English Test Paper-19

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-19

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Magnus Carlson scaled the pinnacle he was expected to in Chennai. It was only fitting that the strongest rated player in chess history owned the world title, taking over the reins from a five time champion he admires and respects. Viswanathan Anand, too understands very well that there is no shame in losing to the best on the planet. And Carlson, who turns 23 this week, is threatening to raise the bar further. If chess players are known to mature in their 30’s, then the chess world expects the prodigiously gifted Norwegian to gain another 28 points to breach the magic rating figure of 2900. But the champion seems in no hurry. Unlike many of his great predecessors, Carlson finds time to play football and basketball to get away from chess. During the championship match, Carlson would hop across to the mall next to his hotel for a few rounds of nine-pin bowling.

1. What does the author mean by the term ‘Nine-pin bowling’ is used in the passage?

(1) The purchase of 9 balls     

(2) Tried his bowling hand against 9 wickets

(3) Bowling 3 balls for each of 3 wickets

(4) Playing a different game called Bowling in which a player has to hit 9 pins

2. Carlson’s practice of leaving his table and doing some other activities shows that-

(1) He can’t concentrate   

(2) He has high concentration and handles his pressure well

(3) It enhances his performance    

(4) many activities at a time, never disturbs each other

3. According to the passage, the relation between Carlson and Anand is such that-

(A) Carlson admires Anand

(B) Carlson respects Anand

(C) Carlson is never defeated by Anand

(1) Only A is correct     

(2) Only B is correct

(3) Only A and B are correct    

(4) All A, B and C are correct

English Test Paper-19

4. According to the passage-

(1) Carlson plays football and basketball as the earlier champions did

(2) Carlson plays football and basketball which has generally never been seen earlier

(3) Carlson played football, others played basketball    (4) None of these

5. Who was the earlier Campion?

(1) Carlson      

(2) Anand 

(3) Ding Liren      

(4) not clear from the passage

6. Spot the mis-spelt-

(1) Reservoir     

(2) orphanage    

(3) arsenal       

(4) crèche

7. Change the following into the passive form-

I must do it.

(1) I must be done by it             

(2) It must be done

(3) It must be done by me        

(4) It must have done by me

8. Change the Narration of the following-

Mohan said, “Ah! He is dead.”

(1) Mohan told Ah that he was dead    

(2) Mohan explained that he was dead

(3) Mohan exclaimed with sorrow that he was dead

(4) Mohan surprised that he was dead

9. Synonym of ‘Mourn’ is-

(1) Eve      

(2) grieve      

(3) oppress      

(4) vex

10. Antonym of ‘Exorbitant’ is-

(1) Moderate       

(2) phenomenal      

(3) unreal   

(4)  invented

11. ‘To pay lip service’ means-

(1) To give active service    

(2) To apologize humbly

(3) To make futile search    

(4) To show only outwards respect

12. Feminine of ‘Bullock’ is……

(1) Bull      

(2) bully      

(3) cow     

(4) heifer

13. Adjective of ‘Mind’ is-

(1) Mind      

(2) mount      

(3) mental      

(4) mentally

14. Past participle of ‘Weave’ is….

(1) Wave   

(2)  weave    

(3) wove      

(4) woven

15. Give one word the following-A habitual drunkard

(1) Sot       

(2) bearer       

(3) marmite  

(4)  irisin

English Test Paper-19

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

16. I have also thought……….studying Monastery.

(1) Of      

(2) by      

(3) about     

(4) at

17. ……. he a prince!

(1) Was      

(2) were      

(3) has     

(4) have

18. This is for…….sale.

(1) A       

(2) an      

(3) the         

(4) no article

19. Which of them……..Mohan?

(1) Are       

(2) has      

(3) have     

(4) is

20. He is suffering……..headache.

(1) At      

(2) of       

(3) from    

(4) by

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