English Test Paper-28

Directions (1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage. English Test Paper-28

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As per the latest estimates, the total number of artificial satellites orbiting the Earth today is around 6000. Of these about 3000 are not operational having lived out their useful life and are part of the space debris. The remaining including satellites used for communications, weather tracking, navigation, research, remote sensing and reconnaissance. Since the Soviet Union launched the world’s first satellite Sputnik first on October 4, 1957, nine countries and a few international Consortia have acquired the capability to launch satellites. Of these, the US owns the maximum number of satellites in orbit today.

1. What do you mean by the word ‘Debris’ as used in the passage?

(1) Waste      

(2) agency     

(3) leese       

(4) spying

2. A satellite can be used for-

(1) The communication              

(2) Remote sensing

(3) Weather forecast                  

(4) All of the above

3. Sputnik 1st was of-

(1) The United States                                       

(2) The USSR

(3) The common property of 9 countries     

(4) All of the above is correct

4. Till date how many countries can launch a satellite at their own?

(1) Only one                     

(2) Only four

(3) Only nine                    

(4) Not clear from the passage

5. Change the Narration-

He said to me, “Have a cup of coffee.”

  • He asked me if I have a cup of coffee    

(2) He told me to have a cup of coffee

(3) He ordered me to have a cup of coffee

(4) None of these

6. Change the Voice-

You must answer the question.

(1) You must be answering the question          

(2) The question must be answered

(3) The question must have been answered    

(4) None of these

7. Remove ‘too’ from the following-

Drinking water cannot be made too pure.

(1) Drinking water can be made pure   

(2) Drinking water cannot be made so pure

(3) Drinking water cannot be made pure beyond a certain limit  

(4) None of these

English Test Paper-28

8. Punctuate the following-

He mr. gupta is commander in chief.

(1) He, Mr. gupta is Commander in Chief.    

(2) He, Mr. Gupta is Commander in Chief.

(3) He, Mr. Gupta is commander-in-chief.    

(4) He, Mr. Gupta, is Commander-in-chief.

Directions (9-10): Choose appropriate Synonyms for the given words.

9. Retreat 

(1) Withdraw       

(2) confirm       

(3) assert       

(4) cover

10. Odious

(1) Engaging       

(2) fascinating       

(3) obnoxious       

(4) purpose

Directions (11-12): Choose appropriate Antonyms for the given words.

12. Perplex

(1) Puzzle       

(2) confound       

(3) assure       

(4) frustrate

13. Flourish

(1) Deteriorate       

(2) decay       

(3) progress    

(4)  lament

14. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) or (2) or (3).  If there is no error give your answer (4) i.e. No error.

There is not need (1)/ of being anxious (2)/ about her. (3)/ No error (4).

15. Feminine of ‘He-bear’ is-

(1) He-bore      

(2) she-bore      

(3) she-bear      

(4) bore

English Test Paper-28

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below.

16. He……..forward to his birthday.

(1) Looks     

(2) is looking      

(3) looked        

(4) look

17. I wish I………more money.

(1) Have      

(2)  was       

(3) were      

(4)  had

18. It’s time you……….to home.

(1) To      

(2) went       

(3) are going    

(4)  have gone

19. Did you……. top of the Pops last night.

(1) Watch      

(2) Watched       

(3) watching      

(4) have watched

20. He acquainted……..a person.

(1) On       

(2) with       

(3) at      

(4)  into

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