English Test Paper-15

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-15

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The horrific terrorist attack in Paris in 2014 at the office of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo is a direct assault on the freedom of speech, thought and expressions, the fundamentals on which all open, democratic societies are built. Ten staff members at the satirical weekly, including four of its top cartoonists, were gunned down by masked men who entered the building and targeted the editorial meeting in what seemed to be a well-planned and professional operation. They left shouting Alla-hu-Akbar, killing two policemen on the street outside before driving off in a gateway car. Since 2006, when it first published the Danish cartoons of Prophet Mohammad, Charlie Hebdo had been under threat of violent attacks by Islamist groups. Refusing to be intimidated, the publication continued to caricature Islam even after a fire bombing in November 2011, just as it also relentlessly lampooned Christianity and Judaism- It’s Christmas week cover caricaturing the birth of Jesus was designed to provoke and cause offence.

1. Which of the following freedom was not invaded during terrorist attack?

(1) Speech       

(2) oppression        

(3) thought        

(4) expression

2. The terrorist attack was expected for the last-

(1) 6 years             

(2) 8 years      

(3) 10 years        

(4) not clear from the passage

3. A gateway car is (as used in the passage)-

(1) A well protected car        

(2) an open roof car

(3) In snatched car while fleeing   

(4) An escaping in a car after committing crime

4. To which religion, the magazine has not been continually criticizing?

(1) Hinduism        

(2) Christianity       

(3) Judaism       

(4) Islam

5. Which of the following option is not true in the context of the passage?

(1) Charlie Hebdo is a career magazine     

(2) Charlie Hebdo is a French magazine 

(3) Charlie Hebdo  is published from Paris

(4) Ten staffers of the magazine mentioned above were gunned down in a militant attack

6. Change the Narration of the following-

I said to her, “You have done my favour.”

(1) I told her that he had done her favour 

(2) I told her that she had done his favour

(3) I told her that she had done my favour  

(4) I told her that I had done her favour

7. Change the Voice of the following- I found his friends laughing at him

(1) He was laughed at by him     

(2) I found him being laughed at by his friends

(3) I was found being laughed at his friends     

(4) None of these

English Test Paper-15

8. Cut a sorry figure means-

(1) To get an unexpected success     

(2) To speak plainly

(3) To repent          

(4) to give a poor show

Directions (9-10): Choose one word for the given expressions-

9. A family of young ones

(1) Bouquet      

(2) caucus     

(3)  brood        

(4) bevy

10. An allowance paid to wife on divorce

(1)  Concubinage       

(2)  alimony       

(3) clique    

(4)  somber

11. Find the proper sequence of the jumbled parts (P), (Q), (R) and of (S) of a sentence with the help of the passage-

(P) is looking to invest around     

(Q) Ferrero, Italian manufacturer of

(R)Rs 2000 crore in India              

(S) confectionery and chocolate products


(2) RQPS      

(3) RQSP      

(4) QSPR

12. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Mortuary        

(2) morgue        

(3) postmortem        

(4) cortege

English Test Paper-15

Directions (13-14): choose appropriate Synonyms of the given words-

13. Exodus

(1) Incessant       

(2) perennial       

(3) departure       

(4) immoral

14. Nausea

(1) Aversion     

(2)  trouble        

(3) bother         

(4) submission

Directions (15-16): choose appropriate Antonyms for the given words-

15. Redeem

(1)  Deliver        

(2) surrender       

(3)  liberate       

(4)  recover

16. Implicit

(1) Expressed         

(2) steadfast           

(3) tacit         

(4) inferred

Directions (17-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

17. Death is……..

(1) Inevitable           

(2) evitable          

(3) culpable        

(4) suitable

18. I shall abide……. your instructions.

(1) For         

(2) by       

(3) at        

(4) on

19. Rolling stone…… no moss.

(1) Generates        

(2) loss       

(3) gathers       

(4) gather

20. He speaks……one.

(1)   To         

(2) on       

(3) at       

(4) by

Answer Sheet

Set- 15

(1) 2

(2) 2

(3) 4

(4) 1

(5) 1

(6) 3

(7) 2

(8) 4

(9) 3

(10) 2

(11) 4

(12) all correct

(13) 3

(14) 1

(15) 2

(16) 1

(17) 1

(18) 2

(19) 3

(20) 1

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