Conjunction Competitive English Test-19

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1. Until you do not go to the station to receive him I can hardly feel at ease.

Answer- Remove do not

2. Hardly I had left home for Bombay when my son who is settled in Calcutta arrived without any prior information.

Answer- Hardly had I left

3. Meena was so tired that she could not hardly talk to the guests for a few minutes.

Answer- Remove hardly

4. He did not succeed in the examination yet he worked hard.

Answer- Replace yet with although

5. Wear something warm lest you should not catch a cold.

Answer- Remove not

6. He was not only involved in her kidnapping but also in her murder.

Answer- was involved not only in

7. No sooner did the police arrived than the robbers made their good escape.

Answer- police arrive thaan

8. I will have both the blue or the black pen.

Answer- blue and the black

9. The patient would not have died when the doctor had come in time.

Answer- died if the doctor

10. Since the lack of manpower we cannot conduct the survey in rural areas.

Answer- Replace since with owing to

11. He is anxious not only to acquire knowledge but also eager to display it.

Answer- is not only anxious to

12. Wheat productions in the region will fall drastically unless we do nothing to stop climate change.

Answer- we do something to

13. Scarcely had the function started than it began to rain.

Answer- started when/before it began

14. Not only she makes homemade cakes she also sells them.

Answer- cakes but she also

15. Sooner that he had arrived than his friends arranged a reception in his honour in the best hotel in town.

Answer- No sooner had he arrived

16. The redevelopment project is aimed not just providing good houses to shanty dwellers but also developing infrastructure around the major Mumbai to localities.

Answer- aimed not only providing

17. He not only plays tennis regularly but also cricket.

Answer- He plays not only tennis

18. Until you begin to make a better use of your time I shall not stop finding fault in you.

Answer- Replace until with unless

19. He was prevented to accept the assignment because he was a government employee and such as barred from accepting such assignments.

Answer- Replace such with therefore

20. The reason for my prolonged absence from the class was because I was ill.

Answer- Replace because with that

21. The novel has neither an interesting plot no any interesting character.

Answer- Replace no with nor

22. He said that he wanted a room and that his luggage would follow.

Answer- Replace and with that

23. India is a land of great political leaders who ruled the country effectively and also by protecting its national interest.

Answer- and also protected its

24. Neither Alice or Mary remembers what happened before the car crashed into the wall.

Answer- Replace or with nor

25. By the times we reached the classroom, the lecture had already begun.

Answer- By the time we

26. There have been marked changes, but social rather then economic.

Answer- Replace then with than

27. Notwithstanding his frequent indisposition, he has diligently attended every single court hearing.

Answer- Replace Notwithstanding with Except

28. Supposing if it rains what shall we do?

Answer- Remove supposing

29. The bank will decide unless Ashok is eligible for a loan based on his monthly salary.

Answer- Replace unless with whether

30. Every year this IT Company conducts training programmes for employees so they learn new skills.

Answer- employees so that they

31. No sooner did he see the traffic policeman he wore seat belt.

Answer- policeman than he wore

32. We were so late than the meeting was almost over when we arrived.

Answer- Replace than with that

33. A member shall be required to pay interest at such rate as is fixed by the committee.

Answer- rate as fixed / rate that is fixed

34. The assurances, unfortunately, remained on paper, as neither the centre or the state initiated steps for the development of the backward region.

Answer- Replace or with nor

35. There are many insurance disputes nowadays because of most people do not fully understand the terms and condition of their policies.

Answer- because most of people do

36. Being that my car is getting its annual checkup, I will not be able to pick you up tomorrow.

Answer- Because my car is

37. The majority of the population believes that the stock market is recovered and that it is the right time to buy shares.

Answer- Replace that with therefore

38. None of the diplomats at the conference was able either to comprehend or solve the problem.

Answer- comprehend or to solve the

39. She told her son to wait in the car until she does not returns from the shop.

Answer- until she returned

40. After graduating from college having an engineering degree he received a job offer from a reputed American firm.

Answer- college and having

41. The cruel king believed in punishing the prisoners until they did not confessed their crime.

Answer- Remove did not

42. As soon as my sister was ill I went to the hospital on alternate day.

Answer- Replace as soon as with when

43. Although he was desired to work quite hard, he could not do so owing to his prolonged illness.

Answer- Remove was

44. Recovery campaigns should be mounted not only to recover the dues, yet to continue awareness among borrowers about the necessity of timely repayment.

Answer- Replace yet to with but also

45. In view of the financial crisis the company does not have any choice unless to close down the factory.

Answer- Replace unless with but

46. The man who is perpetually hesitating which of the two things he will do first, will ultimately do either.

Answer- Replace either with neither

47. In the circumstance the manager has no option except to resign.

Answer- Replace except with but

48. Beside the chairman all the committee members were present at the shareholders’ meeting.

Answer- Replace beside with besides

49. It was almost ten years ago since he wrote a letter to me to remind me of my lapses.

Answer- years ago that he wrote

50. Although Rakesh did not handle his previous project well he has been entrusted with a new one.

Answer- project well yet he has

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