At the Post Office English Conversation At Post office

Ganesh- Good morning!

Clerk- Good morning. Can I help you?

Ganesh- Yes, please. Can I have three postcards and four inland letters?

Clerk-  Three postcards and four inland? Here you are! Anything else”

Ganesh: Yes. I would like to send a greeting card to the UK by book post. How much is it for a book post to the  UK?

Clerk: Seventy rupees.

Ganesh: Please give me stamps for seventy rupees and also ten stamps of rupee one each.

Clerk: This is for seventy rupees and these are ten one-rupee stamps.

Ganesh: Could I have an airmail label, please?

Clerk: Here you are!

Ganesh: How much is it altogether?

Clerk: Hundred rupees fifty paise.

Ganesh: Have you got change for a five hundred rupee note?

Clerk: I think so. (Pays the change)

Ganesh: Thank you. Could you please tell me which the registration counter is?

Clerk: Counter No. 3.

Ganesh: Thank you, (Leaves the counter)

Ganesh: (At the registration counter) Could you please weigh this letter and tell me how much postage stamp I have to affix on it to send it by registered post to Maharashtra?

English Conversation At Post office

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English Conversation At Post office

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