English Conversation Lesson Picnic-5

Planning for a picnic

Divya- Hi, Sunita, another long weekend has come. Monday is a holiday.

Sunita- Yes, a long awaited one. I have been wondering how to spend the weekend.

Divya-Why don’t we go for a picnic?

Sunita- That’s a good idea. Where do you think we can go?

Divya-Why not invite one or two of our friends? We will decide the place after consulting them.

Sunita- We can certainly ask Beena to join us. Who else do you think will be good company? Oh, there comes Beena! Hi, Beena!

Divya- Iong life, Beena! We have just been talking about you.

Beena- Hi, Sunita and Divya. What’s up?

Sunita- How would you like to go on a picnic?

Beena- I would love to. Who else is there?

Sunita-I think Reshma will be good company. Four of us will do it. What do you say?

Beena-She’s in the library with Somi. I wish Somi would go away; she’s one too many.

Sunita- Can I go and ask Reshma to come here? We can sit under this tree and plan our picnic.

(Reshma joins them and greets others.)

Sunita- Reshma is ready for anything we suggest.

Reshma- I long to get out of this town at least for a day. Where do you suggest we go?

Divya- I’m so glad you’re coming with us. I suggest we go to city park. I haven’t been there, but I hear it is a beautiful place.

Beena- I haven’t been there, either. What about you, Reshma and Sunita?

English Conversation Lesson Picnic-5

Sunita-Neither have I. Let’s go there.

Reshma- None of us has been there. So let’s go there and explore the place.

Sunita- Okay, when are we going?

Beena- Don’t you think it’s better to go on Sunday?

Reshma- I think so. What time are we starting from here?

Sunita- I think there is a bus around seven. Can we go by that?

Divya- Isn’t it a little too early? Are you sure about the Bus time? You had better make certain what time the bus goes.

Sunita- I’m not sure about that, but Reshma can check upon it.

Beena- Why, what’s the harm? By the time we reach There, it’ll be 9 o’clock. Where shall we rendezvous?

Reshma- So we go by the 7 o’clock bus. Since my house is near the bus stand, you can all arrive at my house sufficiently early. My camera is loaded. I can also bring my two-in-one stereo set.

Sunita- I shall bring Dhokla and fafda with chutney.

Beena- Jalebi and chivada will be my contribution.

Reshma- Jalebi and chivda will do for breakfast. I’ll bring parathas and paneer curry for lunch.

Reshma- I’ll bring some oranges, apples and some snacks and enough butter milk in a glass bottle.

Beena- I’ll bring some juice, too. We’ll have buttermilk for breakfast and juice some other time.

Reshma- I’ll also take a sheet or plates, glasses and spoons. You don’t have to carry those things. Have we forgotten anything else?

Beena- Yes, one very important thing. We’ve to get our parents’ permission. lf they know we are four and going together, they’ll give us permission.

Reshma- Let’s get their permission this evening and get in touch on the phone so that we can go ahead with the arrangements. We’ve to tell our parents what time we’ll come back.

Sunita- There’s a bus at four o’clock from the City Park. We’ll take that one and be back by six. I’ve heard that City Park is a good picnic spot. Let’s hope we’ll enjoy ourselves. 

Beena- I hear we can get boats for hire. Rowing will be great fun. Is anyone afraid to go in water?

Divya-Reshma, do you know how to swim? Well then, all of us are good swimmers and there’s nothing to worry. The lifeguards will be on duty when people go boating.

Beena- I always enjoy boating even if the weather is rough. Last time we went to Nainital the weather was absolutely dreadful; however, we enjoyed ourselves.

Sunita- Well, don’t worry. We’ll go boating tomorrow.

Reshma- Boating can wait until tomorrow. But at the moment, I’m awfully hungry. Your Fafda, Dhokla and chutney have made my mouth water, so who is going to buy me something from the canteen?

Sunita- You always have a brain-wave! Yes, hot samosa and sauce! Who’s to pay for them?

Okay, Reshma, let’s toss it between us. Heads, I win; tails, you lose. Okay?

English Conversation Lesson Picnic-5

Reshma- Agreed! Hey, you, what did you say? Say it again.

Sunita- Potatoes are not boiled twice. Nothing doing! In either case you are going to pay. But let’s toss, Head for me….well, I win. So you pay.

Reshma- Me!

Divya- Oh, come on, you’re a nice girl!

Part Two

(At the Canteen)

Reshma- All right, Divya, what do you like to have, juice or butter milk?

Divya- Juice, please, Juice and khaman

Reshma- What about you, Beena. What can I offer you?

Beena- The same for me.

Reshma- And you Sunita, my dear. What would you like to have?

Sunita- Kulfi or fruit chaat. I’ve already had Juice for breakfast.

Reshma- Aw, you always scream for Kulfi. Anyway, that goes without saying. Everybody will have a Kulfi, too.

Divya- Hope you won’t pledge one of us to pay the bill.

Reshma- Don’t worry. It is on me. Be my guest.

Beena- Hi, Somi! How are you?

Somi- Very fine, thank you, and you?

Beena- Fine. Oh, tell us something about the competitions at the flower show.

English Conversation Lesson Picnic-5

Somi- Hi, everybody! Well, there were a lot of items at the show grounds under floral arrangements such as mass arrangement, Japanese style, free style, one flower one leaf arrangement, tall container arrangement, dry flower arrangement, driftwood, hanging arrangement and floating arrangement. Then there was vegetable carving. All these arrangements were on display the whole day.

Beena- How many items did you participate in?

Somi-Three. In freestyle, dry flower arrangement and one flower one leaf arrangement.

Beena- Did you get any prize?

Somi- Yes, two. I got the first prize in freestyle and the second in one flower and one leaf arrangement.

Beena- Congratulations! I wanted to come and see them but then I had a very bad cold. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make it.

Somi- Oh, you should have come. You really missed it. The one who got the first prize in vegetable carving had made a big Shiva temple with a pumpkin. Wonderful, it was! In flower and dry arrangement, talent and ideas play a big role. In short, it wás a riot of colour and a carnival of flowers.

Divya- There were prizes also for gardens and foliage plants in pots. One of my relatives got a second prize for her flower garden and another one got a first prize for potted Begonia.

Divya- There were also a lot of nurseries selling all kinds of flowering plants such as roses, orchids, anthurium, etc. A lot of vegetables grown in pots were also exhibited. Seeds and seedlings were also available.

Reshma-Who was the show sponsored by?

Somi- It was sponsored by Kannur District Agri-Horticultural Society.

Reshma- Such shows encourage people to take interest in flower and vegetable gardens. It certainly boosts the aesthetic standard of people.

Somi- OK, bye, everybody. I must be off now.

Beena- Bye.

Divya- So we are as we were. Right. We’ll contact one another on the phone by 8 p.m. So long.

Sunita- See you tomorrow.

Beena- Bye.

Reshma- Bye.

English Conversation Lesson Picnic-5

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