English Test -02 Error Finding
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Find The Error And Correct The Sentences Time & Tense

Competitive English Test -02 Error Finding

Before Doing This Test Please Complete These 03 Topics Competitive English Test -02 Error Finding

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  1. Time and Tense-Present Tense
  2. Time and Tense-Past Tense
  3. Time and Tense-Future Tense

51.  Believe me; I am believing whatever you have said.

Answer- I belive

52.  If he is a millionaire he would help the millennium project.

Answer- If he was a

53. Once upon a time there lived a tiger which stray into a city in search of food.

Answer- Strayed

54. It was not easy for late Raja Ram Mohan Roy to root out the custom of sati because a majority of the educated class does not support him.

Answer- class did not

55. When we reached the shops we find that they were all closed.

Answer- we found

 56. As soon as I getting my first salary I spent all my money.

Answer- I got

 57. The principal introducing me to some of her teaching staff.

Answer- introduced

 58. A year after the global financial crisis saw students from best B-schools across the world struggling for a job, a survey of Management education this year thrown up some rather interesting findings.

Answer- year had thrown

 59. On his next official visit to Delhi he plans to visit his old colleagues.

Answer- No Error

 60. The celebration continued through the evening as more and more friends join in the fun and frolic. No error

Answer- joined

61.  Even though the exchange attract the attention of all those present at the police station, the inspector continued his tirade against the girl.

Answer- attracted

 62. The market continues to be positive and the next quarter we expected the trend of continue with the onset of the festive season.

Answer- we expect

63. Unless you will study hard you cannot pass.

Answer- Unless you study

64. The car broke down while he was on his way to work.

Answer- No Error

65. Do you wanted to discuss this project today or can we do it tomorrow?

Answer- Do you want

66. People find it difficult to understand him as her he don’t speak clearly.

Answer- he doesn’t

67. Dr. Shah was explain the benefit of exercising at least five times a week.

Answer- Dr Shah explained

68. The former superstar recently visits an orphanage, fuelling speculation that she is planning to adopt a child.

Answer- has visited

69. Celebrating its ten long years in the industry, a private entertainment channel announce a series of programmes at a press conference.

Answer- has announced

70. As our economy is experiencing a recession banks have became very cautious about giving loans.

Answer- have become

71. Rupali wanted to get a clear picture about the incident so that she speak to the victims.

Answer- spoke

72. They were having a birthday party at home next week.

Answer- They are

73. The inaugural function is temporarily interrupted as the lights suddenly went out.

Answer- function was

74. Initially, shop owners tried to offer some resistance to the demolition but seeing the heavy presence of the police force, their resistance faded off.

Answer- No Error

75. If the manufacturing sector continues to grow at the same rate for the next few months, I think it has a high growth rate this year.

Answer- it will have

76. We are yet starting offering this facility to our customers as we are awaiting approval from the Board. No error

Answer- We have not yet started

77. Had this notification been amended earlier we could have stopped the transfer of fund. No error

Answer- No error

78. Indian demonstrates its supremacy in space when it successful launched its third satellite into orbit yesterday.

Answer- had demonstrated

79. Handicraft exports have an increase in the past year because of the innovative steps taken by the government.

Answer- have increased

80. It is time you decide on your next course of action.

Answer- decided

81. Whenever you are coming here, you bring a lot of sweets for me.

Answer- you come

82. A misogynist is a person who is hating women but a philogynist is a person who loves women.

Answer- who hates

83. He seems to be happy because his parents had come from London.

Answer- parents have come

84. She says that she will take her umbrella in case it will rain.

Answer- it rains

85. If I would have done this, I would have done wrong and would have disappointed many of my friends.

Answer- If I had done

86. If we had Sachin in our team, we would have won the match against your team.

Answer- If we had had sachin

87. Neha came to the meeting much later than I expect.

Answer- I had expected

88. If I was you I would have told the chairman to keep his mouth shut.

Answer- If I were

89. I want you to pick up the box of eggs gently and kept it in the corner carefully.

Answer- keep it

90. She was with me uptil now so don’t rebuke her for getting late.

Answer- She has been with

91. I have been adoring her for the voice with which she is gifted.

Answer- I have adored

92. Here is coming my friend! said Manju when she was anxious.

Answer- Here comes my

93. He advised me to do as he did but I did not pay any attention to his advice.

Answer- No Error

94. By this time next year He has had settled himself in London.

Answer- he will have

95. It is about time you have taken your children to school.

Answer- you took

96. I had hoped that I would see you the other day, but unfortunately I fell ill.

Answer- No error

97. That two and two always made four cannot be doubted.

Answer- always makes

98. Ram hopes to become an officer after he will complete his higher education.

Answer- he has completed

99. My friend said to me, when have you come here?

Answer- when did you

100. The teacher said to us that we should stay at home if it rains.

Answer- if it rained

Competitive English Test -02 Error Finding

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