15. On road accidents English Talk On road accidents

Arun : Good morning, Suresh. Have you heard about the accident that took place at Thana?

Suresh : Good morning. I was reading about it in the newspaper this morning. We were talking about accidents only yesterday.

Arun : It was a head-on collision between a bus and a maruti van. Many people were seriously injured and admitted to hospital. The driver of the van died on the spot. I was at the accident spot this morning.

Suresh : How unfortunate! Is there no way by which we can prevent these road accidents? The highway where the accident took place is pretty wide.

Arun : It is not enough if the roads are wide. The road should be wide as well as free from pot-holes. Our roads are full of pot-holes and naturally, when

the driver tries to avoid them, accidents occur.

Suresh : Yes, they go at a great speed and swerve suddenly to avoid pot-holes. With the result, before they know anything, the vehicles coming from the opposite direction or from behind crash into them.

Arun : Another reason is that everybody is in a hurry and tries to overtake the other vehicles at wrong places such as uphill, road bends, etc. and they don’t see the vehicles coming from the opposite side.

Suresh : Drivers exceed speed limits, don’t observe rules and are careless in their driving. Drunken driving causes some of the accidents. Can’t the authorities do something about this wanton loss of life on the highway?

Arun : What about the road worthiness of vehicles? Who bothers about it? Besides, the transport department is not strict in giving licences. It is alleged

that corruption is rampant in the department. The net result is accidents and deaths.

Suresh : I suggest that there should be a public committee in every district to look into it. They should also take care of the issue of licences.

Arun : Careless drivers should be severely punished. The Licence of any careless driver who is responsible for a fatal accident should be cancelled. Why not arrange some refresher classes for drivers?

Suresh : Even for private vehicles annual fitness certificates should be made compulsory if they are more than 15 years old.

Arun : Don’t you think that even pedestrians are also responsible for accidents? It’s not fair to always blame the drivers. Pedestrians should always

keep to the pavement. But do they do that? They should not cross busy roads at any point they like. There should be zebra crossings for them to cross

the roads. I suggest that pedestrians who break the road regulations should also be slapped with fines on the spot, as in some countries. This will at least stop people from standing in the middle of the road and talking, leaving the road to vehicles.

Suresh : Yes, you are right. Sometimes they stand there monopolising the whole road and won’t budge an inch when they see a car coming. What happens when a fellow crosses the highway, not paying proper attention to the traffic. He might cause a fatal accident and coolly walk away. For everything, blaming the driver isn’t fair. Pedestrians also should be made to follow the regulations.

Arun : Lack of proper road signs alsa causes accidents. Spots prone to accidents should be specially marked as Accident Black Spots. At road junctions and near school zones and such other places there should be speed breakers. I have read in newspapers that 90% of our drivers don’t know how to read the road signs. It is a shame.

Suresh : But Arun, laws alone can’t change the situation. Drivers and the public should be enlightened on road rules. I suggest even periodic tests after every five years for renewing licences of drivers. 

Arun : It’s all very well for us to suggest but to implement them is the most difficult task. What happened when the use of helmets was made compulsory? There was such a hue and cry against the proposal that the plan had to be shelved. I’m sure the government realises the seriousness of the need to do everything to prevent road accidents.

Suresh : I think it is not because nothing is done about it; it is all in spite of having done what’s possible by the authorities.

Arun : But one feels hopeless and frustrated seeing accidents and hearing about them very often. 

Suresh : Don’t worry. Everything will be alright. Bye.

English Talk On road accidents

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English Talk On road accidents

English Talk On road accidents

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English Talking On Transport
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