English Test Paper-05

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-05

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Those of us who already possess knives and use them as a matter of course at our meals can hardly understand the longing of an infant to be given the freedom of so perilous as instrument. Man has been defined as a tool using-animal, and there is no another tool that appeals to the imagination so strongly as a knife. It is through long months and years are a forbidden thing, and all the more fascinating on that count. There is no glory in using a spoon. There is no honour in holding a fork in the right hand and in taking up on it little squares of meat that have been cut with a knife by some more privileged hand. Fork and spoon and little more than an extension of the fingers and a spoon, at least, is so safe that it can be left in the hands of an infant in the cradle. But a knife is a danger against which constant warning is necessary something out of reach and waiting as a prize at the end after a long avenue of years. 

1. The privileged hand in this passage refers to

(1) The spoon           

(2) expert hand     

(3) the adults     

(4) the children

2. To the child, there is no glory in handling a spoon because-

(1) The child does not find the spoon attractive

(2) For the child it is nothing but the extension of fingers

(3) It is an extremely safe instrument

(4) It is not as exciting as a fork

3. Adults cannot understand why a child finds knives so attractive because they-

(1) Use knives routinely as the dining table

(2) Have forgotten their childhood experiences

(3) Use the knife to cut tough vegetables

(4) Wield power at the time of meals

4. The child-

(1) Longs to be a tool using animal

(2) Desires the freedom to use the perilous instrument

(3) Wants to use the knife because he wants to become a soldier

(4) Dreams of crime and adventure

5. The knife fascinates a child all the more because it is-

(1) Out of his reach         

(2) a precious price

(3) A strong weapon to defend oneself with     

(4) a very attractive

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Dominering         

(2) oppressive      

(3) intimidating       

(4) Vanquish

English Test Paper-05

7. Synonym of ‘raze’ is-

(1) Restore        

(2) construct       

(3) rescue    

(4) demolish

8. Antonym of ‘rapid’ is-

(1) Speedy      

(2) listless             

(3) overcast       

(4) brilliant

9. Change the narration-

He said to me,”Are you happy?”

(1) He told me that he was happy      

(2) he told me that he was being happy

(3) He asked me if you were happy    

(4) he asked me whether I was happy

10. Directions: Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3). If there is no error, the answer is (4) i. e. No Error.

My sister had (1)/ hoped that I (2)/ would spend him money. (3)/ No error (4)

11. Change the voice-

I bade him go.

(1) He was bed to go        

(2) he was bade to go

(3) He was go to bed         

(4) he was bidden to go

English Test Paper-05

12. A sentence is divided into 4 parts and jumbled and numbered (P), (Q), (R), (S). Find the correct sequence with the help of the options.

(P) Views on this      

(Q) we were asked

(R) subject in the debate     

(S) to express our personal

(1) QRPS        

(2) RSPQ      

(3) RPSQ        

(4) QSPR

 13. Give one word of the following expression-

Portable case for holding paper drawings

(1) Resort              

(2) reservoir      

(3) portfolio      

(4) pantry

14. ‘blue stocking’ means-

(1) Very happy        

(2) to be fussy  

(3) money spent quickly 

(4) educated but pedantic  lady

Directions (15-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

15. I expect………within a week.

(1) Him arrive       

(2) his arrive    

(3) his arrival        

(4) arrive

16. I crashed…… the car.

(1) In                      

(2) into       

(3) through          

(4) across

17. My hands were blue…… cold when I got home.

(1) At              

(2) within     

(3) with      

(4) about

18. I must apologize….. disturbing you.

(1) For           

(2) at            

(3) on        

(4) but

19. The rest of the book…..finished.

(1) Has        

(2) have          

(3) is        

(4) are

20. He…….the whole process.

(1) Acquitted              

(2) acquitted at 

(3) acquitted with      

(4) acquitted himself with

Answer Sheet

Set- 05

(1) 2

(2) 3

(3) 1

(4) 2

(5) 1

(6) 1

(7) 4

(8) 2

(9) 4

(10) 3

(11) 4

(12) 4

(13) 3

(14) 4

(15) 3

(16) 2

(17) 3

(18) 1

(19) 3

(20) 4

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