English Test Paper-16

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-16

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Our home stood behind the railroad tracks. Its skimpy yard was paved with black cinders. The only touch of green we could see was far away, beyond the tracks over where the white folks lived. But cinders were fine weapons. All you had to do was crouch behind the brick pillars of a house with your hands full of gritty ammunition. And the first wooly black head you saw from behind another row of pillars was your target. It was fun.

One day the gang to which I belonged found itself engaged in a war with the white boys who lived beyond the tracks. As usual we laid down our cinder barrage thinking this would wipe the white boys out. But they replied with steady bombardments of broken bottles. We retreated. During the retreat a broken milk bottle caught me behind the ear, opening a deep gash. The sight of blood pouring over my face completely demoralized our ranks. My fellow combatants left me standing paralyzed in the centre of the yard and scurried for their houses. A kind neighbour saw me and rushed me to a doctor.

English Test Paper-16

1. The locality where the author lived was-

(1) Behind a brick quarry     

(2) Near a coal mine

(3) Far away from where the whites lived     

(4) Close to where the white lived

2. The author used the cinders for-

(1) Harassing the white boys    

(2) Cooking his food

(3) Building houses                     

(4) Laying them on a rail roads

3. The weapons used by the white in the gang fight were-

(1) As effective as the author’s       

(2) Less effective than the author’s

(3) More dangerous than the author’s      

(4) As harmless as the author’s

4. The author was hit by a broken bottle-

(1) As soon as the fight began    

(2) During a lull in the fight

(3) After the fight was over    

(4) When the author’s gang was withdrawing

5. At the sight of the author’s bloody wound, his friends-

(1) Were terrified      

(2) Were filled with shame

(3) Grew very angry   

(4) Felt depressed and defeated

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Interpret      

(2)  interrogate     

(3)  interregnum       

(4) interstellar

7. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. no error.

Can you tell (1)/ me how the Rajdhani (2)/ express arrives? (3)/ No error (4)

Directions (8-12): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

8. He entered…….the school. (Preposition)

(1) In          

(2) on        

(3) at        

(4) no preposition

English Test Paper-16

9. He is unable…… go there. (Preposition)

(1) For     

(2)  on     

(3)  to     

(4) about

10. She shall go there by……. train. (Article)

(1)  A       

(2) an      

(3) the       

(4) no article

11. This book deals……… the social problem of the state. (Preposition)

(1) With     

(2)  to      

(3) in    

(4)  for

12. She has reached…….. the station. (Preposition)

(1) To         

(2) on          

(3) at         

(4) no preposition

13. Acquire (Synonym)-

(1) Loss         

(2) define      

(3) obtain    

(4) less

14. Gullible (Antonym)-

(1) Belief         

(2) credulity       

(3) incredulity      

(4) swallow

15. Leave (Past participle)-

(1) Leaved          

(2) leaving        

(3) left       

(4)  lift

16. Open the door. (Voice)

(1) Let the door be opened      

(2) let the door opened

(3) Let open the door                

(4) no error

17. He said to me, “He came in the evening.” (Narration)

(1) He told me that he came in the evening  

(2) He told me that he had come in the evening

(3) He asked me if he had come in the evening        

(4)  None of these.

18. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. no error

Has he gone there (1)/ earlier, he would (2)/ have saved her. (3)/ No error (4)

19. Agendum (Plural)

(1) Agendums      

(2)  agenda      

(3) agendas       

(4) none of these

20. A man of straw. (Phrase)

(1) A strong man       

(2) a weak man      

(3) a straw      

(4) none of these

Answer Sheet

Set- 16

(1) 2

(2) 1

(3) 3

(4) 4

(5) 4

(6) 2

(7) 2

(8) 4

(9) 3

(10) 3

(11) 1

(12) 3

(13) 3

(14) 3

(15) 3

(16) 1

(17) 2

(18) 1

(19) 2

(20) 2

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