English Test Paper-04

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-04

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In this modern day, man is filled with doubts about the existence of god and is a victim of the existential fear of death. When the mind has to advance spiritually, such doubts are the strong hurdles that have to be overcome. Disbelief is like a disease that can turn harmful and external influences easily tend to loosen one’s hold on spirituality. Realized souls such as Sri Ramakrishna have lived exemplary lives that have inspired many to tread the spiritual path. This preceptor typifies a special brand of democratic spirituality by which he is able to create the faith about the existence of god and enlighten us about the real purpose of life, pointed out Swami Yatatmananda in a lecture.

1. What do you mean by the phrase “the existential fear of death?”

(A) Fear about death or accident

(B) Fear about the existence of doubt

(C) Existing fear about the victimization

(D) Fear about the death which is an absolute truth

2. For spiritual wisdom, it is imperative that-

(A) Doubts must occur so that we could long for truth

(B) A doubt must not exist in our mind about the existence of god

(C) Doubts and existence should co-exist    

(D) None of these

3. Realized souls have the potential-

(A) to inspire people to lead a spiritual life

(B) To lead a lavish life

(C) To mislead many people, because they are people of negative thoughts

(D) None of these

4. By the term ‘democratic spirituality,’ we mean-

(A ) Universalisation of spirituality

(B ) Spirituality accepted at will and consent

(C ) Spirituality professed by the government      

(D ) All of the above

5. Doubts create hurdle in the path of-

(A ) Modern day       

( B) life        

(C ) spirituality        

( D) submission

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(A ) Ransacke     

(B ) physique     

( C) quintessence    

(D ) mollify

English Test Paper-04

7. Synonym of is-‘swear’ is-

(A ) Supersede       

(B ) affirm       

(C ) override  

(D ) suspend

8. Antonym of ‘Gradual’ is-

(A ) Progressive    

(B) continuous      

(C) slow      

(D ) sudden

9. Change the narration-

She said to me, “you played cricket with me.”

(A ) She told me that I played cricket with her

(B ) She told me that she played cricket with me

(C ) She told me that I had played cricket with her

(D ) She told me that she had played cricket her

10. Directions: Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3). If there is no error, the answer is (4) i. e. No Error.

Means are (1)/ more important (2)/ to the ends. (3)/ No error

11. Change the voice of the following-

I am to stay here.

( A) Here is to be stayed by me   

( B) I am to be stayed

(C ) I am obliged to stay here      

(D ) I am being stayed here

12. Pull a long face means

(A ) To make fun                 

( B) to look sad   

(C ) to irritate someone   

(D ) pull someone’s face

English Test Paper-04

 13. Give one word of the following expression-

Money given to agent on sales.

(A ) Help     

(B ) mortgage     

(C )commission     

(D ) endeavour

14. Find the correct sequence with the help of the options.

 (P) of government in which (Q) is allowed to function 

(R) it is a system (S) only one political party

(A) RSPQ       

(B) RPSQ      

(C) RPQS      


Directions (15-20) : Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

15. If I hate house, I……not hire yours.

(A ) Will      

( B) would      

(C ) would have      

(D ) had

16. I wish I……a gun now.

(A ) Were    

(B ) Was      

(C ) had      

( D) had been

17. Unless you try, you…….succeed.

(A ) Will      

( B) will never     

( C) had     

(D ) were

18. Six weeks have passed…… he went to Delhi.

(A ) As            

(B) though       

(C ) when      

(D ) since

19. He…….from the whole process.

(A ) Acquitted         

(B) had acquitted 

( C) acquitted himself      

(D ) acquitted whether

20. She…… not wear a sari.

(A) Dare      

(B) dares

(C) derided    

(D) destined

Answer Sheet

Set- 04

(1) D

(2) B

(3) A

(4) B

(5) C

(6) A

(7) B

(8) D

(9) C

(10) 3

(11) C

(12) B

(13) C

(14) B

(15) B

(16) C

(17) B

(18) D

(19) C

(20) A

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