At the bus stop English Talking At bus stop

Passenger- Could you please tell me which bus goes to Ujjain

Passer-by- Sorry, I don’t know. I’m new to this place .You can ask one of these shopkeepers; they may know.

Passenger- (At a shop nearby) Can you please tell me which Bus goes to Ujjain?

Shopkeeper: There are two buses going that side, one goes to Nagda and another goes to Ujjain. Where exactly do you like to go?

Passenger- I want to go to Ujjain, not Nagda.

Shopkeeper: Then take bus no 5. That goes to Ujjain. There is only one bus and it goes every one and a half hours.

Passenger- What time is No. 5 expected.

Shopkeeper: It left only just now for Ujjain. If you don’t want to wait for the next bus, you can take bus

No.24 which goes to Nagda.

Passenger: When does No. 24 come?

Shopkeeper: It’ll be here in five minutes. It doesn’t go to Ujjain. Soon after it leaves Mangalnath, it turns off to the left at the next stop. You can get down there and walk to Ujjain, which is hardly a kilometre from there.

Passenger: How do I know where to get down?

Shopkeeper: You can tell the conductor of the bus that you are

going to Ujjain. Ask him to drop you at the right place so that you can walk the remaining distance.

Passenger- I’ll do that, Does No. 24 stop right here?

Shopkeeper- You see the board ‘Bus Stop’ there. Thats where

it stops.

Passenger: By the way, is there a public toilet near here?

Shopkeeper- Yes, right there round the corner. Where are you from?

Passenger-  I’m from Indore. I just got down here from a bus. I’ve come to meet a friend of míne.

Shopkeeper: There comes No. 24! You had better hurry up!

Passenger- Thank you,

Shopkeeper: You are welcome.

(On the bus)

Passenger- Conductor, I would like to go to Ujjain. I know this bus doesn’t go there. But please drop me at the right place so that I can walk the remaining distance.

Conductor- All right. I’ll tell you where to get down. You can

pay me one hundred forty rupees.

(After some time)

Conductor- You can get down at the next stop, Ujjain is not very far from there. It’s within easy walking distance.

Passenger- Thank you very much.

English Talking At bus stop

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English Talking At bus stop

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