English Test Paper-11

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-11

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When we speak of freedom of press, we usually mean it in a very technical sense. That is, we mean freedom from direction or censorship from the government. In India, the press is free in its restricted sense. But the real restrictions on the press come from, (a) the advertisers from whom it gets its money, and (b) the man or company who owns the newspaper. So even if an editor dares to support a public policy like, a ban on smoking in public places, he may always not be successful in pursuing this because his paper may be owned by a company which produces cigarettes. Such restrictions are often invisible and unlike Government censorship and are worse.

1. In general freedom of press means-

(1) No censorship of news content                   

(2) Censorship of all contents

(3) Censoring of all content by government    

(4) Freedom of censorship from government

2. The passage says that-

(1) The press is free in a restricted way    

(2) There is complete freedom of press in India

(3) No freedom of press in India                 

(4) There is partial freedom of press

3. The restriction on free expression is-

(1) Self imposed        

(2) imposed by public opinion

(3) By the advertisers and the owners of the journal    

(4) By the demands of the readers

4. In the opinion of the writer these restrictions imposed by the vested interests are-

(1) Better than government restrictions         

(2) Same as government restrictions

(3) Worse than government restrictions         

(4) the writer has no opinion on this topic

5. In this passage the writer’s intention is to bring to light-

(1) The fact that Indian press is free in all respects 

(2) Indian press is guided by the market forces

(3) Vested interests control the voice of the newspapers

(4) Government applies restrictions on print content

6. Shekhar is too lazy. (Remove too)

(1) Shekhar is so lazy                                 

(2) Shekhar is not lazier

(3) Shekhar is lazier than it is proper      

(4) none of these

English Test Paper-11

7. He or she with her parents…… playing. (Verb)

(1) Is         

(2) am        

(3) are            

(4) were

8. “Will you play with me?” said she to him. (Narration)

(1) She asked him if he would play with her 

(2) She ordered him to he would play with her

(3) She said to him that he will play with her 

(4) She requested him that he will play with her

9. Shyam is making me fool. (Voice)

(1) I am being made by Shyam                  

(2) I am made fool by Shyam

(3) I am being made fool by Shyam          

(4) None of these

10. Though he was intelligent…….he was failed. (Conjunction)

(1) But        

(2) else        

(3) lest          

(4) yet

11. Are you…….. watch TV? (Preposition)

(1) Of       

(2) on         

(3) for          

(4) to

12. Scold (synonym)

(1) Pray       

(2) play           

(3) chide           

(4) anger

13. Attractive (antonym)

(1) Repulsive       

(2) robust        

(3) strong        

(4) fine

English Test Paper-11

14. Lay (past participle)

(1) Layed       

(2) lain         

(3) lained          

(4) lay

15. More than what is needed. (One word)

(1) Needy      

(2) bankrupt       

(3) surplus          

(4) wanted

16. He has been admitted……….this hospital. (Preposition)

(1) For        

(2) in      

(3) of       

(4) to

17. Blue blood (phrase)

(1) Related to a joint family        

(2) Related to a small family

(3) Severe beating                        

(4) Related to a royal family

18. You are not……. big giant. (Article)

(1) A           

(2) An       

(3) The         

(4) no article

19. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. no error.

She asked (1)/ what I have (2)/ decided to participate there. (3)/ No error (4)

20. A………….of sailors. (Collective noun)

(1) Herd        

(2) gang       

(3) crowd       

(4) crew

Answer Sheet

Set- 11

(1) 4

(2) 4

(3) 3

(4) 3

(5) 3

(6) 3

(7) 1

(8) 1

(9) 3

(10) 4

(11) 4

(12) 3

(13) 1

(14) 2

(15) 3

(16) 4

(17) 4

(18) 1

(19) 2

(20) 4

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