English Test Paper-25

Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-25

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We started pitching the highest camp that has ever been made. Everything took five times as long as it would have taken in a place where there was enough air to breathe, but at last got the tenth up and when we crawled in it was not too bad. There was only a light wind and inside it was not too cold for us to take off our gloves. At night most climbers take off their boots, but I preferred to keep them on. Hillary on the other hand, took his off and led them next to his sleeping bag.

1. In this passage ‘We’ refers to-

(1) The author and his friends      

(2) The author and his friend

(3) The author and his wife           

(4) None of the above

2. The narrator of the story is-

(1) An airline pilot    

(2) a mountaineer    

(3) a traveller      

(4) a tourist

3. They took a long time to finish the work because-

(1) They were very tired                                   

(2) It was very cold

(3) There was not enough air to breathe       

(4) It was very dark

4. They crawled into the tent because-

(1) They must have been too tired to work  

(2) The entrance to the tent must have been low

(3) They had heavy load on their back     

(4) They wanted to hide from enemies

5. Change the narration-She said, “Bring the book for me please.”

(1) She ordered to bring the book for her please 

(2) She requested him to bring the book to him

(3) She requested him to bring the book for her    

(4) None of these

6. In the following question, a sentence is divided into 6 parts (1), (P), (Q), (R), (S) and (6). The order of (1) and (6) is the correct but (P), (Q), (R), and (S) are jumbled up. Find the correct sequence with the help of the options.

(1) Within a decade        

(P) and Indians started learning      

(Q) palpably and awareness about the      

(R)a generation of young Americans

(S) Kathak and Bharata natyam and one began to feel   

(6) cultural legacy of India


(2) RPSQ          

(3) QSPR       

(4) QPSR

English Test Paper-25

7. ‘Take bull by horns’ means-

(1) To meet the danger boldly                

(2) Pass away or die

(3) To defend someone                            

(4) To decide the matter

Directions (8-9):  Choose appropriate Synonyms for the given words-

8. Embrace

(1) Neglect       

(2) reject       

(3) shun    

(4)  hug

9. Fidelity

(1) Treachery     

(2)  loyalty       

(3) delighted      

(4) refined

Directions (10-11): Choose appropriate Antonyms for the given words-

10. Saucy

(1) Impudent       

(2) scarce      

(3) modest    

(4)  lavish

11. Wilt

(1) Smoothen     

(2)  revive       

(3) parish       

(4) deteriorate

12. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(1) Deterimental     

(2) upbringing      

(3) impetuosity      

(4) condemning

13. Give one word for the following expression-

One who doesn’t care for art and literature

(1) Abattoir       

(2) philistine     

(3) betenoir      

(4) deterred

English Test Paper-25

Directions (14-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

14. The percentage of success……. low.

(1) Was     

(2) were     

(3) have       

(4) has

15. Ram is………more handsome of his two brothers.

(1) A       

(2) an      

(3) the      

(4) no article

16. If you come here…… I will teach you.

(1) Than     

(2) then    

(3)  that      

(4) yet

17. No sooner does he arrive……… he begins to work.

(1) Than       

(2) then      

(3) that       

(4) but also

18. Place for housing aeroplanes is called……

(1) Gymnasium      

(2) reservoir      

(3) hanger    

(4)  burrow

19. They amused themselves……… playing video games.

(1) On       

(2) at       

(3) for        

(4) with

20. You will have to answer…….you are miss deeds.

(1) At       

(2) for       

(3) with       

(4) on

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