7. He went to the library….. to find that it was closed.

Seldom / never / only / solely

Answer- only

8. Newspapers have great power……. their enormous circulation.

On account of / because of / as a result / owing

Answer- on account of

9. I requested my wife to stay there….. from the shop.

Till I come back / until I came back / only (A) / only (B)

Answer- until I came back

10. Each school has its own set of rules…. all good pupils should follow them.

But / or / so / and

Answer- and

11. The priest was innocent……he could not prove it.

And / but / for / so

Answer- but

12. Look after your health…… you should repent later on.

As / because / till / lest

Answer- lest

13. Go home immediately…….mother is looking for you.

After / so that / because / but

Answer- because

14……….following all the instructions closely, he missed out an important guideline.

Instead of / Although / in spite of / otherwise

Answer- in spite of

15. Neither Shyam….. Rohit come to the school today.

But / or / nor / and

Answer- nor

16. Pravin and Neelima could not enroll in the college……. they had already managed to get a passing score in the official exam.

Therefore / even though / hence / moreover

Answer- even though

17. He is weak…….he does a lot of work.

And / yet / because / so

Answer- yet

18. He will not work…….he is compelled.

Till / if / after / unless

Answer- unless

19. He wasn’t listening……I was saying.

That / to what / which / that which

Answer- to what

20. No sooner did he go in…….he came out.

And / then / when / than

Answer- than

21…….the timely help the patient would have died.

In spite of / because of / but for / even after

Answer- but for

22. No sooner did we reach the station……

than  it starts to rain / than it started raining/

then it starts to rain / when it started raining

Answer- than it started raining

23. She is beautiful…….brave.

But / and / yet / so

Answer- and

24………she is clever, she often makes mistakes.

Despite / since / although / yet

Answer- although

25. Hardly…… when the stars disappeared.

have the sun rose / had the sun risen /

did the sun rise / the sun rose

Answer- had the sun risen

26. Do take an umbrella with you……

lest you should get wet /

lest you should not get wet /

lest you might not get wet /

lest you will get wet

Answer- lest you should get wet

27. I went to the shopping centre…….the shops were closed.

So / or / but / because

Answer- but

28. Last Monday was my brother’s birthday…… I wanted to buy a present for him.

So / or / but / because

Answer- so

29. She can’t walk…… she fell off the chair…. hurt her foot,…. she has a lot of time to read.

 So, because, and / so, and, because /

Because, and, so / and, because, so

Answer- because, and, so

30. We were late for the show….. we did not take taxi.

but / or / and / then

Answer- but

31.  She wanted to improve her piano playing….she wanted to win the competition.

So / but / therefore / because

Answer- because

32. Neither my sister……. my brother will be able to attend the party on Sunday.

or / not / and / nor

Answer- nor

33. The items are on sale in the local store……not online.

But / and / although / or

Answer- but

34. ……….It rains on Sunday, I will not be able to drive.

After / when / if / none

Answer- if

35…… T.V…… television are correct words.

Both, and / both, or / both, so / none

Answer- both, and

36. You can have either pears…… apples.

Nor / or / not / and

Answer- or

37. …wood….bricks can be used as home building materials.

Either, or / either, not / can’t say / none

Answer- either, or

38. An international committee issued a depressing forecast of how human beings and natural ecosystem will be influenced in the future,…….. the effects of global warming intensify.

As / however / besides / despite

Answer- as

39………you can keep the elderly active, their quality of life improves so much.

Even if / although / if / for all

Answer- if

40. It is easier to study animals and plants than human beings….. plant and animal behaviours can be controlled and monitored.

Because / due to / however / this

Answer- because

41…….computers, ecologist have simulated communities containing various plants and animals.

For / seeing that / since / by means of

Answer- by means of

42. ……children get older; their questions get harder to answer.

As / because of / however / In case

Answer- As

43. Ecologists try to find out how the Earth’s environments can be preserved……living things will continue to survive on the planet.

Now that / in order to / so that / in case

Answer-so that

44……. laws of protection, many of the desert aquatic habitats and their associated spices are still in danger.

Even though / because / despite / where as

Answer- despite

45. Milk must be moved rapidly from the farm to the consumer and kept cold…. it will not spoil.

 so as to / in case / when / so that

Answer- so that

46. Experts estimate that we are losing 137 plant, animal and insect spices every single day…………rainforest deforestation.

While / much as / as a result / due to

Answer- due to

47……..fuel prices increased……did the demand for smaller, fuel-efficient cars.

As, so / so, so / whether, or / both, and

Answer- As, so

48. …….teaching, my father has always been involved in public affairs.

In addition / similarly / no matter / as well as

Answer- as well as

49……..Joseph, who was exceedingly and anxious for power, Napoleon’s second brother, Lucien was ardent republican.

Likely / unlike / however / while

Answer- unlike

50. She was aware of the fact that she was not responsible for her parents state of mind,…… was she responsible for the state of their marriage.

Either / nor / and / so

Answer- nor

51. I am in the right… are in the wrong.

But / or

Answer- but

52. The most exquisite work of literary art exhibits a certain crudeness and coarseness,…..we turn to it from nature.

But / yet

Answer- yet

53……. he had not paid his bill. His electricity was cut off.

Because / as

Answer- as

54. There never can be prosperity in any country…..all the numerous cultivators of the soil are permanently depressed and injured.

When / where

Answer- where

55. Giving up wrong pleasure is not self sacrifice ,…… self-culture.

That / but

Answer- but

56. Conform thyself then to thy present fortune…..cut thy coat according to thy cloth.

And / nor

Answer- and

57.  The disgust felt towards any kind of knowledge is a sign…… that it is prematurely presented……that it is presented in an indigestible form.

Both, and / either, or

Answer- either, or

58. His ambition was inordinate,…. he was jealous of every man of ability.

So / therefore

Answer- so

59. As long as he (William of Orange) lived, he was the guiding-star of a brave Nation,….. he died the little children cried in the street.

Then / when

Answer- when

60. It (the game of fives) is “the finest exercise for the body…….best relaxation for the mind.

When / and

Answer- and

61. He (Henry Bradshaw) knew more about printed books…. any man living.

Than / then


62. Are you impatient with the lark…..he sings rather than talks?

That / because


63……..grandfather was old and grey-haired…… his heart leaped with joy whenever little Alice came fluttering, like a butterfly, into the room.

Though, Although / both, and

Answer- though, although

64. He that is slow to anger is better…. the mighty.

Since / than

Answer- than

65…….. we approached the house, we heard the sound of music.

When / then

Answer- when

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