English Test Paper-23

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-23

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When my wife, daughter and I were travelling in a rented car through Nottingham, England, on our way to a cousin’s home in the Northern suburbs. I became thoroughly confused by the maza of circular and one way street. Finally, we spotted a policeman and pulled up to ask directions. We were surprised when he removed his tall helmet, opened the back door and slid in beside our daughter. “It will be much easier to show you.” He explained, we went through a series of left and right turns, traffic and even short input up a one way lane the wrong way. 20 minutes later we arrived at an entersection. ‘Now you will be alright, announced our guide. Just twin here, stay on the road for eight or nine kilometres and you are there.’  With that, you opened the door, got out, replaced his helmet in and strode briskly off.

1. We expect policemen to be-

(1) Rude       

(2) helpful    

(3) imposing      

(4) Greedy

2. The ‘tone’ of narration in the paragraph is- 

(1) comic       

(2) ironic      

(3) satiric      

(4) sombric

3. The word ‘suburbs’ means-

(1) A remote village                  

(2) An industrial township 

(3) The city Centre                    

(4) residential area outside a town

4. The writer was confused by-

(1) A network of circular roads                       

(2) Confusing road signals

(3) Wrong directions given by traffic cops    

(4) The road map that he had with him

5. He said, “I am writing a letter.” (Narration)

(1) He says that he was writing a letter     

(2) He says that I am writing a letter

(3) He said that he was writing a letter      

(4) None of these

6. One two three go. ( Punctuation )

(1) One, two three go.       

(2) One two three, go.

(3) One two, three, go.      

(4) One, two, three, go.

7. He said to me, “You helped the poor.” (Narration)

(1) He told me that I had helped the poor      

(2) He told me I had helped the poor

(3) He told me that I helped the poor              

(4) None of these

8. Ram went to school to read. (Voice)

(1) Ram had gone to school to read      

(2) Ram went to school to be read

(3) Ram was sent to school to read        

(4) It cannot be changed into passive

English Test Paper-23

9. He deals………..tea. (Preposition)

(1) For       

(2) in      

(3) with      

(4) at

10. He appeals………Raja to justice. (Preposition)

(1) With    

(2)  against    

(3)  from     

(4)  by

11. The old man seemed mollified…….flattery.

(1) To       

(2) from       

(3) at         

(4) by

12. ………..USA is now a powerful country. (Article)

(1) The        

(2) An        

(3) A        

(4) none of these

13. Proprietor (Antonym)-

(1) King         

(2) farmer       

(3) servant        

(4) officer

14. Rectitude (Synonym)-

(1) Dishonesty       

(2) honesty       

(3) intelligency       

(4) kindness

15. She is more industrious than……… (Pronoun)

(1) me        

(2) myself       

(3) herself    

(4)  I

English Test Paper-23

16. The poor man had to……….his claim for want of proper record. (Appropriate word)

(1) Dismiss      

(2) forgo       

(3) discharge         

(4) surrender

17. Government by rich people is called. (One word)

(1) Democracy        

(2) aristocracy       

(3) plutocracy       

(4) mobocracy

18. The child………..for being dragged away from his mother.

(1) Cried      

(2) demanded       

(3) claimed       

(4) hanged

19. A pupil should………his teacher.

(1) Act        

(2) generate     

(3) acquire       

(4) obey

20. She finds it hard to live her………….income.

(1) Under         

(2) over       

(3) within       

(4) up

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