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English is a big problem.

We study a lot, still we are in problem.

We have spent many years in school as well as in college, but we could not overcome this problem.

I have been teaching English since 1995 and now in 24 years I have developed a lot of tricks to learn English very easily.

Now we talk about what happened with us and of course the reason behind this irritating condition.

In school or college or coaching, you are taught about Tense and to learn Tense is a great problem as maximum students feel.

English Point
Learn Spoken English Easily

We have three Tense-

Present     Past &     Future

Further we divide these three into four parts-




Perfect Continuous

& again we divide each in four parts-





Does mean 3×4×4=48

And now the students are so confused.

So now don’t worry.

I am here to clear your confusion.

Just spend your 80% time on 20% syllabus & you will amaze, it works wonderfully.

Learn only 2 structures and you will be able to speak 90% English easily.

Structure number 1 is past indefinite.

When you are learning this structure just keep three things in mind 

First *Subject*      Second *did*  and third second form of verb- V2

I got up early in the morning.

I went for a walk.

I took a bath.

I had breakfast.

I called my friend.

My friend came to me.

Together we watched a movie.

I did not study hard.

I did not attend the class.

She did not invite me.

He did not complete his homework.

Raju did not go to college.

We did not play chess.

She did not help me.

In your school syllabus, in your daily life you use this is structure 90%.

Maybe you will take time to understand this fact but my friend it’s true.

It’s a wonderful structure and if you can recognize this in your day to day English need you will be able to speak up all these things very fluently. 

Certainly it will take time and my dear friend, be happy, you have time so you can do that.

Maximum stories and information are shared by this structure.

Now we will see a lot of examples.

She told me to call again.

She met me there yesterday.

India attacked on Pakistan.

India beat Pakistan in cricket world cup many times.

I lost my purse somewhere.

I thought to call you.

Shakespeare wrote many novels.

England won the ICC World Cup.

Who told you the truth?

Ravan kidnapped Sita.

Ram killed Ravan.

Raju earned a lot of money.

I did not read the newspaper.

They did not inform me.

Then I took a hard decision.

It didn’t rain yesterday.

I made a mistake.

My father did not take me there.

The king told his servants.

I did not drink.

Now we can see a story which will help you to understand it more clearly.

Once upon a time, there was a fox in a forest.

The fox saw a bunch of grapes.

It wanted to eat the grapes.

It tried many times.

But it didn’t reach up to the grapes.

It felt bad and left the place.

It went away.

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