English Test Paper-09

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-09

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One of the great delusions of modern times is the prevailing belief that we are more civilized than our ancestors. At no other period in the history of mankind has the word civilization been so often misused and misunderstood. It is not in the abundance of material alone that civilization lies. Neither does it consists of the advances of scientific knowledge, however amazing that may be. The inventions and discoveries of science have undoubtedly brought unheard of blessings and comforts to us. But they are not civilization. What we have failed to see is that civilization is a special way of human behaviour, of thought and feeling. The essential quality of civilization lies in the spirit of man, in his attitude to himself, to his fellowmen and to life as a whole. Looking everywhere around us today, you will find that man has made no progress since the dawn of history, in his attitude towards his fellowmen. On all the highest pillars in the cities of the world, you will find the figure of a conqueror or a general soldier. We know far more about our killers and destroyers than about our saviours and saints. The heroes of war are the heroes of the world.

1. What have scientific inventions given to mankind?

(1) Wealth     

(2) civilization    

(3) blessings and comforts    

(4) destructive weapons

2. Does the writer think that we are more civilized than our ancestors?

(1) Yes   

(2) no     

(3) there has been no perceptible change

(4) the change, if any, cannot be determined

3. What is civilization according to the author?

(1) Possession of goods     

(2) inventions and discoveries

(3) way of human behaviour, thought and feeling    

(4) another form of affluence

4. Who are the heroes of the world?

(1) Warriors     

(2) saints       

(3) prophets     

(4) teachers

5. Who should be our heroes?

(1) Saints and saviours      

(2) conquerors

(3) Great men of history      

(4) politicians

Directions (6-7): Change the narration of the following-

6. Reena said to Rajesh,” I need your book.”

(1) Reena says Rajesh to need my help

(2) Reena told Rajesh that he needs my book

(3) Reena told Rajesh that he needed my book

(4) Reena told Rajesh that she needed his book

English Test Paper-09

7. I said to them,”Let us go out.”

(1) I asked them to go out.

(2) I proposed to them that you go out

(3) I proposed to them that we should go out

(4) I ordered them to go out

Directions (8-9): Change the voice of the following-

8. He promised us higher wages.

(1) It had been promised higher wages by him

(2) We promised by higher wages to him

(3) We were promised by him

(4) Higher wages were promised us by him

9. Stand up

(1) You are stand up       

(2) you have been standing up

(3) You are ordered to stand up

(4) You have been ordered to stand up

10. Synonym of ‘Wan’ is –

(1) Van       

(2) bright       

(3) healthy         

(4) fade

11. Antonym of ‘Yield’ is-

(1) Abdicate      

(2) consent      

(3) protest      

(4) hitch

English Test Paper-09

12. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Iresolute      

(2) pliable      

(3) deteriorate     

(4) gratified

Directions (13-15): choose one word for the following expressions.

13. Murder of one’s children

(1) Feticide      

(2) filicide      

(3) fratricide       

(4) infanticide

14. A group of pupils

(1) Batch       

(2) battery     

(3) bale      

(4) bevy

15. ‘Turn the table’ means-

(1) To reverse the condition      

(2) to take lightly with contempt

(3) To support or defend            

(4) to pass a critical stage

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

16. Raman is……..unique person.

(1) A       

(2) an      

(3) the       

(4) no article

17. The condition of our farmers……bad.

(1) Is      

(2) are       

(3) has        

(4) have been

18. It is your duty and not…… to do this work.

(1) I      

(2) my       

(3) me      

(4) mine

19. How much does this box……?

(1) Weigh      

(2) weight      

(3) major      

(4) Newton

20. On the personal level, I grow roses in my…….

(1) Loan    

(2) lawn       

(3) territory      

(4) fiefdom

Answer Sheet

Set- 09

(1) 3

(2) 2

(3) 3

(4) 1

(5) 1

(6) 4

(7) 3

(8) 4

(9) 3

(10) 4

(11) 3

(12) 1

(13) 2

(14) 1

(15) 1

(16) 1

(17) 1

(18) 4

(19) 1

(20) 2

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