English Test Paper-22

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-22

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Nehru was a many sided personality. He enjoyed reading and writing books as much as enjoyed fighting political and social evils or resisting tyranny. In him, the scientist and the humanist were held in perfect balance. While he kept looking at social problems from a scientific standpoint, he never forgot that we should nourish the total man. As a scientist, he refused to believe in a benevolent power interested in men’s affairs; but, as self-proclaimed non-believer, he loved affirming his faith in life and the beauty of nature. Children he adored. Unlike Wordsworth, he did not see those trailing clouds of glory from their recent sojourn in heaven. He saw them as blossoms of promise and renewal, the only hope for mankind.

1. Nehru enjoyed-

(1) Reading and writing books    

(2) Fighting political and social evils

(3) Resisting tyranny                     

(4) Doing all the above and much more

2. In this passage’ benevolent power, interested in men’s affairs means-

(1) A supernatural power of God     

(2) Beauty of nature

(3) The spirit of science                      

(4) the total man

3. Nehru thought that children-

(1) Were trailing clouds of glory       

(2) Held promise for a better future

(3) were like flowers to be loved and admired  

(4) Held no hope for mankind

4. A ‘many-sided personality’ means-

(1) A complex personality                     

(2) A secretive person

(3) A person having varied interest    

(4) A capable person

5. Splendid (Synonym)-

(1) Serious     

(2) alien       

(3) magnificent      

(4) accept

6. Conquer (Synonym)-

(1) Income       

(2) defeat      

(3) passive      

(4) combined

English Test Paper-22

7. Founded (Antonym)-

(1) Unestablished      

(2) established       

(3) firmed       

(4) continue

8. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. No error.

The number of students (1)/ who appear in (2) written examination increase every year. (3)/ No error (4)

9. Mr. Jagdish is confident……….his success. (Preposition)

(1) Of       

(2) for       

(3) on      

(4) in

10. I saw a……. ship grazing in the field. (Appropriate word)

(1) Fleet      

(2) crowd   

(3) bunch     

(4) flock

11. He cannot pass in the examination……..he works hard. (Conjunction)

(1) so long as   

(2) as long  

(3) unless   

(4) without

12. He is going to remind her…….your coming. (Preposition)

(1) Of    

(2)  for       

(3) on    

(4)  into

English Test Paper-22

13. That which cannot be defeated (One word)

(1) Illegible    

(2) invincible   

(3)  irrevocable  

(4)  incredible

14. The traffic police said to us,”Where are you going?” (Narration)

(1) The traffic police ask us where are we going

(2) The traffic police asked us where we were going

(3) The traffic police asked us where going    

(4) None of these

15. The guard refused his admittance. (Voice)

(1) His admittance is refused      

(2) His admittance was refused by the guard

(3) His admittance is refused by the guard   

(4) None of these

16. To lend an ear (Idioms and phrases)

(1) To speak     

(2) to listen  

(3)  to go     

(4) to shy

17. Nuisance (Synonym)

(1) Abolish    

(2) cancel      

(3) annoyance      

(4) combined

18. No sooner had I reached there………he had gone.

(1) Then       

(2) when   

(3)  before    

(4)  than

19. I am bigger than you. (Change degree)

(1) You were not so big as I        

(2) You are not so big as I

(3) I am not so big as you            

(4) None of these

20. This math is as easy as………. (Appropriate word)

(1) BBC       

(2) ABC       

(3) BCC      

(4) DCC

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