Conjunction Competitive English Test-20

Find the error and correct it.

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51. You cannot withdraw all his money unless you do not give advance notice.

Answer- Remove do not

52. Today, the cost of living is such higher that many people find it difficult to keep their health burning.

Answer- Replace such with so

53. Mr Chatterjee had come down with the flu but he would have joined us today.

Answer- No Error

54. There is a growing demand for a law requiring employers to provide workers with paid leave so as to care for sick children.

Answer-  No error

55. No sooner had the hockey match started when it began to rain.

Answer- Replace when with than

56. Unless we do not control our appetite, we will not be in control of our passions and emotions.

Answer- Remove do not

57. The agitating students had taken a vow not to return to their classes until their demands were not accepted by the principal.

Answer- were accepted by

58. No sooner did Meena reach the station then it started raining.

Answer- Replace then with than

59. We all are indebted to him for holding not only high moral values but also rendering dedicated service for the betterment of human race.

Answer- him for not only holding high

60. He did nothing else than pay.

Answer- Replace than with but

61. Both the boys came late in the hall and sat besides me.

Answer- Replace besides with beside

62. You must either tell me the whole story or at least the first half of it.

Answer- must tell me either the whole

63. No sooner did Suman enter the class, his class teacher scolded him for reaching late.

Answer- enter the class than his class teacher

64. On hearing from you I will come not only to the airport but will also help in customs clearance.

Answer- I will not only come to the

65. Be smart not only in dress and also in action.

Answer- Replace and with but

66. Either he nor his brother was informed about the venue of the meeting of your society.

Answer- Replace nor with or

67. He not only believes in hard work but also in honesty of the highest order.

Answer- He believes not only in hard

68. Until he does not discipline himself and try hard he will not learn swimming or anything for that matter.

Answer- If he does not discipline

69. It was very unfortunate that he had failed in history also beside the other more difficult subjects.

Answer- Replace beside with besides

70. This book is a primer for managers who have no formal training or a refresher for experienced managers.

Answer- Replace or with and

71. This laboratory of physics is not only equipped with all states of the art instruments but also with outstanding physicists.

Answer- physics is equipped not only with all

72. Each of the girls is not only talented in her studies but also beautiful.

Answer- No Error

73. Abha locked the cupboard provided that her jewellery might not get stolen.

Answer- Replace provided with so

74. No sooner did the thief come out of the room then woman attacked him.

Answer- Replace then with than the

75. The amount of compensation was not acceptable to either Sunil and Rahul.

Answer- Replace and with or

76. Both the structure or the chemical composition of lamellae are complex.

Answer- Replace or with and

77.  No sooner did we reach the station when the train had started moving out of the station.

Answer- Replace when with than

78. Sunita closed the window grill provided that her child might not fall down.

Answer- Replace provided that with so

79. The factory failed to supply the goods on time and so the order was cancelled.

Answer- Remove and

80. Not only the judges acquitted him of all the charges levelled against him, but also commanded all his actions.

Answer- The judges not only acquitted

81. Not only the bandits robbed the traveller of his purse but also wounded him grievously.

Answer- The bandits not only robbed

82. The old woman has had the best medical facilities available but she will not be cured unless she does not have a strong desire to live.

Answer- Remove does not

83. He told the policeman that he would rather starve to stealing to get what he has been aspiring for.

Answer- starve than steal to get

84. Pappu works too hard so that he does not fail in the examination.

Answer- works so hard that

85. He insisted but neither Soni or her brother is ready to work on holiday.

Answer- Replace or with nor

86. You cannot withdraw all your money unless you do not give a prior notice.

Answer- Remove do not

87. No sooner did she reach the station then it started raining.

Answer- Replace then with than

88. For he cannot do a lot of work at a time, he rejects many offers.

Answer- Replace for with Since

89. You cannot be granted admission unless you do not submit all the certificates in original.

Answer-  Remove do not

90. Money not only satisfies the basic psychological needs but also the higher order psychological needs.

Answer- Money satisfies not only the basic

91. Rangesh is not only involved in organising conferences and seminars but also in conducting adult literacy programmes.

Answer- Rangesh is involved not only in

92. An animal can be just as unhappy in a vast area or in a small one.

Answer- Replace or with as

93. A free press is not only a privilege but also an organic necessity in a free society.

Answer- No Error

94. Avinash is not so good a batsman to be selected for the national cricket team.

Answer- a batsman as to be

95. Scarcely had I finished washing the car than the master came and asked me to clean the floor of the house.

Answer- Replace than with when

96. He speaks not only Tamil but Telugu as well.

Answer- Tamil but also Telgu.

97. No sooner did he announce the tour the children screamed with great joy.

Answer- the tour than the children

98. He is known for both his hard work and intelligent.

Answer- work and his intelligent

99. She is so lazy as she cannot do this work properly and cannot co-operate us in our scheme.

Answer- Replace as with that

100. The future is yet to come but you have a right to shape it.

Answer- Replace but with and

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