English Test Paper-14

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-14

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Science and technology have relieved mankind of degrading drudgery. They have added to man’s comfort, health and enjoyment of existence. The average life-span of a man on earth has been greatly increased. Science has added to the dignity and structure of the individual. When man is relieved from the battle for physical safety, has become a little creator. Every challenge of science has added to man’s moral stature. As we find that the world is much more wonderful than we ever dreamed it to be. We are led into new fields of awareness, new ranges of attainment, a new realization of destiny. New knowledge is both a challenge and an opportunity. ‘For it is not yet known what man may be’. He must therefore, without haste and without rest, strive to reach the quality of human greatness, that is, greatness in humanity.

1. According to the passage, man should strive to-

(1) Achieve a higher social status in life        

(2) Get material prosperity

(3) Inspire others to do good things in life

(4) Achieve that greatness which makes him a good human being

2. New knowledge is both a challenge and opportunity because it-

(1) Opened up new fields of activities      

(2) Has made man self-confident

(3) Has increased man’s potentiality exceedingly

(4) has increased man’s curiosity about things around him

3. Science and technology have relieved mankind of-

(1) Difficulties in life                     

(2) unpleasant situations 

(3) hard boring work                   

(4) humiliating experiences

4. According to the passage, scientific achievements have-

(1) Made man materialistic                 

(2) Turned man into an atheist

(3) Enhanced man’s intellectual ability      

(4) Given man a higher moral stature

5. A man becomes a little creator when he-

(1) Indulges in creative writing           

(2) Is free from risk to his physical existence

(3) Works hard to improve his life     

(4) Gets inspiration to do good to others

English Test Paper-14

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Charismatic        

(2) engrosed         

(3) indefatigable       

(4) deficiency

7. Synonym of ’Feud’ is-

(1) Freight               

(2) enmity         

(3) feeble                   

(4) superiority

8. Antonym of ‘Deprive’ is-

(1) Despoil           

(2) disinherit           

(3) divest                      

(4) endow

9. Change the narration of the following-

Sita said to Mohan,”You are not going to pay me.”

(1) Sita told Mohan that she was not going to pay me

(2) Sita told Mohan that he is not going to pay me

(3) Sita told Mohan that he was not going to pay her

(4) Sita told Mohan that he was not being gone to pay her

10. Change the Voice of the following-

Let me play here

(1) Let me be played here              

(2) I may be allowed to play

(3) I should be allowed playing     

(4) let me be allowed to play

11. Synonym of ‘Gorgeous’ is-

(1) Ugly                   

(2) generous             

(3)  robust                

(4) cowardice

12. Antonym of ‘Nourish’ is-

(1) Starve                

(2) Nurse                   

(3) nurture              

(4) support

Directions (13-14): Choose one word for the expressions-

13. Murder of one’s children

(1) Foeticide               

(2) infanticide             

(3) filicide             

(4) sororicide

14. A state of abstention from marriage

(1) Nunship                

(2) celibacy                

(3) virgin              

(4) alimony

English Test Paper-14

15. ‘Ivory tower’ means-

(1) In high spirit                 

(2) in low spirit

(3) Imaginary                    

(4) imaginary world

16. Choose the meaningful sequence of the parts P, Q, R and S with the help of the options-

(P) laughed in their sleeves          

(Q) of the subject

(R) the students                            

(S) at the teachers ignorance

1) (RQPS               

(2) SQPR               

(3) SPQR               

(4) RPSQ

Directions (17-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

17. I am so hungry, I……. eat dozens of chapatis.

(1) Could          

(2) should        

(3) had            

(4) was to

18. You must put…….real hard work, if you want to do well.

(1) Up           

(2) to            

(3) out          

(4) in

19. The hotel provides a decent bed, so you…….your own bedding.

(1) Need             

(2) needed              

(3) need         

(4) not bring did not bring

20. I daren’t……..lion’s den.

(1) Went to           

(2) went into         

(3) go in              

(4) go into

Answer Sheet

Set- 14

(1) 4

(2) 3

(3) 3

(4) 4

(5) 2

(6) 2

(7) 2

(8) 4

(9) 3

(10) 2

(11) 3

(12) 1

(13) 3

(14) 2

(15) 3

(16) 4

(17) 1

(18) 4

(19) 3

(20) 4

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